Why We Can’t Trust The WaJesus And The Bahati’s Lavish Gifts

If you know the WaJesus Family, you’ll definitely get some goosebumps whenever they’re about to a reveal. Similarly, The Bahati’s are also fond of doing all kinds of surprises to each other. It’s a perennial thing for them and it gets better & better.

From palatial homes, to deluxe rides, the two families are diverse in the manner they gift each other.

Recently, Kabi WaJesus surprised his wife Milly WaJesus with a Land Rover estimated to cost between 8-10 Million Kenya Shillings.

The trivial reason for him to gift his wife happens to be that she gave him a 2nd born. The sleek ride was branded with her name; and it was all seen to be a hoax by fans.

This is not the first time the two are gifting each other cars. And it’s all questionable where they take this cars.

The wa Jesus clan is damaging their brand keeping up with the Bahatis

The same applies to The Bahati’s, who have been doing a similar thing over the years.

It’s now becoming monotonous and fans hardly believe them. They have even made us their own confidants from the way they share their private lives on social media.

Bahati surprises his wife Diana with w\a new car - BNN

Either way, their content kinda sells. That’s all that matters.



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