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Ex Ray’s new tattoo is proof young men need mentors

May 27, 2020 at 13:32
Ex Ray's new tattoo is proof young men need mentors

Exray went and got his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his forearm. You can hear his ancestors groan as they cringe if you listen intently. Because they fought off hyenas and defended themselves against the other tribe for them to breed a generation that eventually led to their son getting his girlfriend’s name on his body.

Exray tat

Exray is one of the most popular young Kenyans at the moment given he is a luminary of the most popular genre in Kenya at the moment; Gengeton.

Exray who has been embroiled in a heated though juvenile beef with fellow Gengeton artist Miracle baby of Sailors has been very vocal on social media over the past few days. He has now shifted gears, from trading shots to now sharing a lot about his lass.

I get it, any man who has lived to be thirty years old knows he has passed this stage where boy meets girl and they start planning their future together. Little man’s older brother, little man’s older, cool uncle would pull him aside and tell him to enjoy the moment but not get too invested in it because it will end.
Instead, many has surrounded himself with other young men who are happy to play the role of a “yes man”.

Exray, however,, is far from an outlier, he is the norm in today’s world where there is a generational disconnection between young men and their older counterparts. Experiences we older gents have endured, some of which left us scarred aren’t serving any purpose as we do not impart their wisdom onto the young bulls.


Exray should have been told that if this relationship works out and he ends up marrying Wangui (her name), he will still be a laughing stock because this is simping hard! Exray should have been warned that the best case scenario rarely plays out for most people. Usually, the mtawachana committee are right. In which case he comes off as retarded.

Boondock’s Exray proves he is man enough weeks after Miracle accused him of being poor in bed! (Photo)

Now, let us pull away from this particular situation and look at it from a macro perspective. Imagine Exray making business decisions with the same low-level emotional control as he has displayed here. Can you imagine, for instance, the young bull taking out a business loan not from a stoic understanding of entrepreneurship but from a whim that led him to get one so he can keep up with the Joneses and maybe maintain the lass.
That would be a recipe for disaster!

Exray and Wangui

It isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to see that Exray can leave the Boondocks gang group simply because a mosquito whispered in his ear that he would do better on his own as a solo act.
And where are the OGs? Where are the big homies especially those within entertainment to put their arm around the young bull and give him advice? Where are the pleighbois who can check his chin when he egregiously steps out of line?

34 Gvng, Dmore and Exray release Ka Ni Mtam (VIDEO)

Man, we as men need to do better. We need to help young bulls like Exray avoid the trainwreck we can see coming. Regardless of whether or not he will listen, the least we should do is warn him so when things happen to go wrong, he will be more receptive to listening next time.


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