Sauti Sol: Failed concert, cancel culture and no refunds

Over the month of December, Sauti Sol were meant to host a Christmas concert at The Waterfront in Karen. The concert dubbed Sol Christmas was supposed to have been one of the biggest concerts to go down since the Covid19 lockdown measures by the government had come into effect and a lot of Nairobians were excited for it.

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Sauti Sol had been pushing the concert through their social media account as well as their individual accounts and had promised the concert was going to adhere to strict Covid19 regulations chief of which is keeping and maintaining social distancing.

So it came to many as a surprise when Sauti Sol declared they were cancelling the concert a mere day before it was due to be held and they blamed a lack of adherence to Covid19 guidelines as the reason why they were cancelling the entire thing. This ofcourse, caused a lot of furore from their fans who were not just excited about the Sol Christmas but had already purchased tickets.

“Turudishieni pesa zetu kwanza” Bitter fans react after Sauti Sol announces new Christmas gig dubbed ‘A Sol Christmas’

To make matters worse, a scandal erupted with the vendors and suppliers crying foul over the losses they faced. To make matters worse, one particular vendor came forth to reveal that Sauti Sol had lied about the real reason why they had opted for the cancellation. It was interesting to watch the entire debacle unfold and soon enough, Kenyans on Twitter and other mouthy netizens decided it was time to cancel Sauti Sol who had shown a callous disregard for their Kenyan audience.

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Sauti Sol need to refund their fans as promised

To counter all this, Sauti Sol declared they would be refunding the monies that their fans had paid for the tickets. Therein lies the crux of today’s lecture. They still haven’t communicated further on just how this is going to happen nor have they contacted the individuals who paid for the tickets.

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Perhaps this is down to the fact that as the headline act, they were not in control of the monies collected from paying clients but the fact still remains that cries such as this from their fans are still largely ignored:

valyne.angela Turudishieni pesa basi Tununue bundles

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

So what happens now? Well, Sauti Sol should probably get back on their social media account and clarify how the refunds are going to take place and also explain to their fans why there is a delay. Perhaps there is a legal situation that hampers the refund process or perhaps it is a sensitive matter related to getting the actual event organizers to release the funds.

Whatever the case may be, the fact still remains that Sauti Sol need to become more proactive with the question of refunding their fans for their abortive Sol Christmas concert.

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