Stivo Simple boy’s new look and what it means for his music career

Kibera-bred singer Stephen Otieno, better known as Stivo Simple Boy, has been the talk of the town after unveiling his new look which was a result of a dental procedure that he underwent to align his teeth.

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Taking to social media, the Mihadarati hit maker revealed that he was now feeling confident and would be able to smile in public.

“Guys, do you remember eight months ago I had braces installed to beautify my teeth? Today the treatment ended and I feel more confident. Au sio? Ndoo manaake,” Stivo Simple Boy posted.

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Stivo Simple Boy

His fans were quick to congratulate him on his new looks, some even claimed that their girlfriends were no longer safe because the singer would easily snatch them. The ladies could also not get enough of him.

I am really happy for Stivo Simple Boy. In my opinion, his new looks will have an impact, however small on his music career.

I know you are wondering what impact a dental procedure will have but allow me to explain. You see, he has been trolled day and and night for ‘being ugly’. Some people have even referred to him as a monkey.

At one point American singer Lil Duval mocked Stivo Simple Boy as a  a black smiley face emoji, a move that did not sit well with many Kenyans including rapper Octopizzo.

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Stivo Simple Boy

But now with this dental procedure, he is able to feel more confident and that means that his output will also be good since he no longer has to worry about his looks.

His live performances will also improve since he won’t be worried that people are thinking how ugly he is when he’s on stage.

Ladies will also start throwing themselves at him because of his smile and who knows, Stivo Simple Boy might just find one beautiful lass to settle down with.

Watch his latest jam dubbed Love Ya Mtaa below.

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