List of Celebrities branded ‘Deadbeat dads’ by their baby mamas

When it comes down to parenting or rather coparenting – trust me, it’s no walk in the park. Most of the time there is a lot of push and pull which brings us to the long of dads who have found themselves branded as serious deadbeats thanks to their ex partners.

And just in case you were wondering why they’re referred to as deadbeats, my dictionary says Deadbeat dad is a parent is ordered by the court to pay regular child support, yet fails to do so repeatedly.

Anyway below is a list of Kenyan celebrities accused of being deadbeat fathers.

DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti

The latest deadbeat dad in town happens to be DJ Shiti who was recently exposed by his baby for neglecting their 2 year old daughter. According to the baby mama, Shiti has not only been cheating but has not been taking responsibility for their child.

Profesa Hamo

Profesa Hamo

Among the popular deadbeats is Profesa Hamo who we all saw demand for a DNA for the two kids he had with Jemutai, only for the results to confirm he fathered both kids. He later went on to frustrate the lady by
demanding his rights to the kids – but as you know, this was settled off the court hence mending their relationship as parents.

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus with daughter and baby mama

If there is a man who publicly denied his own blood it’s – Kabi wa Jesus. The fella for some reason openly denied fathering his cousin’s daughter simply because it would paint him wrong. Apart from all the deadbeats Kabi is clearly on his level as world making rounds is that he is yet to come to an understanding with his cousin who doubles up as his baby mama.


Mueni Bahati is Singer Bahati’s first born daughter – but a child he refused to recognize until Diana Marua stepped in back in 2018. According to baby Mama, Yvette Obura – back then Bahati had refused to help out with the bills nor did he even visit to see his newborn. Crazy right? But oh well – things seem to have changed now and Bahati continues to support his daughter whether in good or bad terms with Mueni’s mum.

Senator Anwar

Saumu Mbuvi and lover, Senator Anwar welcome newborn baby

The last time Anwar responded to claims painting him as a deadbeat dad – the guy flipped but never denied nor admitted being one. Actually his biggest worry was that someone was using bloggers to tarnish his image and this being a political year – all he wanted was to focus on politics and not bothered with news concerning his daughter. Alaar…

Eric Omondi

Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

Jacque Maribe recently admitted that baby daddy Eric Omondi doesn’t support their son and the last time they checked – he didn’t even know where his son resides. However, for them it’s different since word has it that chances are that Eric might not be the biological dad. Nairobi.

Mr Seed

Swabrina shares photo of Mr Seed’s newborn

Thanks to Somali baby mama, we understand that Mr Seed has 3 sons but we only know of Gold. However late last year he was blessed with another baby boy courtesy of Somali baby mama and since then – all we hear about is that Mr Seed is a deadbeat not supporting his 3rd born son. The lady claims the gospel singer has never paid her a visit nor is he interested in their child.

Frankie Just Gym It

Frankie Just Gym it with sons

Last time we checked Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It were sorting out their issues in court; but since then – we’ve not seen Frankie with the boys – which leaves us wondering whether the court is in favor of Maureen.

Anyway, from what we understand is that Frankie stopped supporting his sons after he had baby mama kicked out of their Westlands home.

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