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Lose Weight, Find Love: Ronoh’s Secret To Happiness

November 25, 2022 at 12:00
Lose Weight, Find Love: Ronoh’s Secret To Happiness

Chebet Ronoh has revamped her previous physique to a killer shape. All that is because of the hardwork she has put in the gym and change of diet. We have to applaud her for the tremendous improvement. Opening up on her efforts so far, the 21-year-old admitted that her initial goal was to just lose weight but in the process grew to mind her overall health and body which in turn gave her a more calm and peaceful approach to life.

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Looking For Love In Every Way

Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh in a swimsuit

Recently, Ronoh flaunted her transformed body. In tandem with the weight loss, Ronoh managed to find love. She recently posted on her Instagram her newly found love.

A day at a time 💕,” her caption read.

However, she did not show the face of her new lover. Instead, she shared a photo of them holding hands. Check photo below;

She did not disclose the name too; but it’s evident that she’s in love again. But this has come after she lost weight. So what does it insinuate?

Ronoh is proof enough that taking care of yourself is a necessity when it comes to finding love. No one will be interested in you when you’re overweight.


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