Stevo Simple Boy is being used by the predatory entertainment industry

Image: Stivo Simple Boy arrested after arriving at Kilimani Police Station

Stevo Simple Boy is being taken advantage of by some rather unscrupulous partisans in the Kenyan entertainment industry and it’s rather sad to witness. Especially for it to be happening during this festive season.

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We saw him being announced as one of the performers at a concert in Mombasa and while the foreign headlining act Ruger was afforded full VIP treatment our very own star had to contend with downright disrespectful treatment, right from his travel arrangements.

Fast-rising youthful Kenyan artist, Stivo Simple Boy

Stevo Simple Boy was forced to use a bus to travel all the way to Mombasa to prepare to take the stage and later perform and if you’ve ever used a bus heading down to the coast then you know just how tiring that trip can be.

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A day later we came to find out he did not perform due to a dispute that arose. And this got me wondering whether other stars such as Khaligraph Jones would have been forced to endure such pathetic treatment? Who is to blame? Is it his management team or the event promoters and organizers?

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Stivo Simple Boy encourages Kenyans in ‘We Shall Overcome’

Add argue that both bear the burden of blame because of how Stevo simple boy was treated. Is management team is clearly constituted by a bunch of idiotic jokers who do not understand how to create a rider for their client. Perhaps due to inexperience or perhaps due to a lack of care and concern for their client but whatever the case may be they truly are an inept bunch of clowns.

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And now down to the event promoters and organizers. This bunch of clowns have no respect for Stevo simple boy they figured they would use his name to generate some buzz around there event but perhaps they never really did intend to have him perform. Or maybe, they ran out of budget after paying Ruger because from the reports reaching of the dispute was a rather elementary one.

Stivo simple boy

Most artists demand a down payment before they head to the venue, and before they take to the stage they demand the completion of their payment. Perhaps there was a snap due to the fact that they lacked the budget needed to pay Stevo Simple Boy and while this is regrettable it just shows a lack of planning and an understanding of the audience size that would attend the event. However you choose to chop up this banana it is none of the artist’s concern.

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What we are witnessing is a pack of predators circling around Stevo Simple Boy and rather than his management team running to protect him, they seem to either be incompetent or in on it.

Stivo Simple Boy

While this might seem a daunting problem it really does have an easy fix, all he has to do is actively seek out a management team that is professional enough to take care of his well-being such that she never again has to travel by bus while the rest of the Artists are travelling by plane. That is such a small step to start at that it exemplifies just how useless is management team are.

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