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Kinuthia joins the band wagon abandoning the obesity bus

November 04, 2022 at 14:56
Kinuthia joins the band wagon abandoning the obesity bus

Kinuthia the transvestite comedian has joined the bandwagon of celebrities running away from obesity. He has just revealed that he has “swallowed” a gastric balloon which is meant to not only help him shed weight but keep it off him in the long run.

Kinuthia swallows ballon for quick weightloss (Video)

How does it work? Well, just as you would expect. It inflates and makes him think he is satisfied forcing his body to live off it’s fat deposits before it finally adjusts to the new amounts of calories he can ingest. But by that time, he will already have burnt off a lot of his fat deposits. That is the layman’s understanding of it.

Kinuthia weightloss

Whatever the case may be, this is a very interesting departure from the previously held assertion that big is beautiful or healthy at all sizes despite the science that shows this to be a lie.

Why Kenyans are confused by Kinuthia

And to see him do anything necessary to shed his fat frame is truly a beautiful sight to behold as Kinuthia fights (or rather pays) to get healthier.

Perhaps this will be enough to spur some of his fans to hit the gym and get in shape. Or perhaps this is something that will be enough to at least help shift the conversation that feminists like Neomi Ng’ang’a have been pushing which is in essence just poisoning the Kenyan populace.

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