The shocking amount Zari used to decorate her new house 

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has left many in utter shock after confessing that she spent millions while decorating her swanky new house in South Africa.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite who recently bought a new house and moved out of Diamond Platnumz’ house, revealed that she spent a clean Ksh 6 million in decorating the house.

Zari wanted the house to be classy hence went all out with the decorations.


“Spent almost a million rand on renovations and furniture only on my crib. I am officially broke, not even mentioning the purchase price” she wrote in her post.

The post comes just days after Zari confessed to being worth Ksh 200 billion a thing many couldn’t buy.

Akothee finally speaks after being accused of wearing ugly make up that made her look like a man 

Singer Akothee was recently attacked for her bad makeup after winning the AFRIMMA awards.

The singer had just won the Best Female in East Africa Awards, but Kenyans were not impressed by her make up when she was receiving the awards.

Many fans, in fact, urged her to fire the person behind her make up because it was a disaster.

I had no time

Defending her looks, the singer said that she had only a few minutes to prepare or else she would have missed her highly anticipated performance.

She further asked Kenyans to stop bashing her and instead congratulate her for her award which she has brought home.

Read her post below:

I DID MY OWN MAKE UP NOW COME BEAT ME ,BUT I AM HOLDING POSITION EAST AFRICA QUEEN 2019 ???????????????? if I waited for the professional make up artists I would have missed my 6minutes performance ???????? which one is more important?l????‍♂️????‍♂️???????????? , Because you all know how beautiful I am with or without make up???????????????? My friend if you are pretty ,you are pretty ❤ I had to do what I had to do ????????????????
You all talking about make up ????‍♂️no one is seing my red Expensive red dress from #guess, stop diverting from the topic and congratulate me for 2019 Job well done ,witchcraft started like this ???????????? even a donkey works hard and has never slept inside the homes he helped the owners built. Forget about buying a sandle ,a donkey is still loyal to his master .#DEEP
Rollam is ahit thank you @afrimma and ❤❤❤ for my fans, go tell your family Akothees home coming crowning of the year will be announced shortly ❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
NOT BEST MAKE UP ARTIST (stop making noise and type congratulations ????????????????????????


Akothee: I give my daughters 20K per month so that they don’t sleep around for money

Singer Akothee has recently revealed that she spoils her daughters with cash so that they won’t be tempted to sleep around for m0ney.

Akothee had a tough past especially after having her daughters and she doesn’t want them to go in the same direction.

She confessed that she gives them KSh 20, 000 each month on them so that they can escape the kind of lifestyle.

“I give my daughters KSh 20,000 per month for their pocket money,” Akothee said. 


The musician claimed her decision came by when it hit her that she would never want her girls to sleep with men for goodies.

“The reality here is I give my children pocket money because I do not want my kids to sleep with men because of money,” she said. 

Akothee wants chopper, Limousine, Presidential Suite before she performs at Luo night, Jalang’o claims 

Radio presenter Jalang’o has said landing Akothee to perform in your event isn’t an easy thing.

On Instagram Jalang’o revealed that the singer has made outrageous requests before she can step on stage for the Luo festival.

Akothee not only asked for a huge performance fee, but she also made some outrageous demands before agreeing to perform at the event scheduled for August 31, 2019, at Carnivore grounds.


“I could not confirm Akothee for Luo Festival because of alot of things but that was until yesterday when we met and she agreed that she will be performing! To have Akothee for your show is not easy and even her coming for Luo festival is almost impossible!” said Jalas.

Here are the crazy demands from the mother of five shared by Jalas.

1. Akothee logistics is crazy…apart from your security she has her own security who must ensure that everything is fine…that is 10 security team! 5 men 5 women!
2. Akothee flies to Luo FESTIVAL from Wilson to Carnivore! Don’t forget that Wilson and Carnivore share fences! She just does not come ! She makes an entrance! Helicopter costs 200k from Wilson to Carnivore! Thanks to @silverstoneairservices this cost has been taken by them!
3. Akothee has her own backstage…changing room four full length mirrors, 4 lounge seats , 5 cases of still water , 5 cases of sparkling water, 40 white towels, private bathroom and toilet, private live Kitchen and private chef, assorted juices of different flavours that must be Orchid Valley , 10 flower bouquets, a massage table and 4 private assistants!
4. Since the show ends in the night you must organise a limousine to take her to her hotel since when she is performing she doesn’t stay at home but prefers the privacy of presidential suite!
5. Her performance fee is a story for another day!! But now we can confirm Madam boss will be available because all this has been confirmed by our sponsors


Zari Hassan ex-lover explains why she overreacted after being called “mama” by Anita Fabiola

Zari Hassan’s ex-boyfriend Robert ”Bob” Ogwal whom she dated way back as a young lady has come out reveal that Zari is usually very hot-tempered.

Speaking in an interview with NBS TV, Bob said that when he was dating the socialite, she was good to him during the first days but later turned into a hot-tempered lady.

He went on to add that sometimes she’d get so angry to a point that she’ll want to fight waiters when they were out eating.

“If she goes to a restaurant and they delay to take her order or bring her food, she could easily get angry and even beat the waitress,” Bob said.

Old woman

Bob also explained why Zari flipped and got booed by fans during the recent Miss Uganda beauty pageant after the MC of the night, Anita Fabiola, referred to her as ‘mama’ while inviting her on stage to read out the winners.

According to Bob, Zari thought Anitah was calling her an old woman when she said Mama.

”First of all, I was surprised that she acted like that because that is not the Zari I know, she used to be a calm person but she changed. I think Anitah mentioning the word Mama made Zari think they had referred to her as an old woman. But calling someone mama is a sign of respect so she shouldn’t have gotten angry,” he said. 

Akothee cries like a baby after finally realizing she’s almost 40 years with five kids and no husband (video)  

Akothee has been preaching a lot about women not necessarily needing a man in their lives. It seems that song has changed tune.

The controversial singer was recently on social media to post a rather confusing clip of her crying because she’s almost 40 years old and doesn’t’ have a husband.

We don’t know whether it’s her usual theatrics or this is  serious business. The mother of five announced her plan to be someone’s wife before 2020 and her fans quickly supported her.

In the video, she cries while her daughters are trying to soothe her.


“In 2 years I am 40 .I have to stoppe all the bulshit and settle down????????????, you dont understand? I need to get married have a child and thats it 2020 ????????????????❤” she said. 

True or not, it’s not the first time the singer has posted such a message. Several times Akothee has talked about adding one more child and trying her final luck in settling down.



Zari Hassan: My new husband is the most google man in Africa but I won’t post his face

Everybody wants to know who King Bae is but socialite Zari Hassan will not introduce him to the public.

According to Zari, King Bae was the most googled man in Africa this past month as fans want to know his face. Four countries, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania are all interested in knowing who has just married her.

“He’s the most searched face BUT I CAN’T POST HIM. He’s safe where he is. He’s not into social media like me.” she said.

“He’s my regular guy. So silent and loud. He hates show off. I just want to keep him private. I’ve been in relationships which were public. I was overexposed.”


On meeting her new husband, Zari said they met in Tanzania while she was out with pals a while back.

“We met at Hyatt hotel in Tanzania and he was with someone else. He found me and my two pals having drinks at the rooftop and that’s how we ended up seeing each other,” she said. 


Full interview: Here is everything Zari said about Diamond Platnumz that has left many shocked 

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had an exclusive one-on-one interview with Milard Ayo where she revealed a lot of shocking things about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

The interviews, which have been divided into four parts have been causing shocking waves online as Zari exposed how Diamond broke her trust and heart.


Zari opened up to many things saying that she had to dump the singer because he had gotten to a level where he didn’t care about her at all.

Zari also revealed that Diamond Platnumz is actually the one who was insisting on the two to get married but she said no. According to Zari, Diamond was only interested in doing this for damage control and to prove to haters that he was capable of settling down.

Here are the full interviews:





Zari and Akothee set date for Mega Women´s Conference in Mombasa (video)

Madam Bosses, Akothee and Zari Hassan are set to host a mega women´s conference in Kenya later this month.

Having landed in Kenya over the weekend presumably to plan on the upcoming event, Zari Hassan met up with Akothee to discuss on the same.

The two close best of friends surprisingly hang out together, enjoying Kenyan dishes, taking the same ride and laughing their lungs out.

The two Boss ladies were seen sipping a bottle of wine together while chatting their way around life.

Zari captions:

Big girls discuss big things , bringing big change ,with big brains , stay tuned for the biggest women conference

hosted by @akotheekenya x @zarithebosslady

Who else would you like to see on the panel dates dropping soon ????
Hello Kenya????????
Nipe mji
Ama wapi

What comes out is that the two are planning to hold a the first of it´s kind, mega Women Conference in Kenya right from Mombasa to Eldoret.

According to the two, they are not going to create marriage tangles, rather believe they will change something in a woman´s life.

They cite that they are here to actually boost a woman´s confidence, nothing less.


Further revealing that 23rd of August is the set date for the Women´s mega bash, to go down in Mombasa.

Ladies save 23rd Aug for the BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE LADIES CONFERENCE to be held in Mombasa. The Future is Female ✊ @akotheekenya

However, the two have left Kenyans with just a snippet of how things will go down but articulate that artists and major guests speakers will be present.

Cant wait for us to reveal what we have lined up for the conference.

From artists, guest speakers and many more.