Eric Omondi brands political class “idiots and thieves”

Eric Omondi is back in the news after savagely attacking politicians who were mocking him claiming his recent political activism to be a gimmick. During his outburst, he called his political detractors foolish idiots and thieves who prey upon ordinary Kenyans.

Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

Sometimes I really get worked up…I cant believe some politicians still think this is comedy and Entertainment. DO NOT PUSH US TO THE WALL!!! DO NOT!!!! just do the right thing. Remember a hungry person has no shame or fear…Trade very carefully. These are people’s children, these are people’s lives.

Eric Omondi flexing his muscles

This occurred after he went to bail out eight women and the politicians are based his attempt at helping individuals claiming that he has introduced comedy into politics.

Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

It should be remembered that he was arrested not once but twice with the first time being when he led a protest outside Parliament complaining about the rising cost of living and the second time when he went on a donation drive to give out anger to people at City Stadium.

Eric Omondi parody

Eric Omondi is a comedian known for his stance some of which are just jarring and shameless. However this time he says he wants to be taken seriously as the matter is he is speaking on affect ordinary Kenyans’ lives.

Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

It’s speculated that he might be seeking political office and he has chosen political activism as the vehicle with which he will introduce his name to the political arena.

eric omondi
Eric Omondi performing a skit

Naturally, politicians are wary of the 40-year-old Eric Omondi who is a well-known and comedian in Kenya (and that’s to say beyond the metropolis of Nairobi).

Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

It remains to be seen what will come of his political education as the leader of the opposition honourable Raila Odinga has embraced him while others within the sitting government are seeking to dismiss him if not harass him into submission.

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