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Alinur files: Why Betty Kyallo’s love life is intriguing

February 24, 2021 at 09:52
Alinur files: Why Betty Kyallo's love life is intriguing

Betty Kyallo is currently the talk of the town and it is in keeping in line with what we know her more for than her career; her relationships and love life. You see, who is dating her is something alot of netizens seem to care about.

I Never Had An Affair With Betty Kyallo, I’m A Happy Family Man- Honorable Alinur

It all started when she married Denis Okari and then subsequently is alleged to have begun having an affair with a certain Coastal governor who even gave her his Porsche Cayenne only for her to be dispossessed of the vehicle while she was driving along Mombasa Road.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has dated quite afew men

Betty Kyallo has enjoyed a whirlwind romance and then was dumped when it came to a crushing end as usually happens in hurricane romances. We loved to watch it all, flames, accusations and catty, shitty behaviour.

“Hiyo kitambi hapana” Betty Kyallo advised to hit the gym after bikini photoshop blunder (Photo)

We enjoyed watching her marriage to Denis Okari crash and burn once word went around that he was leaving. Schadenfreude may be but it also felt cathartic -like karma had finally come around. What made this feel even more real is the fact that Betty Kyallo was the only one running around, giving interviews and talking about her marriage while her former husband had silently moved on and remarried, starting a new family.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo responded to wedding speculations after a gorgeous video of her singing to her better half emerges

And then we were treated to rumours of who Betty Kyallo was dating and each rumour would ultimately die down with new rumours of a split. Then we were treated to “Somali bae” until she later revealed that that had come to an end. Until Someone linked Alinur, an aspiring politician to her. Then he did an interview with Japani Massawe of Radio Jambo, months after the initial link and denied having any romantic relationship with her.

”I want a baby sister” Ivanna to Betty Kyallo

But why is her rollercoaster romance life so interesting to some people? Well, it is because alot of female divorcees and single mothers live vicariously through Betty Kyallo. They want to believe that there is still a great love out there, somewhere, waiting for them.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo’s love life is a lifeline to bloggers

So when they are met with news that Ms Betty Kyallo is rumoured to be in a new relationship, their hunger for love is stoked. And when that relationship fails, then it is further confirmation of their strongly held belief that “men are trash”.

Betty Kyallo hits the gym after sudden massive weight gain

Ofcourse, there are also the men who harbour ambitions of dating her but these are largely delusions as they relegate themselves to posting heart and flame emojis on her comment section.

Betty Kyallo

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo’s ex-husband has already established a happy family of his own

The vast majority of people interested in who she’s is dating are Kenyan women who aren’t themselves in happy relationships. Women who either due to their bad choice of men or because of their incompatibility and inability to pair-bond are single mothers look to her and wish upon a star for her lack without realizing she has something they do not have: status.

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