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Rayvanny proves simps are stupid

September 20, 2022 at 15:43
Rayvanny proves simps are stupid

Rayvanny has broken up with Paula Kajala. It’s almost as if we didn’t see this coming. Actually, its almost as if no one had warned him that she was not the type of woman you’d turn into a housewife.

Rayvanny regrets relationship with 20-Year-old Paula Kajala, finally confirms breakup

But simps are going to simp and at the heart of it, that simply means being stupid. Check out the definition below and I kid you not, the kamusi version has his photo next to the term:

Rayvanny started his relationship by trying to pedestalize Paula by using the little boy tactic of comparing her to his ex, Fahyvanny and then insulting the mother of his child. And this is something anyone with two brain cells required to rub together to spark a thought can see this was a bad move.

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And even when she introduced hell to his life through her mother and the other simp from Tanzanian entertainment, Harmonize, he still clung to her.

Rayvanny with baby mama, Fahyvanny

You got the sense he felt she was better than him (despite his many accolades and accomplishments) and was eager to seek her validation and approval. And it blew my mind just how low a superstar like Rayvanny’s self-esteem is. He would look at this young beauty -she is undoubtedly hot- and he felt her simply being was worth more than his accolades.

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And we watched as he bought her gifts, cars and even started paying for her education. The problem is, you can take a woman to school but you can’t broaden her intelligence. And Paula decided to forgive Harmonize for sexually harassing her and she mended the fences with her mother which left one casualty, Rayvanny.

Rayvanny with new girlfriend

So now he is left having to run back to beg his ex, the mother of his bay, Fahyvanny to take him back. He’s really lucky she can’t do any better than him so now they seem to be trying to work out their issues.

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And his parting shot when reflecting on his relationship with Paula? Well, all Rayvanny could say was,

Don’t allow love to confuse you, don’t liken love to food, I made peace with my heart and ended my relationship with Paula.

Rayvanny’s baby mama foretold the future

So what lessons should we take from his lack of intelligence? Well, the first is that you must always make your partner earn your commitment. That doesn’t mean that you play childish games but rather that as a 30-year-old established man, you shouldn’t be the one chasing commitment.

You’ve done the work so why are you still begging and dancing for validation? Rayvanny should also have given more thought to what is important, creating a stable home for his child or trying to make a wife of a 18 year old party girl.

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