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Why everyone believes Diamond Platinumz new relationship won’t last

June 23, 2021 at 11:05
Diamond Platnumz

I want to be the first man on record to say that Diamond Platnumz new relationship will be a love for the ages. He and his new beau will be an example of how a loving relationship should be. Ok, I am done with the jokes. Now let us get serious.

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Mondi is in love -again. And everyone expects this relationship to play out like it did for all the others -in premium tears. And perhaps, even with a baby to boot as this particular lady attempts to lock him down.

Diamond Platnumz

You see, Diamond Platnumz is like a character in a Greek tragedy who is doomed to keep playing the same role with a different cast of ladies. He meets the lady and pursues her. He gets her and she then attempts to lock him down with a baby all the while turning a deaf ear to all the warnings those close to her shout.

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And then when they welcome their baby, their love sours and now they have to deal with being co-parents even though they despise each other and his family gets involved and it becomes an entire mess.

Diamond Platnumz

We have seen it all before and seen it repeat itself. Yet, for some reason, Diamond Platnumz seems to be comically unaware of what lies in store for him each time. Well, either that or he just enjoys being the main clown at this circus and he loves the chaos.

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Help me count the ways in which Diamond Platnumz’ love story has repeated itself. First, there was an unknown woman who sired for him a daughter. She has kept that child away from Diamond Platnumz and the entropy that is his life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

Then Mondi got with Zari and to be fair she was super aggressive about settling down with him. And things seemed to have worked out -for a time. Then all of a sudden, that relationship imploded after they had sired two children, Tiffah and Nilan, together.

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Then came Hamisa Mobetto who gave diamond a son only for his family to get involved and really push for her to be kicked out of his life. Atleast here he makes an effort, as infantismal as it may be to be in their son’s life.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz

Then came Kenya’s Tanasha Donna. A lazy woman for sure but a very beautiful one. She gave him a son and wouldn’t you know it, their love soured even after he did a song with her in which he promised to marry her.

Yet this new lady, is the one who is going to see a change in him? Just wait for it… her character development is being worked on. Diamond Platnumz is about to go full demon time on her and her emotions.

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