Top 5 actresses changing the movie industry in Kenya!

For a long time Kenyans have loved west African movies and English movies from the west. However as time continues to go by, so is the entertainment industry in Kenya and boy have we come from far.

Back in the day we had the likes of Mama Kayai and Nyasuguta representing the faces of actress in the country; but now, there are a few bad and bougie actresses who have undeniably spiced up the movie industry for us.

5. Bridget Shighadi

Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi

Actress Bridget Shighadi who is married to Nick Mutuma has been doing quite well in the entertainment industry. So far she has landed a few roles on major TV shows and judging how she her delivers her role as Sofia on TV show Maria; lets just say that she took too much tie before embarking on this new journey!

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4. Yasmeen Saiedi (Maria)

Yasmeen aka Maria

Judging from how Kenyans adore her; Yasmeen Saiedi popularly known as Maria was undeniably born for TV life. She has been able to connect with many throw the popular show; and so far, most actresses who have been in the industry cannot match up to her talent. She’s a star and a beautiful one!

3. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu

The petite Brenda Wairimu has been dominating the entertainment industry for years now. For some reason I believe that her talent has been underrated but truth is; Brenda is amazing actress who delivers in ways we cannot even explain in plain words.

2. Catherine Kamau

Mrs Phil Karanja owns the entertainment industry! Thanks to her remarkable talent, most fans will tell you that Kate actress was born to be an actress. She can be cheeky and serious at the same; however I cannot deny that we love the ‘hood’ type vibe she gives on most of her movies and shows!

1.  Serah N Teshna

Serah Teshna

Thanks to TV show Sue and Johnnie the lovely Teshna was able to showcase her talent that kept many glued to their TV stations. I mean, she is an exotic lady with a classy vibe; but at the same time a ghetto girl. Although she seemsto have taken a break from the Kenyan entertainment industry; Serah’s talent was a clear indication that she will one day run the entertainment industry.

 Catherine Kamau embraces post-baby body with 7 new photos that will leave many drooling over her curves!

It is no secret that carrying a baby for 9 months changes your physical appearance. The good and bad part is that sometimes these changes can either be permanent on temporary depending on your genes.

Actress Catherine Kamau welcomed her second born, baby K 6 months ago and just like most ladies; she gained unwanted weight thanks to the stubborn baby fat.

However whether big or small; Catherine Kamau has definitely set a good example for the young girls looking up to to her.

This is because she has since embraced her body and although it’s evident to see she put on some extra weight; the mother of two never complains or even talks about it on her social media pages.

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Big beautiful woman (BBW)

Just to prove how confident she is, Catherine Kamau recently stepped out for a photoshoot and thirsty photos shared on her page; clearly show that confidence and self love is what makes a person beautiful!

Mama K undeniably brought her A game with the new photos shared below; and if you thought having a baby would make Kate actress slow down, they you thought wrong!

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Big beautiful Catherine Kamau
Yummy Mummy Kate actress looking all glammed up
Catherine Kamau parades her new figure leaving fans thirsting over her curves
Stunner! Kate strutting like a boss mum
Actress Catherine Kamau proves big is beautiful
Phil Karanja’s wife looking hotter than ever in new photos
Catherine Kamau

Pregnant Catherine Kamau reveals why she stopped wearing bikinis at the beach like before!

Actress Catherine Kamau seems to be enjoying her pregnancy and the posts on her Instagram page continue to prove this!

Judging from from the several encouraging posts seen on her social media pages we can agree that the lass probably aims at helping one or two of her fans with her unfiltered advice.

After calling out many for encouraging young girls to get pregnant at a young age; Catherine Kamau did not hold back as she went on to ask these young girls to actually do the opposite if one wants to achieve a better future!

This Teenage / Early pregnancy epidemic just breaks my heart????… They have so many people to learn from , so much information, The DMs and messages just make me angry sometimes. What is to be Done ? Haven’t we told our stories enough ! Do you agree with my post this morning . THE NARRATIVE HAS TO CHANGE ! ITS NOT OKAY YOUNG QUEEN ! WAIT !!!

No more bikinis

In a new post shared by Catherine Kamau, the lady went on to reveal that she will no longer be seen in Bikinis due to a few reasons here and there!

As seen on her post, Kate Actress says that now that she is raising a teenager – bikinis won’t be among her swim suits now. She wrote  on saying;

Baby onboard! Former Mother-in-Law actress Catherine Kamau and husband expecting their first child together

It is no longer a rumor that former mother in law actress Celina aka Catherine Kamau is pregnant!

The lass broke the news earlier this morning through her Instagram page where she shared never seen before photos of her baby bump photo shoot with her husband, Phil the director!

Catherine Kamau pregnant

Having been married for almost two years now, the couple has managed to keep their private life on the low as they continue to hustle in the entertainment industry.

Catherine Heavy with baby number 2!

This however comes just a few months after Catherine Kamau jokingly told her soon to hurry up and get to high school now that she is busy trying to find him a small sister. She wrote saying;

So this is his public swag when he is out with me. No hugs, no kisses ‘Mum cheza chini ‘ is all I get ????, where did time go! What do you mean you are 13 ?? Does this mean I can’t smack your face with a hot sufuria anymore when you piss me off?Of all the things I have I have achieved in my 32 years of existence, being your mum tops the list. We have come from far, from our ‘kanyumba’ (bedsitters) to where we are now ???? we can only thank God ???????? Happy birthday son, now please go to high school we are busy making your sister ???????? happy birthday @kenyan_loganpaul.

Anyway check out the amazing photos below.

Catherine Kamau pregnant
Catherine Kamau pregnant
Catherine Kamau pregnant
Catherine Kamau pregnant