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Andrew Kibe reminds us why Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee

December 23, 2021 at 16:18
Andrew Kibe reminds us why Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee

Andrew Kibe ameamuwa kuwa mtu bladi? And he has done so by reminding us precisely why his former coworker/ co-presenter/ friend(?) Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee.

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He reshared a video of his former co-presenter from back when she was still at NRG Radio and claimed she had slept with 27 men. That was nearly 3 years ago and as can be expected, she later came out to reveal that the confession had cost her alot of corporate sponsorship deals. So you can imagine just how badly she wouldn’t want this story to resurface.

Kibe Kamene

But here we find ourselves. And I have to say, that though a lot of women decry Andrew Kibe’s way of communicating and passing messages, he is genuinely passing a message that would do a lot of women such as his former co-host Kamene well to heed.

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Think about it, and if you do not have a sound mind between your ears or if you know your head is merely a cabinet for storing your teeth, then you can ask other men whether they would be amenable to the idea of wedding a woman who has been bedded by multiple different men who only saw her as a fun time.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro’s 27 men are an issue for precisely this reason. Yes, she was indeed once married but that only accounts for one of those men. What about the other 26? Andrew Kibe is right on the money when he shared the video with his intent being left up to his audience to infer… And this is precisely the reason why no other man has stepped forward to make an honest woman of Kamene Goro and wife her up.

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Any woman who has had multiple men bed her has displayed very poor impulse control for starters. Alot of these men might have been worth a damn but, let us be honest, not all of them were. So she is akin to the fat kid in a candy store who just keeps eating sweets and cake in spite of all the harm that could come her way in future…

Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

Add to this the fact that it shows some serious daddy issues. Look, we aren’t going to delve into this except to say two things; women with such issues tend to chase after their father’s affection in the embrace and beddings of random men which is a horrible omen for a monogamous marriage and that perhaps (and I am sure Andrew Kibe would agree with this), therapy/ counselling is a must.

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Damaged pair bonding. This is what results from kamene Goro’s 27 men. She has lost the ability to be content with just one man and have her hypergamy under control. Think of this once more as a fat kid in a cake house. After tasting 27 treats and sweets, do you think they can actually be dedicated to one brand let alone one treat? Nah.

And I know, my analysis is shallow at best but I am not r=writing a 1000+ word essay because I doubt you have the attention span required to get through it. So allow me to simply issue this synopsis: Andrew Kibe said truth, Kamene Goro damaged, needs counselling and her past is the reason why no one is committing to her because no man worth his salt wants to be known as the modern day Hosea.

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