Anerlisa Muigai comes clean about alleged liposuction cosmetic surgery

Ben Pol’s Wife Anerlisa Muigai was once struggling with excess weight; and for the lack of a better word, one would say she was obese.

This is judging from her old photos where one can see how heavy Anerlisa was. Judging from these old photos, the Kerecho breweries heiress might have been weighing over 120kgs but back then, she didn’t really care much about her appearance.

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Anerlisa Before and after weight loss

However after realizing that she looks nothing like most of her age mates, Anerlisa decided to embark on a weight loss journey that has seen her loose over 60kgs in less than 6years.

So far we understand that she is currently at 62kgs and judging from how hot she looks; I bet there is no going back.

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Responds to liposuction allegations

Although losing weight has proven to be hard for most overweight people; a few characters here and there have come out to claim that Anerlisa had cosmetic surgery to help lose her unwanted weight.

This is because her weight loss program seems to be doing nothing for those looking to shed off unwanted weight. One bold fan went on to call her out for lying to fans about the juice fast which has no effect on those looking to lose weight; yet it appears to be working wonders for her.

The fan wrote;

I feel bad when honestly you lie to people that this is gym and food just tell people the truth instead of making us pay for an app that has fake results. It’s absolutely sad. If it’s liposuction you did tell us so that we can look for money and not fool us it’s not fair even before God

To which Anerlisa responded by saying;

I don’t even like t respond to this but ill do today. Like I said yesterday, DO YOU. if you feel like you want to go for surgery, DO YOU. You don’t have to wait for an answer from me so you can start saving up? DO YOU! If my post annoy you, you can do yourself a favor by unfollowing me. My App does not force anyone to buy it. Those who have it know that you get real results.

Explaining why most people don’t get their weight loss results in time, Anerlisa went on to say;

Only difficult part is youve got to be consistent which most people can’t and thats why they actually do it. Before i forget, I am on my th year since I began my journey. WHEN DO YOU PLAN TO START YOURS AGAIN?

Anerlisa Muigai reveals her biggest fear after extreme weight loss journey (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai is currently at 62kgs and looking at how small she has become; one can easily assume that she may have had cosmetic surgery to fix this. However truth is, the lass has been on a juice weight loss program that has seen her shed off her unwanted weight over night.

Well, after promising that she will loose weight to help keep her late sister, Tecra’s memory alive since they both happen to share striking resemblance. With her losing weight, those who knew her late sister would then be able to see (the late sister) through her new image.

So far Anerlisa has managed to shed off her unwanted weight and is currently looking hot and sexy at 62 kgs. Judging from the posts shared on her page, it’s evident that the small body suits Anerlisa more but just like most women her size; she can’t help but wonder whether she will look the same after having kids.

Anerlisa Muigai keeping Tecra’s memory alive

Thanks to a new post shared by Anerlisa; she goes on to talk about some of her biggest weight loss fears.

According to the lady, she couldn’t help but wonder whether losing all her fat would make her look like a boy. Through her IG stories the lass went on to write;

my biggest worry was to loose weight and look like a boy. (No hips no back) you know when you are fat you can’t really tell what the end result will look like

Anerlisa weight loss journey

But hey, turns out that she didn’t really need to worry about loosing weight as she looks hotter than ever.

However a few people here and there on social media believe that she may have undergone liposuction; to help build her current hot figure turning heads on social media.

Anerlisa Muigai´s massive body transformation leaves tongues wagging [photos]

Business Queen, Anerlisa Muigai went off on social media for a month plus before her comeback that saw her trolled for the massive weight gain.

Fans could just not understand how it all happened but the beauty stated that while away, she was well taken care of.

Anyway she has been on the trolling list especially in regard to her weight and it is the last thing she wants to go back to.

She admitted:

Clearly my break got me gaining weight ????.

A week later, a weight-gaining Anerlisa revealed her weight loss journey had just began:

Who Wants To Start Losing Weight With me? I am headed to enroll to a nearby gym and for my diet I’ll use my APP. Feel free to share your weight loss secrets here, maybe they will help others. #OnAWeightlossJourneyAgain.

Anerlisa Muigai starts off her weight loss journey

December the 9th, she is back, looking like a no-nonsense Anerlisa, that business face and calling the shots.

So is her body back to shape. You can tell from how she has dressed and her neck that has become pretty slimmer.

Anerlisa Muigai´s bossy comeback to fan, excites Kenyans

In the next image upload you can clearly tell the beauty has shed off some good fat and looks like the next-door girl who you just can´t get your eyes away from.

Anerlisa Muigai sheds off some good fat, weeks after her social media comeback

Yes, and she has now said it herself, with a merged photo of her previous post, donned in velvet green dress, and pretty chubby, she attached her most recent photo and the weight loss is massive!

She captions:

I don’t know if the changes are visible but I believe It’s the little sacrifice you make that changes everything. I have been on a juicing, smoothie,plant based salads ( NO COOKED FOOD ) and lots of water diet. Anyone who has done this diet knows it’s not easy at all but the results are good. They say if you complete one thing, you can complete almost anything.


Fans quickly responded applauding her for the brave step airing:

Ofcourse they are! I can see the difference ????????????????


Changes are so visible I saw the video first before this pic and I was like she has changed ???????????? ..


Wish I had a quarter of discipline you have.I cheat more than our KE .????????????????.Looking amazing


Sweet,results ✅✅✅✅


Changes are observed! You have loss some amount of weight considerably


Beautiful my love wifi ????????????????????

Recent photos

She has been flaunting that curvy, slimmer figure and her current body size is jaw-dropping. Take a look:

Anerlisa Muigai shamed for using hip boosters in viral video

Ben Pol´s fianceé, Anerlisa Muigai has had a massive weight loss journey but fans are yet to believe that she actually lost her weight through natural means.

Having started an app that deals with weight loss, tailored for her fans and many who would benefit from it, the wealthy heiress shares her journey with the public.

However, until date, masses doubt she achieved her current body size naturally.

Right from plastic surgery to using body shapers to get rid of excess fat is what seems more convincing to Kenyans.

Unfortunately, the beauty might have had the dust settle but fans have been awakened by one of her recent posts, dressed in Ankara.

The NERO CEO can be seen carefully catwalking before posing then taking her seat; one would think she is modelling for the crowd.

It is definite, one can tell she has worn hip boosters and hawk-eyed fans could not help but bash her for living a lie.

Why does the back look like vigodoro around the waist


have noticed too


Uko almost kuwa obese tena????????


Look at the waist and stomach…… body shaming sio honesty


Mzito kutembea zigo kubwa


Hio ni matako ama ni pillow????????


Dada mbona umeanza kunenepa tena????????


kaka etu apunguze kukupa raha.. unaanza tena kunenepa jameni, mikono hiyo????????


Kwani umevaa mahando????????

Caught pants down: Who are your sources Anerlisa Muigai when it comes to recounting your weight loss journey?

Kenya´s Keroche Breweries heiress, Anerlisa Muigai seems entangled with facts about her weight loss journey.

The gamble

First, it was 10 years back, but now, it is 5 years back.

If anything, years should actually be adding up if at all she is growing older.

Fine, she never underwent surgery for weight loss, good for her, but could she at the very least just get her facts right on how long back?

Basing on her post, she definitely seems irritated by people who keep following her up about her weight loss journey.

Anerlisa Muigai´s before (left) and after

She felt she needed to share her weight loss journey, because perhaps, it would aid somebody else.

But whoop! fans got her wrong.

However, according to her previous posts that have since then be deleted, the math just doesn´t add up right.

Photo Courtesy

To answer the question of how many years I have struggled with my weight, it is actually 10 years.

I started caring less about what I ate.

So to explain the 1st picture, I lost all the weight (35kgs) in just 3 months.

I was on a strict vegan and juicing diet which I later found was unrealistic and that is the reason I added all the weight back.

Anerlisa Muigai in a previous post

So, the above photo was shared in 2018, which Anerlisa captioned ¨7 Years Ago¨.

That is fine but apparently, as we speak, she talks of 5 years down the line, recounting her weight loss journey.

So, which is which Anerlisa?

Question is, when exactly did she gain her weight because we now have 5 years, 7 years and 10 years…and still counting.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals why she rejected Betty Kyalo’s offer of appearing on her show

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has finally revealed why she hasn’t appeared on Betty Kyalo’s show on K24 TV.

Kyalo, after moving to the station, has been hosting celebrities and showing their homes as she gets candid with them. Several celebs including Njugush, Akothee and Khaligraph Jones have already made an appearance.

For Anerlisa however, she won’t be on the show any time soon because she’s trying to maintain her privacy. A fan asked Anerlisa why she hasn’t appeared on the show yet and she had a simple answer.

“You look amazing I want to see you on up close weekend with Betty.” said the fan. 

Anerlisa to replied: I declined as I prefer a life more private now. 

The rich kid is now dating Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. The two have been publicly displaying their love on social media for close to an year now sine they fell in love.

Watch out

A lot of fans however have been warning Anerlisa to keep a watch on Pol claiming that he’s a gold digger. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she turned down the show.




Anerlisa Muigai finally opens up on why she had to end her 6-year relationship 

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has been topping headlines recently after hinting that she might be in love with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

The two have been posting suggestive photos together but have insisted that they are “just friends”. Ben Pol even confessed of his love for the richkid in his new song clearly showing that their might be more to it than just photos and the regular visits.

We have seen several Anerlisa’s relationships collapse and turn ugly right before our eyes but there’s one that she had managed to keep somehow private and lasted for six years before finally crumbling.

Peace and happiness

On social media, a fan asked her why she walked away from the relationship to which she replied that she wasn’t happy with the direction it took after proposal.

“What happened to your 6-year relationship? You guys looked sooo happy?” asked the fan.

“We were but after the engagement, everything went down south. I choose peace and happiness over everything and I left,” she said. 

Well, lets hope things will be smooth with Ben Pol.

My dad rose from a charcoal burner to a Chairman -Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has urged fellow Kenyans not to lose hope in life for having not attained their dreams.

The rich kid used her father as an example to show how success sometimes can be very illusive but if we keep pressuring on, eventually we will get it.

Her dad, Joseph Karanja, and her mum Tabitha are the founder of Keroche Breweries but success didn’t come easy for them.


It took almost two decades for her dad to finally become a successful man after trying out different hustles.

“My dad had tried so many businesses and almost lost hope before they started Keroche Breweries. KB was started when he was 50 years. At the age of 50 is when he got to see some hope, now he is a Chairman of a whole company. From a charcoal burner to a Chairman. I haven’t met anyone who is as hard working as him. Age is just a number. Don’t be in a rush or feel pressured about making it in life. Everything at it’s own pace.” she said. 

Tabitha has been married to Karanja and together, they are the parents of four children; James Karanja, Anerlisa Muigai, Edward Muigai and Tecra Muigai. Joseph Muigai Karanja serves as the Chairman of Keroche Breweries Limited.