Anerlisa Muigai shows off her ring and announces her engagement to an unidentified man

It’s now confirmed that businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has officially taken herself off the market.

Speculation had been swirling about Anerlisa’s engagement, although she hadn’t revealed the identity of her partner publicly.

In a video shared by Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures, Anerlisa was spotted proudly displaying her ring.

Sarah’s caption left no room for doubt: “#teamsarahkabu you know how this #girlfriends kamuchene hits when u haven’t met in a long while and she has a new bae and u want to catch up from how you met to when he proposed and #honeymoon was ☺️….lol hawa ni kama wali score ball #honeymoon but anerlisa kama hakajaingia sasa tunaenda next 📌Maldives Ritz Carlton na private jet ✈️… cannot wait to joyride lol”


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In the video, Anerlisa was seen giggling as she enjoyed the moment.

“I don’t mind a vacation, but I don’t want a free one, he can pay, and I want to go on a private jet,” she joked.

The accomplished businesswoman was previously married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, although their union was brief.

After divorcing Ben Pol two years prior, Anerlisa Muigai gets engaged

Over the weekend, Anerlisa Muigai surprised her fans by announcing her engagement to her long-term boyfriend, Melvin Ibrahim.

Known for her discretion when it comes to her personal life, the wealthy entrepreneur once again kept details of her relationship under wraps.

Melvin is the manager of Apex Automotive, a Nairobi-based car dealership specializing in importing vehicles from Japan, the UK, South Africa, and Australia, as well as trading in locally used cars.

Speculation about their engagement started swirling after a lavish celebration hosted at Anerlisa’s parents’ residence in Naivasha.

Adding to the intrigue, Anerlisa’s parents, Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja and businessman Joseph Karanja, invited prominent figures from the political arena to commemorate their daughter’s engagement.

The event saw the presence of notable personalities, including nominated senators Tabitha Mutinda, Esther Okenyuri, and Hamida Kibwana, all elegantly attired for the occasion.

Senator Mutinda took to social media to share glimpses of the festivities, capturing the joyous atmosphere and the radiant smiles of the guests.

Anerlisa’s mother stole the show in a stunning long pink Kitenge outfit with accents of jungle green, exuding grace and elegance.

The news of Anerlisa’s engagement prompted an outpouring of congratulatory messages from Kenyans, celebrating her happiness.

Despite the excitement surrounding the event, the Keroche heiress has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the details.

Anerlisa’s engagement comes two years after her divorce from Tanzanian star Ben Pol in 2021, following their equally discreet engagement in 2018.

Anerlisa Muigai Defends Her Mom In Impeachment Probe Led By Millicent Omanga

Tensions are high in Nakuru County as calls for Governor Susan Kihika’s impeachment clash with Senator Tabitha Karanja Keroche’s staunch defense. The dispute stems from the Senator’s recent proposal to impeach the Governor, a move that sparked accusations of hypocrisy and political maneuvering.

Millicent Omanga, a businesswoman and political figure, led the opposition to the impeachment call. She argued that focusing on Kihika’s removal would only distract from the immediate need to support her in providing services to the people of Nakuru.

However, the Senator’s daughter, Anerlisa Muigai, stood resolutely by her mother’s side. She emphasized that Keroche’s actions should be viewed through the lens of serving the county, not personal agendas.

“Don’t underestimate my mom,” she warned detractors, highlighting her mother’s commitment to fulfilling her obligations to the electorate.

Fueling the controversy is Senator Karanja’s scathing criticism of Kihika’s handling of the health sector, particularly the controversial takeover of War Memorial Hospital. She accused the Governor of incompetence and disregard for the rule of law, citing alleged mismanagement and deaths at the hospital, while also claiming Kihika defied a court order.

“This attack on the hospital shows we have a governor who doesn’t care about humanity or the law,” stated Karanja during a fiery press conference.

With simmering tensions and contrasting viewpoints, the fate of Nakuru County remains uncertain. Whether Kihika can overcome the impeachment calls and deliver on her promises, or whether Senator Karanja’s concerns will lead to further political upheaval, remains to be seen.

Anerlisa Muigai elicits hilarious responses with cheeky bhangi post

Anerlisa Mungai, a Kenyan entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of NERO, sparked a social media debate when she posted a photo of a marijuana seedling on the day that the government declared a public holiday dedicated to planting trees.

Some people criticized her for promoting marijuana, while others praised her for acknowledging it as a plant. Whether she intended to create humor or simply make a statement, Mungai’s post certainly garnered attention.

Online commentators expressed mixed reactions to the post, with some finding it humorous and others expressing discomfort.

@true_blaq – Hakuna mixed reactions, hizi ni high expectations 😂

@mghoi1963 – Bt si it’s legal 😀

@aww2615 – 😂😂😂 The government didn’t specify the species.

@kamau_arati_22_97 – Wachaneni na wadosi buana

@muthama54 – Mlisema ni kuuza maji?😂😂😂 – That is so bad 😮

@dr_kimaninjoroge – Marijuana is a herb

@ nickson_ongera – mtu anadhani amepost kapicha kazuri lakini wakenya ni nani hawamuoni wanaangalia miti yenye iko blurred

@vioncy_ vioncy – As long as it’s a plant that grows to the tree height then cool, panda mti

@elias.maina – Huyo ametag benpol sasa.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals she hasn’t used matatus in over 15 years

Anerlisa Muigai, the CEO of Nero Executive Water, lives a luxurious lifestyle. She has owned several cars in her lifetime, and her current car is a Range Rover. The car is expensive to maintain, and she has advised luxury car owners not to cut corners with their Range Rovers.

It is unlikely that Anerlisa Muigai has ever used a matatu. A matatu is a type of minibus that is a popular mode of public transportation in Kenya. Matatus are typically crowded and noisy, and they are not considered to be luxurious vehicles.

Given Anerlisa Muigai’s wealth and lifestyle, it is more likely that she uses private transportation or taxis to get around.

“Last time I boarded a matatu I was 19 na niliibiwa. It was my first time and last.

I was with my friend and she was high and I was hyped up na siwezi taka kurudi tena.

It was those days za party town”


Anerlisa Muigai Explains Why She Won’t Disclose Her Relationship Status

In a recent interview, Anerlisa Muigai refused to confirm or deny her rumored relationship with Melvin Ibrahim.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” she said. “I want my relationships to be very private.”

She explained that she doesn’t want to clarify her relationship status because she doesn’t want to receive unwanted attention.

“If I say I am single, I would get DMs, and if I say I am dating, everyone will want to be in my business,” she said.

Muigai went on to describe the crazy DMs that she receives from men on social media.

“They are so crazy. I receive n@ked pictures and someone once told me they were ready to leave their wife to marry me,” she said.

She said that she doesn’t entertain these messages.

“The crazy DM I received the other day was someone offering KSh 100,000 to sleep with me,” she said.

Muigai finished by urging women to be careful and not to invite men to their houses until things are official.

“Don’t give up on love,” she said. “Take your time moving to the next relationship. Start with friendship first, get to know the person na usilete mtu kwa nyumba (and don’t bring a man to your house). Take time to get to know each other and only invite him once you make everything official.”

Muigai’s advice is wise and timely. It is important to be cautious when dating someone new and to protect your personal space. It is also important to get to know someone well before inviting them into your home.

Ben Pol blames Anerlisa Muigai for the dip in his music career

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has asked his fans to stop comparing the duration of his marriage to his musical career.

In a recent interview, Ben Pol said that his marriage was a “distraction” from his music career and that he did not fully enjoy it. He also admitted that the marriage was more about showcasing their relationship online than experiencing the deeper aspects of married life.

Ben Pol’s comments come after some fans compared the two years he was married to the 11 years he has been active in the music industry. However, Ben Pol said that this comparison is unfair and that he has been genuinely active for 11 years, not 13 years as some might believe.

Ben Pol also promised his fans something special from his upcoming album. He said that the album is “very tight” and that he is excited to share it with the world.

Overall, Ben Pol’s comments suggest that he is now focused on his music career and that he is not looking back on his marriage. His upcoming album is sure to be highly anticipated by his fans, and it will be interesting to see how he addresses his recent experiences in his music.

Anerlisa Muigai teaches women how to pray for husbands

Kenyan businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has reacted to a video of Nigerian women praying for husbands while wearing wedding dresses.

The video, which has been circulating on social media, shows the women gathered in a church, dressed in full wedding attire, including veils, bouquets of flowers, and makeup. They are seen kneeling and praying fervently.

Muigai shared the video on her Instagram stories and described it as “cringe.”

“This is so cringe. It’s never that serious. Pray privately or without recording, we shouldn’t have to know,” she wrote.

Muigai’s reaction has sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with her and others disagreeing.

Those who agree with Muigai say that the women in the video are being too over-the-top. They say that there is no need to pray for a husband in such a public and dramatic way.

Those who disagree with Muigai say that the women are simply expressing their faith and their desire for a husband. They say that there is nothing wrong with praying for something that you want, and that the women in the video are not hurting anyone.

The debate over whether the women in the video are being cringe or not is likely to continue. However, one thing is for sure: Muigai’s reaction has put the spotlight on the issue of women and marriage in Africa.

Anerlisa Muigai Shares Millions She Spends On Maintaining Her Lavish Car

Anerlisa Muigai, a Kenyan businesswoman, recently shared a repair bill for her Range Rover that totaled 1.6 million Kenyan shillings (about $13,000). This has led to a discussion about the cost of maintaining luxury cars.

Muigai said that she had been scrimping on maintenance, and that this had led to the high repair bill. She advised other Range Rover owners to not make the same mistake, and to budget for regular maintenance.

The cost of maintaining a Range Rover can vary depending on the model and the age of the car. However, it is generally accepted that luxury cars require more maintenance than other types of cars. This is because they use more complex technology and have more expensive parts.

In addition to regular maintenance, Range Rover owners may also need to pay for unexpected repairs. This is because luxury cars are more prone to breakdowns than other types of cars.

If you are considering buying a Range Rover, it is important to factor in the cost of maintenance. This will help you to avoid being surprised by a large repair bill down the road.

Case against Anerlisa Muigai’s mother to appear in court after arrest warrant issued

The tax evasion case against former Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja will proceed in October without fail.

The case was scheduled to be heard on Wednesday and Thursday, but Karanja did not attend. As a result, the court issued a warrant for her arrest.

On Friday, the court lifted the warrant and gave Karanja a warning that the trial will proceed in her absence if she does not attend.

The magistrate also cautioned Karanja against changing her lawyers in an attempt to delay the case.

The court was told that the parties are considering settling the matter out of court, and if this is the case, the case will be taken for mediation.

The hearing is scheduled for October 2.

In April, Karanja was charged afresh with 10 counts of tax evasion.

The charges allege that she and Keroche Breweries unlawfully made incorrect statements in their excise duty returns, omitted information from their VAT returns, and under-declared production volumes.

The prosecution is seeking a total of Sh14.5 billion in unpaid taxes.

Karanja’s lawyers have indicated that they are seeking to settle the matter out of court, but the KRA has said that they have not received any information about a settlement.

The case is scheduled to proceed in October, and it remains to be seen whether it will be settled out of court or go to trial.

Anerlisa Muigai’s mother to be arrested

A Nairobi court has issued a warrant of arrest for Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja for failing to attend the hearing of her Sh14.5 billion tax returns case.

Milimani senior principal magistrate Esther Kimilu issued the warrant after the court was told that the Nakuru Senator was not present for her case.

The prosecution requested the court to issue a warrant and schedule a hearing of the case on Thursday morning.

The case will proceed tomorrow when Tabitha is expected to appear in court.

In April, Tabitha was charged afresh and denied 10 counts of tax evasion.

This was after the prosecution requested to amend the charges, saying some particulars were missing in the 2019 charge sheet.

According to the charge sheet, the accused and the company on dates between February 20, 2015, and January 20, 2016, unlawfully made incorrect statements in their excise duty returns by reducing their duty by Sh1.8 billion.

She allegedly also made incorrect statements for the January to December 2017 returns, which affected payable excise duty by Sh3.6 billion.

According to the prosecution, between February 20 and July 20 the accused unlawfully omitted from their VAT returns for January to June affecting their VAT liability by Sh196 million.

Tabitha was also accused of under declaring production volumes by 820,601 litres and misapplication of excise duty rates on Vienna Ice by using Sh27.06 instead of Sh175, thereby reducing her excise duty liability by Sh1, 855, 403, 900 payable to the commissioner as required by the Excise Duty Act.

The defence however indicated to court that that they seek to settle the matter out of court.

“We have already initiated the process of settling the matter with KRA and if court allows, we wish to have the matter settled,” the court was told.

A KRA representative who was present in court said the office has no intentions to have the matter settled out of court since they have not received any information.

Anerlisa Muigai Reiterates Advice to Ladies to Get Themselves a Wealthy Man

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has once again reiterated her advice to ladies to get themselves a wealthy man. In a post on her Instagram stories, Muigai shared a reel of her “role model” Leyla Milani, a Canadian-American model who is touring the world with her husband. Milani was enjoying the beach and cruising through in the company of her husband, giving off major “rich wife” vibes.

Muigai captioned the post, “This wife is living my dream. Get you a wealthy man. Do not settle for less.”

This is not the first time Muigai has advised women to bag themselves a rich man. In April 2023, she pointed out to her younger followers that they could get rich men to have babies with if they felt marriage was not a path for them to take.

“I don’t know how this will sound, but to my younger audience, please protect yourself until you get a proper career/marriage. A child in a proper marriage is always blessed but if you don’t want a marriage, at least let your baby daddy be rich; and not just the richness of cars (they depreciate). I mean the richness of a successful business with a promising future,” read part of her post.

In 2021, Muigai complained about men using their women’s money. Through her social media platform, she said that it felt different when a man comes home and throws you a “loose $500” (Sh563,000) from whatever deal he makes, adding that women too enjoy being spoiled.

Muigai’s advice to ladies has been met with mixed reactions, with some people supporting her and others criticizing her for promoting materialism. However, Muigai has said that she is simply sharing her own personal experiences and that she is not telling anyone what to do.

Anerlisa Muigai Urges Women To Keep Secrets

Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has urged women to be more mindful of the secrets they share with each other. In a post on her Instagram stories, Muigai said that it is important to keep what you know to yourself, even if you are told something in confidence.

“It’s very common for women to discuss each other, but the problem comes in when you are told something and you take it to the other person then it becomes she said, she mentioned, oh she talking behind your back, etc,” Muigai wrote. “It’s very important to remain quiet and keep what you know to yourself.”

Muigai also said that it is important to be neutral when it comes to other people’s business. “I can know so much about someone, but I’d prefer to be quiet. I can never change towards the target, too, because I don’t judge people from what I have heard,” she wrote.

Muigai’s advice is a reminder that words can have a powerful impact, and that it is important to be mindful of the things we say, especially when it comes to other people’s secrets.

In addition to the potential damage that can be done by gossiping, there are also other reasons why it is important to keep secrets. For example, if you are told something in confidence, it is a sign of trust that should not be betrayed. Additionally, sharing someone else’s secrets can damage your relationships with both the person who told you the secret and the person about whom the secret was told.

If you are ever unsure about whether or not to share something that you have been told, it is always best to err on the side of caution and keep it to yourself.

Anerlisa Muigai Shares Tips On How To Spot A Useless Man

Nero Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai has shared some tips on how to spot a useless man. In a post on her Instagram stories, Muigai listed a few red flags that women should look out for.

  • Saggy pants
  • Earrings
  • Lip licking
  • Empty wallet
  • Very active on social media
  • Always available
  • Always likes every woman’s post or picture

Muigai said that these men are “useless 100%” and that women should “totally keep away from” them. She also said that women should not waste their time on men who are not willing to put in the effort to be a good partner.

Muigai’s post has been met with mixed reactions. Some people agree with her and say that these are all signs of a useless man. Others say that it is unfair to judge someone based on their appearance or their social media habits.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual woman to decide what they are looking for in a partner. However, Muigai’s post is a reminder that there are some red flags that women should be aware of.

Here are some additional tips on how to spot a useless man:

  • He is always complaining about his job, his friends, or his family.
  • He is always making excuses for why he can’t do something.
  • He is always putting himself first.
  • He is not interested in your goals or dreams.
  • He is not supportive of you.
  • He is not a good listener.
  • He is not honest.
  • He is not trustworthy.
  • He is not respectful.

If you see any of these red flags, it is best to walk away. There are plenty of good men out there who would be happy to be with you. Don’t waste your time on someone who is not worth it.

Fans demand to know Ben Pol’s alimony from Anerlisa Muigai

Ben Pol was one of the many celebrities who decided to weigh in and give his thoughts on how Achraf Hakimi, PSG’s star player handled his divorce and protected his assets. But boy was he not ready for the sharp tongued Tanzanians who decided it was not his place to be taking especially since he was simping and has a history of simping for his ex, Anerlisa Muigai.

3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

Ben Pol had been married to Anerlisa Muigai, a woman who came from a more financially endowed family and one has to wonder whether he too put into practice what he is preaching. Did he get a share of her wealth or did he simply walk away with nothing?

I owe Anerlisa Muigai an apology

Because simps seem to be upset about Achraf protecting his wealth instead of accepting that there is a real reason for him to do so. So they have been virtue signalling and “I would never betray m’lady”-ing all over the timeline.

Singer Ben Pol looking skinny after breakup

Check out what Ben Pol was told after his daft comment:

Anerlisa Muigai mocks Tanzanians

Anerlisa Muigai has been talking about relationships but it would seem her latest video earned the ire of a lot of Tanzanians who were quick to let it be known they were offended.

Aunty wa Harrier Anerlisa Muigai back with relationship advice

She recently spoke about not having children out of wedlock because those children will become a very heavy burden on the single mother who will then raise her children in an environment that doesn’t condone their success.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai seems to have stirred the hornet’s nest as Tanzanians were quick to remind her that despite the fact she was married, she did not have a single child and even if she did, she would effectively be a single mother now.

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai opens up about dating red flags

And she wasn’t trying to have that type of energy in her comment section so she called them out and mocked them. The Keroche heiress alluded to the fact that Tanzanians aren’t entirely well-educated.

The exchange was hilarious and it was good seeing Anerlisa Muigai bare her fangs even though it wasn’t exactly naked aggression.

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai doesn’t want a man who is on social media

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Aunty wa Harrier Anerlisa Muigai back with relationship advice

Anerlisa Muigai has given us even more unsolicited relationship advice and this is one of the rare times I am inclined to agree with her wholeheartedly. She has spoken like 3 wise men -the same that visited Christ at his birth.

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai opens up about dating red flags

And that’s ironic because she has spoken up about childbirth. On a recent policy schedule social media pages he spoke about the problems of having children out of wedlock.

Anerlisa Muigai was advising her fans not to do it because in truth children within the confines of a marriage are a true blessing however they can be nothing but stress if you are either and settled in your career or a single woman.

Why Kenyans are curious about Anerlisa Muigai’s fertility

I don’t know whether I agree with her that children can be a blessing even if you’re settled in your career as a single woman because at the end of the day statistics show that children born in such situations are open to all levels of disadvantages.

If you want your child to grow up both happy and balanced and with a better chance of success at life the secret privilege is to give them both parents and this is something Anerlisa Muigai has touched on even if in passing.

I owe Anerlisa Muigai an apology

And while I usually work the serial monogamist and one-time divorcee usually horrendous hot takes on relationships, on this one she’s right on the money and as they say a broken clock is right twice a day.

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Anerlisa Muigai Regrets Ignoring Red Flags In Her Previous Relationship

Of late, Anerlisa Muigai has been spewing hints on what more led to her fall-out with her ex-husband Ben Pol.

The two got married in March 2020 and Ben Pol filed for divorce in early 2021.

Anerlisa and Pol were a happy and adorable couple before they called it quits, but none of them really talked about it.

Anerlisa has recently insinuated that she ignored red flags; which she shouldn’t have. She shared the latter while talking about her friend.

”My plan was not to caption, but I just remembered a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who is going through a tough time. This is what I told her, after I had lived in denial for the longest.

Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again.”

She continued to advise her fans not to ignore red flags;

”Don’t ignore them Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time.”

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai opens up about dating red flags

It seems Anerlisa Muigai has suffered the umpteenth end of yet another relationship and has now decided to put all the heartbreaks she has suffered to good use; blaming men for the fact that she has been in over 10 relationships that have failed like she isn’t the greater common denominator.

KRG Throws Shade At Anerlisa Muigai For Not Having Kids (Screenshot)

The Keroche heiress has been sharing a lot of modern girl nonsense under the guise of dating advice and she recently posted a question about red flags. According to her there are some that can be seen from a mile away but when we are in the throes of infatuation, we choose to ignore them.

Life is for the living: Anerlisa flaunting ‘borrowed’ Bentley

While this is true and not up for debate, my question is when we will see the introspective side of the latest relationship guru. When will she actually take accountability for her selection process. Because she is the one who agrees to date these individuals who keep disappointing her.

My plan was not to caption, but I just remembered a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who is going through a tough time. This is what I told her, after I had lived in denial for the longest.

Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again.

* Don’t ignore them Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time.

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai doesn’t want a man who is on social media

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‘The Most Serious & Focused Men Aren’t Found On Social Media’- Anerlisa Muigai

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai is still giving signs of the kind of man she would fancy a relationship with.
According to her, serious men aren’t social media fans. She claims that most of them actually don’t have social media accounts.
She shared via her Instagram the sentiments.
”A serious man will not have Instagram,, Snapchat, and Tiktok all the same time.”
She continued to claim that if they do, they are very inactive.
”The most serious and focused men are not on social media, and if they are, they are very inactive… (at least a bigger%)”
Bear in mind that Anerlisa’s previous hubby was a celebrity. And of course, he wouldn’t eschew social media since it’s an efficient way to market oneself.
Anerlisa’s sentiments could be the qualities she would desire her next man to have. Do you agree with her about serious & focused men?

Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai doesn’t want a man who is on social media

Anerlisa Muigai seems to have decided for some reason as yet unknown to us that she is a bonafide relationship guru. This is in spite of the fact that she has constantly found love and it has always been fleeting… Just like her marriage.

Anerlisa Muigai shares her rate card

No really, she was married to East African superstar Ben Pol and even that didn’t last long.

Anerlisa with ex boyfriend, Stephen

Yet for some reason, Anerlisa Muigai seems to think she has the blueprint of where to find a good high-value man.

Substance abuse or age catching up? Anerlisa Muigai leaves fans confused with new eyebrow raising photos

She recently took to social media to win since one of the criteria for finding a good man is ensuring he is not active on social media. And this follows her recently declaring bet she wouldn’t date any broke man again.

Anerlisa’s loyal ex boyfriend who loved her despite the weight

Anerlisa is right to feel confused about love because on paper she has what it takes to find a good man: She’s beautiful, self-driven and independent and is a mogul. Any man would be lucky to snap her up.

Anerlisa Muigai’s expose on ex boyfriend confirms men are the new Gold Diggers

Why then does she struggle to find love and when she does get it it is usually either with men she later learns are either bums or we’ve been well with her for clout?

Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

Maybe, just maybe, the reason she has been in so many high-profile relationships that have failed is down to her personality and the way she wets the men she dates. Also, add tpo this the unfortunate truth that the type of men Anerlisa Muigai is looking for wouldn’t check for her. They have their pick of the litter of women so why would they waste their time with an opinionated heiress (legacy company) when they can have submissive, young, fertile women to start families with?

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Anerlisa Muigai shares her rate card

Anerlisa Muigai has decided to give transparency a win and she shared her rate card and when we say it is surprisingly affordable, we mean exactly that because her cheapest option would set a business back 65 USD.

Anerlisa Muigai is back to pushing marriage

She has smartly chosen to ask to be paid in dollars (with the way the exchange rate is structured it is a very intelligent deal with the dollar trading at the moment of writing this piece at 131$).

My Social Media Rates.
Please screenshot to avoid asking me to resend


* Post on Main page > $6000
for 3 weeks 3 posts only.

* Post on Stories for 24 hrs for
small businesses $100 for 3

* Post on Stories for 24 hrs for
corporate and companies
$200 for 3 stories

*Post on Stories 12 hrs > $65
for 3 stories

* Mention on my main page
under my Picture Post > $500
per Picture/Mention

* Brand Ambassador >
$100,000 for 3 months.
(1 will not accept any brand
that includes nudity )

* Appearance for promotion >
$15,000 for 2.5hrs

* Buy My Social Media Pages.
> $300,000

I appreciate everyone who has supported me.

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Beautiful but unlucky: Why Anerlisa can’t find a man to settle down with

32 year old Anerlisa Muigai recently announced she wants to start her own family before hitting 35 years and I am thinking – in order for that to happen, she needs a man to be in the picture.

But having dated several guys whom she introduced through her social media pages – the relationships always tend to end in tears. Howeber out of these handsome men – Anerlisa managed to turn one,Benpol into a husband but again the marriage lasted less than 3 months.

Funny part is that before they decided to wed – life seemed like a whole fairytale….they actually almost convinced me that true love does exist…but after the wedding….mmmh i went to thinking that true love is just a kenyan magazine. If you gerrit.

Don K – the married man who almost left his wife and kids to marry Anerlisa

Anerlisa Muigai type: Young and broke

Okay while her agemates are focusing on older men – it is no secret that Anerlisa likes them young and the younger they are – the more broke they likely must be.

So imagine Anerlisa coming from a family that owns Keroche breweries and the kind of money she has gotten used to over the years….do you think shed make a submissive wife to a man she knows depends on her money to pay their bills?

Anerlisa’s loyal ex boyfriend who loved her despite the weight

Wait wait….there’s actually a time she came out complaining about a boyfriend expecting her to give him money…can’t work and won’t work.

So yea – with that we not only see through her toxic traits – which explain why her youngin boyfriends always tend to leave her high and dry despite all that money she has.

However if she serious about wanting a family of her own – then maybe she should try caucasian fellas….because black men… men will never let a woman walk all over them because she pay his bills.

So i guess we wait and see how long the new boyfriend will last this time around.

Anerlisa Muigai steps out in body hugging dress leaving fans convinced she is pregnant (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai recently got back with her bae, Melvin Ibrahim after a short break that almost left us convinced that she may not be cut out for serious romantic relationships.

I mean, she has not only dated a couple of guys but went as far as getting married to Ben Pol before calling quits less than 6 months after their private wedding.

After her divorce she then moved on the Melvin Ibrahim who for some reason almost ended up in her blacklist following a few personal issues….and having overreacted she wrote;

The worst feeling is going into a relationship thinking you will be better than the last partner then end up being the worst,And then you are forced to go and start your life all over again…. what a waste!

Planning a family together?

Anyway just like every other relationship faces problems, so do they but from the things are moving between the two chances are that theyre headed for marriage.

Anerlisa pregnant?

With that said, Anerlisa Muigai has now left many wondering whether she has a bun in the oven – that is after she stepped out in a body hugging dress that left her tummy protruding out – hence sparking pregnancy rumors.

This was also noticed by fans who couldnt help but congratulate her in the comment section for the baby on board. I guess the only reason they felt she is pregnant is becausr she has always had a small waist since her weightloss surgery procedure….so yea, having a big belly only means a baby is on board.

Maybe a baby on the way?

Well – though we cant confirm this, below are a few comments from fans.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals the only trait that can make her weak for a man

I know many are waiting to see whether Anerlisa Muigai will join ex husband in mourning his late dad (ex father in law) but before we see that happen in public; let’s talk about what makes Anerlisa Muigai happy or attracted to a person.

As you already know – she is a woman who keeps her private life off social media…maybe just shared cute photos with bae…but nothing past that. With such limited access, many men continue wondering what it takes to bag the lady and thanks to her latest post – looks like we might have the answer.

Well according to Anerlisa Muigai, all she wants is someone who can protect her. Protect her feelings, her as a person and their relationship.

People who have had a chance of being in your life should be the first to protect you.


Not finding joy in telling others your weakness  and fabricating stories.

And I’m thinking….hapa Frankie Just Gym It hawezi qualify.

Anerlisa Muigai finally finds happiness

Seeing that she used one of her photos with bae, I want to believe the post was either directed at ex boyfriends who kept failing her by telling others about her weakness and issues.

However the new man in her life has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to her because he is a master at protecting her peace of mind; and isn’t out here sharing personal stories about the Muigai’s. To show how happy she went on to conclude her post with;

I am weak for people who protect others ????????????????

After seeing how Frankie Just Gym It exposed his two baby mamas – I bet this is the kind of betrayal Anerlisa Muigai is avoiding.

Anerlisa Muigai urging Netizens to quit alcohol, here’s where

Keroche Heiress is not just not feeling the alcohol vibe despite her family having built a multimillion company that deals with alcoholic beverages.

Well from what we know is that the company is currently facing a number of issues following tax evasion amounting to hundreds of millions. With that kind of debt – it’s kinda obvious that Keroche breweries may take years to recover even after settling the tax debts.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anyway with that in mind, Anerlisa earlier this morning shared post urging fans to quit alcohol, something we never saw coming. Wait, isn’t she the heiress to multimillion Keroche breweries and now is telling people not to drink alcohol? How will the wealth stay in the family if they’re not selling?

On the post, Anerlisa wrote;

It only takes one day to decide, you know what from now onwards, I want to stop alcool addiction, opioids addiction, drug addiction, I’ll stop associating with people who do not help me positively, I’ll be more focussed with work, I’ll wake up early, work out, eat healthy, do getaways, put me first, you can also change your number if you feel you just want peace annd be private etc.

It’s your call

Being one who doesn’t drink (allegedly) Anerlisa went on to encourage her fans that it only takes a day to decide whether or not they can change themselves and choose better.

Tecra (left) with sister, Anerlisa Muigai (right)

This is probably because she may not have had the best experience with alcohol not forgetting that rumor has it; that her late sister fell off the staircase hitting her head hard hence causing injuries that led to her untimely death.

It only takes one day to decide. Do it for you not to prove to people, because if you do it to prove to people, you will not have peace of mind. We are all in a journey but the journey is up to us to decide what we want with it and how you want it to be.