What next for Daddy Owen? Here’s what!

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Daddy Owen’s relationship has fallen through. Yup, like the year 2020, his marriage has gone under but what is insane is the fact that all the information is now public fodder. And as a result, he became the butt of every joke -with good reason.

Daddy Owen’s heartbreak: Lessons Kenyan men should learn

You see, when you act goofy, it is only natural that people will have some seven chuckles at your expense. And Daddy Owen had made some serious mistakes in his relationship (read marriage) that we can all learn from but that doesn’t answer the question of what comes next for him.

Daddy Owen
Lovebirds while the love lasted: Daddy Owen and Farida

You see, for many, throwing in the towel is a viable strategy. Many would forgive Daddy Owen for becoming an angry incel who begins to have and even evangelize a bleak opinion and view of women. However, this is far from the end of his journey with ladies and love. While his marriage might be as rotten as a fish discarded at Burma market, he still has his children to look forward to and he can also start to win at love and here’s how:

Daddy Owen issues official statement weeks after wife allegedly ditched him for rich tycoon

#1. Start hitting the gym.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen celebrates wife, Farida on their wedding day

Daddy Owen needs to stop being a skinny fat beta cuck and start hitting the gym. This will do wonders for him by giving him some self-esteem and respect aswell as make him more attractive to members of the opposite sex. You see, we as a people delude ourselves that looks do not matter. They do. If Daddy Owen is going to get back into the dating scene he should start hitting the gym.

#2. Make more money.

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing” Daddy Owen sweetly celebrates his wife on their 4th wedding anniversary

Men are human doings, women and children are human beings. According to the reports, Daddy Owen’s marital woes began when he started having a decline in his financial standing. He needs to start channelling his inner turmoil to his creative work. he needs to actually hit the studio and get back to really churning out hits. I get it, the Kenyan entertainment scene is brutal and it might seem like he is washed out but he really needs to really get back at releasing hits. This will make him more attractive to women.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen needs to look up the “Manosphere”

#3. Start dating again.

Daddy Owen needs to get back to the playing field. I would suggest he gets a dating coach or a friend who is a lothario with the women. Why? Because being married really rusts the engine and trophies the flirtation muscles. Plus Daddy Owen is probably out of touch with the realities of what women are in the current dating economy. He needs people who can help him bey being his wingmen and also men whom he can model himself off and even learn from. He probably needs to start looking into online dating apps aswell. Howebver, he should keep things very casual. No need for him to fall head over heels for some new babe simply because he is feeling low and lonely.

Daddy Owen set to grace and minister during the Men´s Conference 2020 edition

#4. Get counselling/ therapy.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui on their wedding day

Daddy Owen has legit suffered a trauma. Getting rejected in the public way he was is a real problem. He was in essence weighed and found wanting and she had moved on and was engaged by the time the news was made public. This is a huge hit to the ego, it is crushing to the nuts. He needs to heal enough to realize the issue is with Farida Wambui and not him. He failed as a husband and a leader but he can rebuild himself.

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