Ali Kiba explains why he doesn’t live a flamboyant life like other artists 

Singer Ali Kiba doesn’t live a flashy lifestyle because it’s a choice. Speaking to Global TV, the hitmaker noted that should he decide to lead a flashy lifestyle, everyone would be shocked.

Ali Kiba said that leaving a simple life helps him interact with his fans and also keep a lot about his life away from the media.

“Kwa sababu tunaishi maisha ambayo yako real, mimi naishi kama nyinyi mnavyo ishi, mimi siishi ki-star. Nikisema niishi ki-star mtaniogopa kwa sababu naeza kuishi ki-star,” said Kiba.


Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz

Kiba, who has been beefing with Diamond for a long time now, also went on to say that artists should put their egos aside and work together.

“No niliji-engage na football kwa sababu ya business, I’m a businessman now, lakini vile vile nafanya muziki, niko serious kabisaa, I’m a musician not a footballer. Niliji-engage tu na football kwa sababu ya business yangu ya energy drink,” he said.


Meet the stunning Kenyan lady rumored to be Alikiba’s fiancé!

The identity of the Kenyan lady said to be romantically involved with Alikiba has finally been revealed.

Well, the lady happens to go by the name of Aminah and was expected to walk down the aisle on 2nd March with Kiba but seems that it didn’t or did happen in secret.

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Several Tanzanian tabloids claim that she is the lady said to have taken Kiba away from Jokate and judging from her looks; well she is one attractive lady.

Details about King Kiba’s queen

Aminah apparently works as Mombasa county’s government Fiscal analyst meaning that she is one bright and smart lady.

She has also been very active on Twitter where Alikiba also happens to freely engage with her. Anyway checkout the lady below.

Kiba’s fiance

Alikiba to wed his Kenyan sweetheart this Friday!

There have been several rumors linking Alikiba to a certain beauty by the name of Amina from coast. Well, it’s true that he is set to marry her in a low key event expected to take place on 2nd March 2018.

The news about his wedding was confirmed by his brother who recently spoke to Ijumaa Wikienda. Well, the private wedding will be held in the coast area attracting close friends and relatives only.

Alikiba’s wedding

This is the first time Alikiba is holding a wedding despite having baby mothers in Tanzania. His wedding might also be attended by big political names like Hassan Joho who are among his close friends.

Details about the wedding are however scarce but we will be looking forward to the pictures shared from the event.