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Zari Hassan introduces son’s girlfriend months after he came out gay

February 17, 2022 at 11:35
Zari Hassan introduces son’s girlfriend months after he came out gay

Zari Hassan is desperate to have her son one day settle down with a wife and have kids. I mean, don’t all parents what that for their sons?

However in today’s world things have changed. There are men who find love in each other – same as to women – hence the LGBT community which Raphael, Zari’s openly admitted to he part of.

Just to show how serious he was, Raphael came out during a live IG session confirming that he was a proud gay man. But being a minor, his mum quickly countered the video by claiming her son was just being a rebellious teenager and that nothing about his statement was true. Zari playing the mum card right there.

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Raphael comes out

Zari unveils son’s girlfriend

Having been put in such a position as a parent – of course Zari went in all out to protect her son against his own statement. Speaking about the issue, the mother of five said;

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He has a girlfriend, he is tired of old women who keep texting  and asking him for money, he is tired of it. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone.

She further went on to deactivate his account hours later.

Well, one year later and Zari Hassan is proud to introduce her son’s girlfriend and to my surprise she even blessed the couple. Mmmmh mama’s working overtime to prove a point right?

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To caption the post, Zari wrote;

God bless you guys rose 🌹 😘

Such a cool mum huh? I can bet that most African parents would never catch themselves pulling such stunts for their 14/15 year olds….they’d actually rebuke the demon of hormones running in your veins.


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