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Decimator: Why do Kenyans under-appreciate great recording labels?

July 22, 2020 at 08:06

Decimator is a Kenyan production house that is run by legendary Kenyan producer Musyoka and P-Unit member, Bon-Eye and my goodness this is the only truly professional production house and record label in Kenya.

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2 "Gengerations" đŸŽș Le Decimal Familia ❀

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Decimator is the one house that assures you more than just a quick shirt-lived jingle for you to work your magic on. And as a result, they have managed to amass a great deal of talent inhouse with the likes of Brian Nadra, Konkodi, Jack Rooster, Bon-Eye himself and the recent addition of Khuhani.

Sauti Sol’s Bien cheers Brian Nadra as he delivers breathtaking cover of ‘Short N Sweet’

The record label always puts out music that is well crafted. From the instrumentals to the engineering. From the vocal arrangements and the way even the lyrics are crafted. These guys do not ride the wave, they either create it or they create it. Gerrit?

Bon Eye, Brian Nadra and Konkodi

Bon Eye, Brian Nadra and Konkodi

And their philosophy seems to be simply “doing a great job” because they do so and this translates to every song they put out. But what’s better is the fact that they have two creative producers who have eclectic tastes that guarantee them a plethora of sounds. Eric Musyoka who is one of the luminaries of the Kenyan entertainment is only one of the producers, Jack Rooster being the other and he has a much more worldly feel to his music given he has a passion for house, electro and dance which he infuses with an African vibe.

‘Drinx Na Mayenx’ hit makers are back with ‘Bonge’ and we love it (Video)

As a result, they have scored several hits such as Drinks na Mayenx which really was their breakaway hit. The jam was one of the biggest jams in the country and though it teased that Gengeton feel, it was entirely on its own lane.


So whenever I hear Kenyans, especially radio personalities decry the dearth of good, radio-friendly songs, I am often left choking on my disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the statement because Decimator releases some of the most varied sounds and they have jams like:

So you kinda have to wonder. Is the issue Kenyanmusic listeners complain about down to a lack of good music or is it down to lack of exposure to good music? In which case I would argue that perhaps Decimator needs to rethink their marketing strategy.

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