Senator Anwar’s girlfriend Aeedah Bambi rescues 8 year old girl from early marriage (Photos)

Aeedah Bambi and husband Senator Anwar have been laying low since her alleged fight with Saumu Mbuvi, ex wife to the Mombasa Senator.

However despite their silence turns out that the couple has been working on Aeedah’s foundation which focuses at empowering and awakening the youth from poverty in Africa. It also helps the less fortunate, mostly kids, young girls and women in our society.

To show one of her biggest accomplishments since starting this charity foundation, the mother of one shared a story of an 8 year old girl Samburu girl said to have risked facing FMG and early marriage according to her traditions.

From what Bambi says is one of her followers reached out with the heartbreaking story, hoping the girl would get help. Of course being a girl child mum, the lady through her foundation stepped in and did what any other able would have done.

I have a girl, 8 years old whom they want to marry off and to undergo FGM sooner if I hear. You know the Samburu traditions and the most hurting thing is that she is so young. I really wanted her to go to school. Does your organisation help in buying anything? If you could help me incur for uniform, and shopping, her parents are poor, just livestock keepers, I’m a student in my third year but I will be helping her where I can for now. She is still in manyatta but I wanted her rescued, even when if she can come to my place for now.

Aeedah to the rescue

From the IG stories shared, we understand Aeedah Bambi ensured the young girl had been enrolled in a secure boarding school; and was well prepared right before her admission.

Aeedah comes through for 8 year old girl
8 year old Girl rescued from early marriage

Well, despite the negative stories associated with her brand, clearly Bambi is doing something on the low by giving back to the society.

But again this being a political year – politicians and their wives continue to do the impossible kwa ground to win back some lost votes.

Anwar’s new girlfriend engages senator’s ex wife in bitter war of words

For a while now both Saumu; and Aeedah have proven that their friendship will never be the same all because of Anwar; but such is life and a good lesson to most ladies who admire the two.

Anyway with the ‘husband’ snatching situation, the two ladies have lately been throwing shade at each other; and the latest fight has now proven that neither of two these two will be rainsig the white flag anytime soon.

Saumu and Senator Anwar expecting first child together

This is after Saumu went on an Instagram live to bash a certain ‘stalker;’ who she claims has been trying to make moves on her rich exes/friends. Judging from how Saumu put it, it was obvious that this message was aimed at Aeedah.

Clap back

Like I said, these two will continue with the back and forth until Anwar has his house in order; but as for now, Aeedah has decided to clap back following the accusations in a post that read;

And in another post, Aeedah went on to add;

Sometimes I wanna reciprocate people’s disrespect but when I look at their lifestyle and how life treats them…that is enough punishment.


With this, clearly….the war might just get nastier or the senator might end up not seeing his daughter due to the bitterness involved between his two women.

Trouble in paradise already? Aeedah Bambi shares sad cryptic message months after snatching Senator Anwar from Saumu Mbuvi

Rumor has it that Aeedah Bambi May not be as happy as we earlier thought. Why? I mean, didn’t she bag the man at the end of the day and worse laugh off at Saumu Mbuvi for not being able to keep a man?

Well, just a few days ago Aeedah Bambi who is currently on a vacation in Zanzibar shared a message talking about the importance of knowing someone’s background before getting involved with them.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar


The post shared on her Instagram stories read;

The worst prison in the world is a home without peace. Be careful of who you marry or fall in love with

Aeedah’s post

If Saumu had not revealed that ex husband was abusive; then Aeedah’s latest post would have been taken lightly but somethings are abit too obvious to see!

Well, the post must have been shared to pass across a message; and judging from how Aeedah bashed Saumu Mbuvi a few months ago following her breakup with Senator Anwar; mmmmh maybe she did not know how to announce that Karma hit her home?

Alleged fight

Thus comes weeks after rumor had it that Aeedah Bambi was physically abused by the Senator during Bahati’s album launch.

Although the tea served by the tea master did not have any receipts to back up the alleged beating; it now appears that Bambi is itching to share her story just like Saumu publicly did.

But again, we cannot confirm anything for now – but the motivational posts seem to confirm that there is fire on the mountain.

Lanes: Inside Aeedah Bambi and Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s fancy home that will leave questioning your lifestyle (Photos)

By now I’m sure Saumu Mbuvi is slowly learning to accept that Senator Anwar is happy with Aeedah Bambi. It maybe a short term relationship but clearly, Aeedah Bambi is making the most out of her new found love.

Just recently the young mum of one unveiled a video flaunting her fancy home where she lives with daughter (from ex boyfriend Steve Oduk) and we also believe that Anwar also lives in the same house.

Aeedah Bambi

From the video it’s clear to see that these two live quite a lavish lifestyle and will not be toning it down anytime soon. However what many don’t know is that Aeedah Bambi is not with the senator for the money since she also comes from a rich family. The lady happens to be the first daughter of politician, Ahmed Ibrahim Papa who vied for the Langata seat in 2017.

Rich girl vibe

Also, we understand that Aeedah is also very close with her uncle, Governor Joho – which explains why she lives such a lavish lifestyle.

Although many would want to refer to her as a socialite due to her lifestyle- clearly this lady isn’t one as she hangs out with low key friends such as Betty Kyallo; to avoid the whole slay queen vibe! Anyway below are a few photos from Aeedah’s stunning home.