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Kenyans who are upset at foreign media are foolish

July 08, 2022 at 08:54
Kenyans who are upset at foreign media are foolish

Kenyans are big mad that some random FOX heifer called Emily Compagno lied about Kenya and said something ridiculous about how pregnant Kenyan women aren’t allowed outside their houses to vote and they took to all social media platforms to announce to the world they are upset.

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They are doing all that and I am seated here wondering why we as a people are so stupid. Like, is the entire country one big peanut gallery? And the worst thing is that people feel they have every right to be upset and act a fool. Righteous indignation for what? This is just manufactured indignation.

Ultimately, this is one of the best representations of how bullshit the collective Kenyan mentality is. Why? Because we have real-life nonsense going on here within our borders and people are silent. We are living in times of unprecedented inflation and crazy costs of living but we are more concerned with bullying a retarded journalist?

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When was the last time you actually saw Kenyans roll up their sleeves and take to the streets to march and protest against runaway corruption? When was the last time you saw us actually hold politicians accountable for the mess they have created of not just our economy but our judiciary? nah, we don’t do that around here, we simply put on our diapers and cry online about what some low iQ person said about our country?!

Why? That is not patriotism. All of this posturing is performative. We aren’t proud of Kenya, we are simply bullies who want to let the world know that we have virtues in the cheapest way possible: posting tweets and sharing them using the free Wifi we have at our offices.

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Kenyans who are truly upset by what foreign media says about us are foolish. They should be more concerned with actually cleaning out the country’s 3 arms of government and getting systems that actually work instead of worrying about what some foreigners think about us. That heifer, Emily, doesn’t matter because she has never been to Africa so she isn’t really the type of person to boost our tourism sector. Her audience are ignorant and would never bother travelling to Kenya. So why would you care anyway?

Focus on real issues. Focus on what matters. Learn to prioritise things as a Kenyan and what directly affects your life is what matters. Only small-minded people care about what others think of them. And this nonsense was very telling about who we are as a people.

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