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Njoki Murira Is Proof Enough Parents Don’t Care How You Make Money- Just Get Rich!

March 07, 2023 at 11:18
Njoki Murira Is Proof Enough Parents Don't Care How You Make Money- Just Get Rich!

Before going to Njoki Murira’s story, let’s resonate on how social media & content creation has enriched several celebrities. I mean, there’s diverse content globally, thanks to technology. However, there are pros & cons that come with technology & social media.

Remember the good old days where you’d not have access to a phone. All you’d do as a kid is play with mud, play bano and do a couple of barbaric things with your friend(s). Well, those days are over. Nowadays, most kids are enticed by mobile phones & shows like Cocomelon. 

Anyway, this is just one of the cons of technology & social media. The pros have been numerous over the years. And most people are utilizing them to make money.

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Murira Shows How It’s Done

Njoki Murira is a village-based Tik-Toker who has impressed over a million people with her big & curvy derriere. I mean, all she does is shake what her mama gave her- and she gains followers. Intriguingly, her mother has also been conglomerated in her daughter’s antics; and she seems to be enjoying it. She joins her two daughters into twerking for Murira’s fans.

Njoki Murira’s Mother twerking

Now, I know you’re probably asking yourself, how many parents would tolerate such a behaviour and even join her daughters into doing the same? Well, what if it makes you good money? That’s where they draw the line.

The lass has gotten a huge engagement on her socials; and she’s been able to get endorsements for the latter reason. She’s now milking millions just because of that.

Recently, she flaunted the house she’s building for her mum. And she’ll probably be done with the village life soon.




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