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Eric Omondi needs to stop moping and talking about his ex Chantal

January 26, 2021 at 09:06
Eric Omondi needs to stop moping and talking about his ex Chantal

For a long time, Eric Omondi was dating the Chantal Grazioli. And for most of us, we had no idea who she was other than being his girlfriend. On his end, the comedian went out of his way to get her some clout, including getting her to jump in on some of his comedic skits.

“I was going to marry her for sure” Eric Omondi opens up about breakup with fiancé

To be fair, she is the type of woman a lot of men would find attractive so she quickly built up a social media following. Eric Omondi was really excited to be dating her and he would post her everywhere he could, to the point of pedestalizing her.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi with Chantal back when they were dating

As happens in such relationships, the partner who has been pedestalized has no option but to look down at the other partner and that is how things played out with their relationship with Eric Omondi eventually getting dumped -although if you ask him, the breakup was mutual.

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While Chantal has kept things moving, Eric Omondi has been constantly dredging up the past, constantly yammering on about their relationship and he recently decided to let the world know that he had been planning on marrying her when their relationship went belly up.

eric omondi

Eric Omondi performing a skit

The biggest problem with his constant whining about his former beau is that it is coming off as simping. And beyond it coming off as simping, it is also making him off as a low value male in comparison to her. He is Eric Omondi. He needs to start acting like he knows he can get a dozen other beauties. He needs to realize that he has done the hard work to elevate his stock so he shouldn’t be pining for anyone.

Eric Omondi’s ex Chantal Grazioli bags herself a handsome Mzungu boyfriend

That is why all the headlines being written about Chantal and her new man declare that she upgraded. And it is cringeworthy at best because this is a man who did the hard work of making comedy a viable career. he is a maverick who has finally struck his gold vein yet he cannot get over the one woman who dumped him.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi back in 2019 when they were dating

Also, to make matters worse, his constant pining for his ex puts off other women (including the high value options) who look at him and see a man who isn’t over his ex. You can imagine what any woman who he is currently seeing is thinking everytime she sees him open his pie hole and rather than make a joke, he is pining about Chantal. Come on Eric Omondi, do bettter.

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