Why no one should take Amberay’s opinion on colourism seriously

Amberay recently had a thing to say about money being sweet and what she said is actually in keeping with the energy of the Swahili rhetoric that “pesa ni sabuni” but for some reason, she has earned the ire of her followers and fans.

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What makes this entire situation ironic is that the saying directly translates to “money is soap” and what exactly do you think that means? That it cleans away “madoa doa yote” which to the African psyché also includes alot of our melanin.

Amber Ray
Amberay is not a bastion of intelligence

This is not Amberay’s fault, it is just a lingering effect of colonialism and us as a people allowing our beauty standards to be set by Western eyes. And we are at fault for that so when we turn to target an ignorant opinion from a goddamn socialite, I have to question our collective intelligence.

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You see, Amberay isn’t known for her blistering intellect nor her biting wit. She isn’t known for her accomplishments, she is famous because she has a big booty and a body that fuels many randy men’s fantasies.

Why then would anything she says either alarm or concern you? The only reason for this is because we for some reason have decided that because she is an “influencer” on Instagram, we should pay attention to her bimbo opinions.

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Amberay simply made a tongue in cheek post about the fact that she is light-skinned and she feels her complexion is better than that of darker-skinned individuals because their complexion underlies poverty.

Tafuta pesa ujue rangi Yako …wewe Si mweusi???? #Amberthebrand

She has a right to say whatever she likes no matter how ignorant but we also have the right to ignore her ignorant statements. Why then is your girlfriend upset? Is it because she is dark-skinned and she herself feels this makes her unattractive?

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Or is it because she is convinced that given the chance, you would leave her for Amberay? Because the truth is, if none of these statements ring true, then she would be as unbothered as a feminist is by reason and logic.

Amberay believes you’re not really dark, just poor

At the end of the day, Amberay shared an opinion. She got lambasted by her followers but in truth, only hit dogs holler. If you know you’re dark-skinned and beautiful, if you know that melanin is not a respecter of wealth and you know that melanin is not infact a terrible thing then why are your panties in a bunch?

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