Should men do a DNA test on their kids?

Should men do a DNA test on their children? The short answer is yes, of course, don’t be an idiot! And the long answer is, “kindly stop asking tough questions of course every man should do a paternity test on their children”.

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But even as we say this may need to be aware of the ramifications of doing a paternity test on their children. We would all like to pretend that it’s fun and games however, doing a DNA test on your kids as a man is a life-changing event.

Eric picking on Mulamwah?

For only 800 shillings, I could literally come crashing down. Not to mention the fact that Kenyan women are so solipsistic that not only do they understand why a man would ever have paternity doubt but then go as far as punishing their husbands fiance’s and boyfriends for daring to ascertain paternity.

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Allow that tidbit to sink in! You’re supposed to decide whether to walk away from you or otherwise make your life a living hell simply because you wanted to ensure you are not a victim of paternity fraud and when she sanctimonious Lee does so she will ask you why you didn’t trust her as if 3 out of 10 men aren’t raising another man’s bastard. And that’s simply for the men who decided to check.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and son

My only concern about all this is the fact that due to the nature of the test being conducted privately in one’s home, we will never get to know the true scale of just how bad things are in Kenya with regard to paternity fraud. The DNA tests will be conducted by men hiding in their own bathrooms and the results quickly discarded along with the marriages without their ever having been a government-backed survey done to ascertain just how crazy things are.

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Every man should do a DNA test on themselves and their children. We have the male gender of our species have evolved to be averse to wasting our resources on the Scion of other men the same way women select for the prime male within their vicinity.

However, one must always be prepared for the ramifications of this doubt. While I do not advocate for anyone to be sneaky about performing these tests, I would however advise caution because it is you who will have to live with the consequences. But I know one thing, when the time comes and I start a family of my own, I will definitely be testing my children.

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