Stevo Simple Boy needs a new manager

Stevo Simple Boy needs a new manager and handlers because from what we have seen it is rather apparent that the team he has around him has no understanding of how the Kenyan entertainment scene works nor how to manage artists.

Stevo Simple Boy is being used by the predatory entertainment industry

We have watched as the two ladies who manage him have devolved into a he-said-she-said battle with Eric Omondi and while they have come with receipts that include a recording to back their claims it is abundantly clear to all that the mistakes they made were due to inexperience.

Stevo Simple Boy needs new managers because the ones he has are inexperienced enough to fall for rookie please and make rookie mistakes such as allowing the artist to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa in public transportation and then in addition to that idiotic move they also did not ask for a percentage of the pay upfront.

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Anyone who does Kenyon promoters and event organizers knows that they must demand their artist be paid at least 50% even before they begin to make travel arrangements. the reason this is because we have seen this scenario play out time and time again to the extent that even international stars have been caught up in the scam that sees them travel to Kenya only to be stranded.

Stevo with Ruger

Stevo Simple Boy needs to get one solitary manager who has been in the game long enough to know the type of crappy games Kenyan event or play. Is not blameless because his insistence on Stevo taking to the stage despite not having being paid and claiming it would be great for his exposure shows just how predatory he is. However, he does not owe the artist any loyalty, and given just how dishonest his original claims were, it’s clear he doesn’t believe he was the artist any form of integrity.

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And that is where Stevo Simple Boy’s management team comes in because it is their Direct responsibility to protect their artist. Unfortunately because of this incident we are bound to hear even more stories in 2023 of event promoters thinking they can get away with jerking our boy around, inviting him for concerts using his name and brand to promote their events only for them to dismiss him so disrespectfully afterwards without even bothering to pay him.

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