Eric Omondi should officially join the opposition on Monday

Eric Omondi has been flirting with the idea of joining politics for the past week and while he has the support of a lot of Kenyans because of the platform he’s been rallying on I think it’s time for him to make his stance known.

Would you vote for Eric Omondi If He Vied?

And he will have a golden opportunity to do this as the Right Honourable Raila Odinga will be leading a protest against the rising cost of living supported by his political base.

Raila has called for mass action starting on Monday and even declared it a national holiday regardless of the fact that he does not have the power to have it gazetted. Eric Omondi could use this as a launching pad for his political career especially given that he is struggling to gain some semblance of relevance.

Eric Omondi brands political class “idiots and thieves”

Recently he helped free Petty offenders from Langata Women’s Prison but he was frustrated by the fact that his political detractors were quick to claim he is simply bringing his publicity stunts to politics.

Eric Omondi

It is clear to all that he is going to struggle to shed this tag as we all know that Eric Omondi’s career is littered with some abortive publicity stunts and he will need the help of political veterans for him to shed that skin. There is no one better for that role than Raila. If indeed he is serious about taking the plunge into politics then this is the time to do it because he will be flanked by all the heavyweight however the truth about Kenyan politics is that he can only really make it if he already has a godfathers blessing and that remains to be seen.

Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

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