Playstation 5: Kamene Goro giving relationship advice is actually laughable

Image: Kamene Goro speaks on getting married aged 23

Kamene Goro decided to share with us some words of wisdom that she uses to govern her dating decisions and relationships and I must admit that it was all pretty laughable. You see, she recently made comments about not dating men who play videogames and I was hurt in my heart.

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I and a lot of men Iknow play videogames. I am in university but the men I hang out with are high performing, successful men and sometimes when we meet we do so simply to play videogames and decompress. Whether we play Tekken or Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty or God of War, we simply take an afternoon out to relax, grab some rest and relaxation and shoot the shit. Kamene goro would clearly not choose any of my mentors nor my friends to date.

Kamene Goro
Ms Kamene Goro

Let me tell you something about my mentors and friends, we are all in university pursuing STEM degrees and as far as my mentors are concerned, while one got what he describes as “singled out”, the rest run their own businesses. They have each tasted success in their own rights and they are building something better for the future. They are all men who taught me some philosophies in life that my own father didn’t such as taking care of my mind, body, finances and focusing on my mission. But Kamene Goro wouldn’t date them because they are into videogames.

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They taught me to sharpen my mind, read beyond my studies in school, they taught me to get my body right. They taught me to dress well and have introduced me to thinking and reading about my financial wellbeing. But because they play videogames, Kamene Goro wouldn’t date them.

Kamene Goro
Radio personality, Kamene Goro

Yet taking a look at Kamene Goro’s past relationships and her “marriage”one has to deal with the glaring peculiarities of her inconsistencies. Why? Because sometimes, before you digest a message, you have to interrogate the medium, the vessel and the messenger to see whether they are simply poisoning you. And when we look at Kamene Goro’s love life, we realize that her relationship advice is poison meant to make you have an unhappy, unhealthy relationship like the ones she is used to having.

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You see, Kamene Goro has had a plethora of lovers. Not lovers in the context of relationships, lovers in the context of one night stands. 27 men as at the time of her revealing that figure to the world. And when she did infact have a longterm relationship/ marriage, it was a toxic hot mess that no one I know envied. It was a dumpster fire marriage that ended with her being dumped via WhatsApp. And to make matters worse, when Kamene Goro left her marital home, she was none the wiser.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

She didn’t seem to have taken the time to introspect and learn something from that relationship because when she spoke about it, she heaped all the blame and responsibility for the breakup on her man -yet we all know it takes two to tango.

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How do we know this? Because a woman who been ran through by 27 men still doesn’t have the common sense to know that she should be looking for relationship green flags in her potential man, things like virtues and strength or character instead of feeding us the bullshit about her not dating a man simply because one of his hobbies is playing videogames. Kamene Goro hasn’t gotten it into her coconut that relationships are about more than just hobbies. Relationships for her and other women have the bar set so low for them that they believe all they have to do inorder to have a great one is to “be“.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro and her then 50-year-old husband

All she has to bring to her relationship is herself and her airhead attitude rather than put in the work to make it work. As a result, she thinks hobbies that to her aren’t cool is a dealbreaker. Let that sink in. Rather than focus on a man’s character, a man’s personal philosophies, she would rather focus on whether or not he plays videogames. And we wonder why twenty-seven men ran through her refused to commit. And the only man who did commit did so temporarily before coming to his senses.

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And as for my mentors, we spoke about this topic and all they said was summed up best by one of them,

“Look at me. Look at how I look and how much work I put into cultivating myself. Why would I date her? The only thing she has going for her is her pretty face which she didn’t work for. Everything else she needs to work hard at has been neglected, body, mind and clearly character too.”

I asked about her career and he reminded me that women NEVER share their pot of gold so that is immaterial to him. Anyway, we have a videogame night this weekend.

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