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Kenyans need to stop pontificating about Magufuli’s death

March 18, 2021 at 14:09
Kenyans need to stop pontificating about Magufuli's death

John Pombe Magufuli, the president of the republic of Tanzania is dead. Log onto Twitter and you would be forgiven for thinking he was the president of Kenya with the way KOT are having a go at each other and him.

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The camps are divided with some, led by Boniface Mwangi are busy revelling in the news of his death due to his handling of covid-19 with many accusing him of being a Covid denier and others are mourning his passing as if he were their grandfather, while simultaneously praising him for not sinking Tanzania into the same hell hole of debt and receivership that Uhuru Kenyatta has plunged Kenya into with all the Covid-19 loans.


Magufuli with Harmonize

Thing is, John Magufuli was a complex man as all men are and there will always be something praise-worthy and worth denouncing if you take a look at his record as a leader. But it is no business of Kenyans as he is the democratically elected leader of Tanzanians.

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So why are Kenyans busy exercising their jaws and vocal chords on the matter? We have our own problems to deal with and none of them are in any way either over now that Magufuli has passed or begun due to him while he was alive.

Magufuli, Diamond Platnumz

Magufuli with Diamond Platnumz

Kenyans are busy pontificating about the man and forgetting their own silence and inactivity at the uselessness of our leaders. And this is why one of my mentors says Kenyans on Twitter are the most useless breed of Kenyans. They are quasi-intellectuals who cry about things out of their control, issues in other nations and borders yet will never take to the street to convey their dissatisfaction at the way Kenya is being run by Uhuru and his government.

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We like to act as if we live in a utopian civilisation. Why else do you think it is that today online, Kenyans are dispensing advice to Tanzanians about how they retroactively ran their affairs or how they should deal with Corona. Thing is, we on our end have also mismanaged Corona. We have made it a money minting project for the politicians while our economy has gone to the crapper.
We are talking in a sanctimounious tone to our neighbours yet their economy is not as beaten as ours. Also, health care is a personal issue. It is your responsibility to ensure to wear a mask if you are an at risk individual or deal with at-risk individuals. It is up to you to maintain social distancing and ensure you do not interact with others. When you make it a national issue, you raise the question of not only national priorities (Kenya went into a full lockdown that not only impacted our economy but was so ill-thought-out because we do not have a social security net that took care of the financially vulnerable) and we did so simply because of the lure of “free money” that the IMF, World Bank and WHO dangled infront of our leaders.

Magufuli, Uhuru Kenyatta

Magufuli with Uhuru Kenyatta

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At the end of the day, the moral of the story is that Kenyans need to learn to mind their own business.

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