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Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

March 07, 2023 at 09:35
Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

Eric Omondi seems to be making a play to become a politician and we can already recognise the work he’s putting in towards rebranding himself as “the p[eople’s champion”. And amazingly, it’s working. I say amazingly because just a month ago he was considered one of the most irritating Kenyan celebrities.

Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

Looking at how he has managed to rebrand himself is actually a masterclass in the subject as he didn’t begin yesterday but neither did he start small, he made some rather bombastic displays to announce his presence to those in the political arena.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

Eric Omondi started by first immersing himself into the conversation being had by his peers in the entertainment field. He started by championing Kenyan music and though that didn’t endear him to his musical peers but it did win him goodwill among the fans.

Eric Omondi’s plan to settle down is the best decision he ever made

And now he has started making some din and hue around the political and economic realities of Kenyans. And Kenyans who are increasingly a frustrated lot are very appreciative of the fact that someone with clout is saying what they have cowardly been grumbling about under their breath.

Make no mistake about it, it is going to take a toll on his health as he has exposed himself to more than just arrests, he has exposed himself to become a scape goat for the powers that be as they will doubtless begin to crackdown on dissent as more and more Kenyans air their disapproval. But Eric Omondi seems to have his eyes fixed on a long term goal.

Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

And if ther is anything we can learn from the global stage is that like Ukraine’s misguided president Zelensky, Eric Omondi can aspire to and attain the highest political office in the land.

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