Akothee wants chopper, Limousine, Presidential Suite before she performs at Luo night, Jalang’o claims 

Radio presenter Jalang’o has said landing Akothee to perform in your event isn’t an easy thing.

On Instagram Jalang’o revealed that the singer has made outrageous requests before she can step on stage for the Luo festival.

Akothee not only asked for a huge performance fee, but she also made some outrageous demands before agreeing to perform at the event scheduled for August 31, 2019, at Carnivore grounds.


“I could not confirm Akothee for Luo Festival because of alot of things but that was until yesterday when we met and she agreed that she will be performing! To have Akothee for your show is not easy and even her coming for Luo festival is almost impossible!” said Jalas.

Here are the crazy demands from the mother of five shared by Jalas.

1. Akothee logistics is crazy…apart from your security she has her own security who must ensure that everything is fine…that is 10 security team! 5 men 5 women!
2. Akothee flies to Luo FESTIVAL from Wilson to Carnivore! Don’t forget that Wilson and Carnivore share fences! She just does not come ! She makes an entrance! Helicopter costs 200k from Wilson to Carnivore! Thanks to @silverstoneairservices this cost has been taken by them!
3. Akothee has her own backstage…changing room four full length mirrors, 4 lounge seats , 5 cases of still water , 5 cases of sparkling water, 40 white towels, private bathroom and toilet, private live Kitchen and private chef, assorted juices of different flavours that must be Orchid Valley , 10 flower bouquets, a massage table and 4 private assistants!
4. Since the show ends in the night you must organise a limousine to take her to her hotel since when she is performing she doesn’t stay at home but prefers the privacy of presidential suite!
5. Her performance fee is a story for another day!! But now we can confirm Madam boss will be available because all this has been confirmed by our sponsors


Full List: Akothee top influencer in Kenya, Njugush, Churchill, DJ Shitti also in the list 

According to new research done by Odipo Dev, Kenyan influencers are not showing valuable in their partnerships to endorse products.

“Consumers expressed distrust in influencers due to a perception that they have sold their souls and credibility for advertising dollars. This arms race to make money off brands dabbling in influencer marketing has led many would-be influencers to use all available means to build their online profiles and following to appeal to brands. Unfortunately, as happens with most arms races, people will look to find unfair advantages to get ahead of the pack. In our case, that means influencer fraud.” said the Data network company. 


The company has now released a new list of influencers that is dominated by celebrities.

On Facebook, the 5 most influential accounts belong to:

#1. Akothee

#2. Betty Kyallo

#3. Sonko

#4. Churchill

#5. Carol Radull

On IG the most influential accounts belong to:

#1. Akothee

#2. Njugush

#3. Betty Kyallo

#4. Huddah

#5. Churchill

On the Twitterverse, the most influential accounts are:

#1. Robert Alai

#2. Donald Kipkorir

#3. William Ruto

#4. Ahmed Nassir

#5. Larry Madowo

On YouTube the most active accounts are:

#1. Churchill

#2. Willy Paul

#3. TRHK

#4. Bahati

#5. Otile Brown

Here’s the full list




Volume iko sawa!! Associating yourself with successful people or rich people won’t make you rich- Akothee

Singer Akothee has offered yet another round of unsolicited advice to her followers. According to the singer, people should focus on their goals and avoid trying to get rich through association.

Akothee posted a long confession on Instagram saying that her confidence is the major reason why she’s rich and famous right now.

Work hard

She believed on herself and wants everyone to do the same.

Here’s the long post:

“I have only one problem, I believe so much in myself that people around me think I am crazy, I am that woman who will get things done even if it will take me an arm and a leg ???? If I left my life in the hands of people to run ,

I would be whom I have always been , doing the things I have always done , and being in the same shit I have always been, the strongest belief exists within me and always follow my instinct , it has never lied to me, even when my brain convinces me that its alright , my stomach always say No Esther No .

“Being the wife of a doctor doesn’t make you a nurse ????, being an accountants wife doesn’t make you his clerk????, being a lawyers wife doesn’t make you above the law ! Marrying a British will never change your stonch Luo Accent , Marrying or living with a French man will not make you speak French automatically

“I lived with papa Oyoo for 6 years I never learned one word in French ????so I wonder why you think associating yourself with successful people or rich people will make you rich or achieve your goals ????????, nothing comes on a silver plate , the difference between the successful and the average , is that ,successful people are willing to go out of their way to do things average people wont do ???? average people are full of blames and complainins , blame everyone until you have yourself to blame . bottom line, you are the weapon formed against yourself , Success can and will never be sexually transmited , or inherited!

“Even if you marry a bank with no brains at work to invest , the bank will eventually close down .invest your time wisely , give yourself a target , write down the things you would like to achieve , and follow them with lots of discipline .I travel alot and I keep learning alot , so travel if you can ????????, even if its going to the village , lovely week.”

Akothee: I was spanked hard by a man after performing without security 

Controversial singer Akothee has revealed that she once paid the price of performing without her security detail.

According to the singer, she took stage without her bouncers and fans really went wild after seeing her. One thirsty man took the opportunity and spanked her, something that not only scared her but also hurt her.


She went on:

“The first time trying shit without security , not even my personal security NEVER EVER AGAIN ???????????????? that was TRAUMA , fan love is real , but it can get dangerous & overwhelming for an artist , never underestimate the crowd, at some point I had to play hide and seek with a guy who almost lifted me up???????????????? thank God Fans came on stage I could hide between them, I looked left right to give signal like hey I need help ????????????????, but everyone seems to be having fun and they thought it was my way of enjoyment ????????????????????.”

Wild performance

She went on to say that she the performance brought all kind of fans to her and in the process, that’s where the spanking started.

“I received a lot of slaps in my flat buttocks and you know they are almost bones , some slaps really went INNNNN ???????????? , I Dont enjoy Spanks If a man did it to me in the middle of SEX , I would simply stop and put on my panties, ????????, is it a fight???? I cant upload that video my crush will go maaad , @billyblaanks visa delayed I missed my brother @foky_mopao soo much , @nellyoaks ????????????????????????????????????I got into the hotel and broke down ????????????????????????????????????, Thank you OSLO THAT LOVE WAS UNIQUE OF ITS OWN KIND I LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK GOOD BYE TILL NEXT TIME ????????????????????”  

Video: Fans dazzled by Akothee´s wondrous makeover and polished English that leaves many mistaking her for Tiwa Savage

Madam Boss Akothee has kept her cool ever since she walked out of the secular world with numerous acts of philanthropy and now her looks that are deceiving Kenyans.

The beauty made of black recently shared a short clip inviting fans and followers to her Norway concert set for this weekend, 18th of May 2019.


First, when the video starts, you would easily take her for anyone else other than herself.

Her make over, if I´d put it so, is amazing.

How do you just not look like yourself?


Her English all pumped up and her flow so breathtaking.

It might only be towards the end that the clip brings one back to reality about the subject in the video.



Fans quickly air their sentiments, all left in awe about the real character in the clip:

Damn! I hadn’t realized it is Akothee! Man, she looks amazing!

Who is this I’m seeing???????????
@juliet_kemunto ???????????? akothee she’s killing this round, she looks wow????
I thought I had started following tiwa savage kumbe is our own madam boss????
@babie__beehtytar I thought so too…. look alike????
Snack,her excellency ????????