Anerlisa Muigai is back to pushing marriage

For some reason, Anerlisa Muigai has decided that she is the person to be speaking about marriages as she has recently shared a post telling men to get married.

I owe Anerlisa Muigai an apology

According to her it is because a man who marries a woman who is focused will quickly become a millionaire or better.

Anerlisa Muigai sparks pregnancy rumors

She recently took to her stories to post a poll asking her male followers whether they agree with a video from a podcast.

Anerlisa Muigai’s expose on ex boyfriend confirms men are the new Gold Diggers

The irony in all this shouldn’t be lost on you because it was she who left her husband, Tanzanian crooner and now unmasked toxic simp, Ben Pol.
And I am saying all this even though I admitted that I owed Anerlisa Muigai an apology. At the time, I bought into the nonsense her ex-husband, the weak love-struck buffoon was selling.

And yet, at the same time, I can also point out that she isn’t the one to ask men what they think. Why? Because she clearly has zero understanding about the concept of hypergamy: women want men who are doing better than them and secondly because of cognitive dissonance.

Anerlisa Muigai addresses claims of being barren

There was a time when Anerlisa complained about her ex-boyfriends all being golddiggers so one has to wonder how her cranium can associate the idea of marriage with wealth building while simultaneously accusing her exes of trying to use for her money…

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

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Why Kenyans are curious about Anerlisa Muigai’s fertility

Right off the bat let’s make it clear that the question Anerlisa Muigai was asked about whether or not she’s barren was completely inappropriate. There is no excuse for anyone to try and put another person on the spot about such a private and personal matter.

Anerlisa Muigai addresses claims of being barren

That said it was a rather odd comment that was posted on an innocuous series of photos she had posted to her Instagram account. The photos featured her with other influential women by their politicians or entrepreneurs.

In fact, it wasn’t a question and Anerlisa Muigai was asked but more an accusation as the commenter simply said that he can see that she is the only one barren in that series of photos. Anyway this was largely due to schadenfreude in the sense that this man felt that the only way he could bring her down was buying alluding to her infertility.

Anerlisa Muigai’s tale on mitumba outfits sounds like – Charlene Ruto’s ‘smokie’ story

But why do Kenyans keep asking her about such a sensitive topic? And it’s not just men who bring this issue up but women to a guilty of constantly harassing her and other celebrities who are in their thirties and do not have children whether they are married or not.

Anerlisa Muigai

In Anerlisa Muigai’s case, the fact that she was married seems to only had a crazy accelerant to the fire stopped by idiots. She herself has never spoken about the fact that she and her ex-husband, Ben Pol whenever blessed with kids. So why is this such an inviting topic to busy bodies?

Mapenzi hayalazimishwi! Benpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

Well we’ve already covered the first aspect of it which is schadenfreude. That is a term psychologists use to explain the satisfaction people get from seeing celebrities and Powerful individuals stumble and fail in life. However, this goes much deeper and the root of it can be found within our African culture.

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

In Zimbabwe the concept of it is known as “wastage”. Simply put this is how in their culture they describe it when a woman passes on either as a virgin or she passes on without leaving behind children. This concept is a very African concept even though Kenyans don’t necessarily have it at the forefront of their minds. Anerlisa Muigai finds herself the victim of the same concept and an example of how Kenyans translate it is seen when an individual whether male or female passes away and one of the comments that people will make when they find out that they left behind no children is that it is sad that individual did not leave behind a legacy.

Anerlisa Muigai gives advice that undermines men

The sad reason why this topic is very tantalizing for busybodies who don’t know how to shut up is because in African culture when a couple is married it is almost anathema for them not to beget progeny. Also there is the understanding that the older a woman becomes the more difficult it is for her to give birth first two healthy babies and secondly for her to survive the very dangerous process of childbirth. This is termed by medical practitioners as geriatric pregnancy.

NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai

When a woman gets to the age of 30 more often than not she has expended 90% of her viable ovaries. This makes conception at this age are rather difficult affair. Add to this the fact that at 35 she is now not only in danger of dying during the process of childbirth but the kids now run the risk of being born with mental deficiencies or physical handicaps.


Unfortunately, Anerlisa Muigai has captured the imagination of very many people with regards to infertility due to these reasons and because a lot of Kenyans are ill-mannered and do not know which topics not to speak on, she becomes the target of a campaign led by oddball cheerleaders for her to conceive and sire children.

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I owe Anerlisa Muigai an apology

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I Anerlisa Muigai an apology. Has been made abundantly clear by the fact that I got everything about her relationship with Ben Pol completely wrong. Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I got everything wrong, however, I did get the foundational aspect of it wrong.

Mapenzi hayalazimishwi! Benpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

For the longest time I had assumed that it was he who walked away from the marriage. Was under the impression that he got tired of having to deal with her and her shenanigans. Very recent interviews seemed to vindicate the assumptions I was making. Oh how wrong I was!

Ben Pol filed for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

In one fell swoop, Anerlisa Muigai managed to render us under those assumptions in such complete fashion you cannot help but feel some faint pity on the foolish simp that is Ben Pol. After his ill-advised view, she posted screenshots of how badly he was simping in her DMs and I can’t help but feel completely disgusted at how weak and spineless he has proven to be.

Anerlisa Muigai gives advice that undermines men

The level of incongruence he has exhibited is simply jarring. Think back to a complaint Anerlisa raised about her ex-husband; she complained he would entertain a lot of female attention. For some reason, he is operating off a scarcity mindset behaving as if she were God’s gift to Earthpedestalize in her and making it seem like she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Anerlisa Muigai

It boggles the mind and makes one wonder what exactly it was he believes he could only get from Anerlisa Muigai. What is it that is making a bona fide superstar crumple into being a weak simp.

Anerlisa Muigai Reacts To Diana Marua’s Viral Video Revealing She Dated Multiple Men For Money

I owe her an apology because from the text she said it is abundantly clear that while relationships fail because of both parties involved she was unfairly saddled with most of the blame by myself and it is abundantly clear that she is the one who has healed and moved on whereas he is still pining and crying for what once was.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

Indeed it reinforces our lesson I was taught as a child, “do not judge a book by its cover”.

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Anerlisa Muigai gives advice that undermines men

Anerlisa Muigai recently gave advice to women looking to get with married men and she reminded me of the old adage; “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. This is because her advice amounted to her mocking every single man she has ever been with. Let’s start off with what she had to say to women looking to be side-chicks and second wives:

Anerlisa Muigai Reacts To Diana Marua’s Viral Video Revealing She Dated Multiple Men For Money

A moment of silence to those women who come to a relationship thinking they will be better than the wife the problem is that you see men looking nice on social media not knowing that the wife put him together so given the chance you can’t maintain that.

And it would seem the irony of making that statement is lost upon her as she was once married and failed to maintain her own marriage. You see, Anerlisa Muigai has failed to understand why it is most women go for men who are in committed relationships. The reason for that is called preselection.

Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

To understand this we need to understand the fact that as human beings evolved women quickly learnt that there are benefits to being with certain men; the type who will provide and protect for not only themselves but their offspring too. Back in the days of our ancestors, the most vulnerable time for any woman is when she was pregnant or had infants and toddlers nipping at her heels demanding her attention.

Anerlisa Muigai is back with her beau but…

So as human beings evolved and Civilizations grew most women simply land that rather than going through the problem of vetting their own men, they could simply get with a man who had already been vetted by another woman. Anerlisa Muigai I need to understand that this is why having a wedding ring on a man’s finger is seen as an aphrodisiac to most women.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

Beyond this, what her statement tells us is that she selects for man-babies. That is the only reason why a fully grown man who has either pursued a career or a business is still in capable care of himself let alone others.

Why Anerlisa Muigai struggles to find real love

She has literally told us that she selects for men who are immature.  The type of men who date a woman seeking to place her in the role of their mother. You know, picking out their clothes colour coordinating their wardrobe and sharing their socks and torn making sure they have clean underwear to wear.

Any man of high value comprehends the need to be well put together. That is because when certain aspects of his life are in disarray his own career will be cluttered. No man who is updating age should be so inept as taking care of himself that a woman is needed to organise his life rather than be the cherry on top.

3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

Besides, why would anyone feel to take advice from someone who failed at her own marriage about relationships? Make it make sense.

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Anerlisa Muigai is back with her beau but…

I don’t think Anwerlisa Muigai’s relationship to last much longer. No, I am not a prophet of doom. But I am a very pragmatic person who believes that you cannot simply rug-sweep issues in a relationship in the hopes of being a happy couple.

Why Anerlisa Muigai struggles to find real love

And that is precisely what I suspect has happened between Anerlisa and her man. For you see, she was recently complaining about how she had finally seen who he really was and she was left less than impressed.

She hinted at having been let down by some action of disloyalty that I suspect was him cheating on her and Anerlisa Muigai wanted the world to know she was moving forward with her life.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals the only trait that can make her weak for a man

We here at Ghafla did a piece about the fact that this was expected because she seems the type to prioritise her public image and pursue relationships she feels would give her some clout.

That would partially explain why she felt the need to come out and share some information about how she and her man were triumphant against all the haters who were complaining and pointing out that their relationship was doomed. Who am I to stop her lap of honour? Afterall, she sure showed me huh?

3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

No, she didn’t. Anerlisa Muigai is doing what she has always previously done, instead of seeking personal counselling and counselling with her partner, she is trying to prove all the “haters” wrong. She is trying to show us she is back with her man and happy.

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

And while at it, she’s blaming bloggers for being the architect’s of the rumours like she didn’t take out her phone and type out the messages that were used for blogging…

“I dont know where she got that information from” Benpol denies finalizing his divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

And that shows that nothing has changed. That shows us that they will soon run up against the same issues. And this time, things will be worse because of the frustration that was previously born and not addressed.

Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

But we do hope nothing but the best for dear old Anerlisa Muigai. May she truly find a love that puts us to shame and proves us wrong.

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Why Anerlisa Muigai struggles to find real love

Anerlisa Muiai has hinted that another relationship of hers has gone belly up. Christ above, this woman seems to have as much bad luck with love as she has money. It is unbelievable how much one person can pursue love and have it keep evading her.

“I dont know where she got that information from” Benpol denies finalizing his divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

But this ultimately says something about her. And that is what she refuses to confront so she keeps floating from one situation to another and leaving each like a butterfly roaming from one flower to the next.

Anerlisa Muigai is the cancer in her love life. She is the blight robbing herself of love. That is why even when she got married, we all knew it wouldn’t last long. And now, the relationship she got involved in after she ended her marriage has also gone belly up.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals the only trait that can make her weak for a man

She recently went online to cry about how her recent man had played her and how she just realised she needed to start listening to the whispers that had been trying to warn her all along. Needless to say, we all assumed this was tied to her fiance and she has since been seen out and about by her lonesome self (well, sometimes with friends but that doesn’t count in this instance).

I was having a chat with my friend who happens to be older than I and he was telling me about Anerlisa’s dating history. Apparently, she first gained clout when she was a morbidly obese woman dating Str8 Up’s Ian Mugoya. After that, she went on to date a plethora of unnoteworthy men until she was linked to a Liberian lesbian. After that, there were two more men and then we came on to Ben Pol.

Benpol Speaks On Adjusting To Bachelor Life After Heinous Divorce With Anerlisa Muigai

Why does a girl who has dated so many individuals (one of whom was only a rumour) suck so much at being in relationships? Well, for starters, Anerlisa Muigai has never truly learnt from her past mistakes. She is always the party that was wronged, she is always the victim in her narrative. That points to zero accountability and even less introspection. She literally goes through life thinking things happen to her without her playing a significant role in creating the outcomes.

Anerlisa’s new bae (now ex?)

The second reason is due to the type of men she keeps finding herself attracted to. Like most boss babes and such vapid titles bimbos give themselves, Anerlisa Muigai wants to be part of a “power couple”. She keeps going after men who seem to flash indicators of wealth and ignores their character. Why? Because she wants to be the couple that then becomes “IT”. They become the proverbial “couple goals”. And what that gets her is a lot of postulation and buffoonery. She goes for everything shallow. Does he look successful? Is he successful? Do I look good on his arms? Never mind whether he truly is successful. Never mind how he came about his success. Never mind whether he has virtues and a spine beneath his looks.

3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

And finally, there is the fact that Anerlisa Muigai is a victim of hypergamy. Let’s face it, this isn’t entirely her fault but it is still a factor. She was born and raised by a family that made their wealth and a lot of it at that. When she looks around to find a man who is above her, she can hardly find any. Why? Any eligible bachelors earning as much money as she does wouldn’t want to settle down with a 30-year-old divorcee when they can get some younger peng tings 10 years younger than her who don’t come with all the baggage her failed relationships have left her with. So what’s a girl to do?

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

Ultimately, Anerlisa Muigai is an adult woman who doesn’t know how to adult. She hasn’t gone for therapy nor owned accountability for her failed marriage and relationships. She seeks out superficial men and keeps executing this pattern with a zeal only matched by jihadists. And by the time she realises that she needs to change her thought patterns and behaviour, it just might be too late.

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3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

Ben Pol has finally begun opening up about what exactly transpired between him and Anerlisa Muigai and boy is it vastly interesting to finally get his side of events. You see, when news broke that they were divorcing, it was she who ran around telling her story and her version of accounts. Wouldn’t you know, she refused to own any responsibility over the fact that the relationship was coming to an end.

“You cannot breakup today and move on tomorrow” Benpol implies ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai was cheating

As far as we, the observing public were concerned, he remained stoic. He was silent even as he was insulted and had his name dragged through the mud. We all wondered why he preferred to stay mum while all the flaws and faults of the relationship were dumped at his doorstep, right on his feet.

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

But that is why we are having this conversation today because he has a lot to teach us and we really need to sit down and take the time to learn some lessons from Ben Pol and the manner in which he conducted himself throughout his marriage and the subsequent divorce.

Anerlisa Muigai still hasn’t learnt from Ben Pol divorcing her

#1. Do not trip on your tongue

Ben Pol could have fought his wife on social media. Instead, he chose to focus all that energy inwards and improve who he is as a man. While his wife was busy slandering him and complaining about why it was her marriage had failed, we saw Ben Pol go in search of God and he ultimately converted to Islam. Then after that, we saw him focus on his businesses and craft and he put out some really dope music.

Trust me when I say he would never have managed to mature from all this was he busy tripping on his tongue, trying to defend himself against all the allegations and insinuations his ex-wife was dropping.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South

#2. Women never take accountability

Anerlisa Muigai has refused to own up to why her marriage ended and her role in all that. She has since hinted at her exes all being the problem. Mara one wanted to use her as an ATM, mara another wanted her to invest in his business, mara huyo mwingine kafanya upuzi ile and nowhere does she pose and think, maybe when I reacted like this to that or when I said this, I wasn’t speaking nor living my truth, I was just adding crazy fuel to a stupid fire.

And that is why I am predicting that even if her current relationship blossoms into a marriage, she will be twice-divorced -she hasn’t done the work to better herself since Ben Pol and hasn’t matured from who she was as a wife.

Why Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s intrigues captivate us

#3. She’s not yours, its just your turn

Ben Pol recently gave an interview in which he posed a rather interesting question about just how quickly his ex-wife managed to move on that is actually a very prudent observation:

After whatever happened in my personal life, in my opinion I felt that if someone was really in a relationship, that space and was really invested, you can’t end things yesterday and tomorrow you move on with life like nothing happened.

Ben Pol

And that is something that would require a response but most aren’t mature enough for that conversation. But if we are being realistic, when a man dates and even marries a woman, he needs to understand that she is not his, it’s just his turn. And this truth is amplified more by the fact that she had a lot of past lovers meaning each man had left their mark and scar on her. And the more previous lovers she had, the less likely she is to truly pair bond. Anerlisa Muigai will never belong to anyone. Her ego, her romantic history and her refusal to get therapy get in the way of any happily ever after.

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Anerlisa Muigai has finally admitted the truth about fat women

I saw Anerlisa Muigai spoke about her experience with being fat and I had to applaud her. She has done a dangerous thing by speaking truth to the world about the fat people’s reality (but really this is more of a female thing). And with that, she has probably earned the ire of many a feminist and fat girl.

Anerlisa Muigai says she does not touch alcohol: ‘But I’ll be on the same level as my drunk friends’

You see, the unspoken truth about being fat is that you cannot be happy in an obese body because being fat is unhealthy and our minds are wired to be sad and depressed when we’re unhealthy. Do not argue with me, go and argue with your mother about what the science has proven time and again.

However, the sisterhood has silenced all the voices of women who are speaking this truth and actively attempting to get healthy. I kid you not, when Anerlisa Muigai said this truth, she was probably told she has internalized misogyny. As if she was trying to get healthy for the approval of men (we know she was but we aren’t trying to examine that level of truth just yet).

Anerlisa Muigai over the moon as boyfriend turns a year older

She has ofcourse earned angry responses from women before when she embarked on her change in lifestyle that probably saved her life because she was morbidly obese. And as a result, she looks beautiful, more healthy and clearly happier but other celebrities such as Neomi Ng’ang’a would silence her because they preach the opposite message and then shame men for not finding obesity alluring. Then again Kenyan men too are fatsos so… Checkmate I guess.

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

There are reasons why she can be this honest and free and most of them can be summed up as her being financially independent. She doesn’t have to fear losing endorsement deals. Another reason is the fact that she has literally lived through the hell of obesity and the pure joy of being fit.

Anerlisa Muigai reveals her biggest fear after extreme weight loss journey (Photos)

Actually, the only mistake she made through all of this was by lying about the method she employed. She didn’t earn her body by working hard at the gym or we would have seen the subsequent muscle gain (sexy) and toning. She lied she did by dieting and juicing but that would have resulted in saggy skin. She went under the knife and there is no shame in that but she has given us her story and she’s sticking to it.

If there is one thing Kenyan women need to take seriously about her message it is the health benefits and boost in self-esteem. And here we are going to focus back on depression as a consequence of obesity. Why lie to yourself or hang out with a group of friends who do not tell you God’s honest truth about your health and size? e get it, life happens, and children are born but you can always work out. Find time to actually love yourself. Find the time to get beautiful. Find the time to fight against those intrusive depressive thoughts you’ve been enduring.

Anerlisa Muigai to launch new weight loss App despite Kenyans claiming she has never stepped into a gym 

Hopefully, Anerlisa’s admission sparks a healthy lifestyle movement cos lord knows Nairobi girls are down to ape and copy anything their favourite celebrity or influencers spews.


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Anerlisa Muigai still hasn’t learnt from Ben Pol divorcing her

Anerlisa Muigai just doesn’t seem to have learnt a single thing from her divorce from Ben Pol… Or rather, she hasn’t learnt a thing from the fact that ben Pol divorced her and you just can’t make this mess up!

Anerlisa Muigai opens up about her divorce and relationship regrets (Video)

It is clear for all to see that she chooses not to surround herself with people who would foster personal growth from her by helping her face and answer difficult questions. Instead, she is surrounded by yes-men.

Lanes: Anerlisa Muigai

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai had a rather difficult marriage after what was a whirlwind romance that took East African by shock. We had no idea how the Keroche heiress and scion of the wealthy Karanja family met with Tanzanian singer Bwana Pol.

Phoina’s betrayal leaves Anerlisa Muigai broken (Photos)

Whatever happened, happened and what transpired from that was the pair eventually dated and ended up walking down the aisle together to exchange wedding vows. The wedding seemed like a shotgun wedding and the couple didn’t particularly strike me as being prepared for the actual marriage.

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

When the wedding went belly up, I suggested that both of them should take the time to seek counselling to deal with any underlying psychological scars the divorce left. Let’s face it, Anerlisa Muigai probably took on the worst toll from the divorce and it doesn’t help that it lived up to the pattern her previous relationships took.

Life after divorce: Anerlisa Muigai leaves no room for imagination with tiny skimpy top giving many wild thoughts (Photos)

She decided to conduct an interview with -get this- not a Kenyan publication but rather a Tanzanian one, Bongo 5 and we already can guess why she did that… It’s her way of hitting out (or should I say reaching out) to Ben Pol.

She is just as aware as we are that if she had given a Kenyan publication the interview, Tanzanians would probably not have noticed and if they had, time would have passed thus dulling the sting of it. But Anerlisa Muigai wanted her message to be fresh when it was delivered.

We were right, Anerlisa Muigai is not over Ben Pol

According to her, she found Ben Pol’s handling of their marital issues immature especially the way he chose to handle the dissolution of their marriage. But the thing is, she forgets that this is actually an indictment of herself. She CHOSE TO DEAL WITH HIM. She was not forced into the union. If she couldn’t tell that he was immature then we have to wonder why that is. And actually, for all of us looking in from the outside, Ben Pol was the more mature of the two.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South

While they were married, he remained mum on the goings-on in his marriage. He never let out a peep, unlike his wife who was quick to always run to social media with her “cryptic” posts about life, love and happiness. He only spoke about the marriage and its ultimate conclusion when it was finally done and he hasn’t spoken about it since then.

Why Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s intrigues captivate us

Clearly, Anerlisa Muigai has not learned a damn thing since the dissolution of her union and we are probably going to see her make the same mistakes in her subsequent relationships and the next few partners will all suffer the punishments she will inflict on them because she has not dealt with her trauma and damage.

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Anerlisa Muigai opens up about her divorce and relationship regrets (Video)

Anerlisa Muigai has been keeping a low profile for months now since announcing her divorce from singer Benpol. The Keroche heiress for a minute made it look like she was doing all fine until the day she had enough; took a social media break only to make a come back a few days ago.

Anerlisa and ex hubby, Ben Pol

Well, with her back to making news Anerlisa Muigai recently held an interview with several bongo media outlets where she briefly spoke about her divorce. Judging from how calm and composed Anerlisa looked during the interview, we have reason to believe that she is finally over her love for the bongo singer, Benpol.

Also read: Phoina’s betrayal leaves Anerlisa Muigai broken (Photos)

However being a wise lady, the Keroche heiress did not disclose much about her past with the singer; but she openly blamed him for speaking or rather over sharing about their relationship problems – when he could have avoided all that by staying quiet.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa

No regrets

Although she thinks that Benpol made an immature decision discussing their marital issues online; Anerlisa says that she has no regrets whatsoever as to what their marriage resulted to. Divorce.

Also read: Life after divorce: Anerlisa Muigai leaves no room for imagination with tiny skimpy top giving many wild thoughts (Photos)

The lady revealed this during the interview leaving the Tanzanian journalists digging deeper to see what else Anerlisa would reveal.

Watch the detailed interview here courtesy of Bongo 5.


We were right, Anerlisa Muigai is not over Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai is not over Ben Pol and is doing the most to try and make it appear she is and that is precisely what tells her she is not over the man. Vicious cycle.

‘Real men don’t beg, they provide:’ Anerlisa Muigai hits back at ex husband with cryptic messages following exposè interview (Screenshots)

You see, when Ben Pol finally decided to file for divorce, we had already begun to notice that the marriage was in its death throes as the two were operating like single people.

Anerlisa Muigai
Lanes: Anerlisa Muigai

What are some examples of what I am talking about? Well, Anerlisa Muigai was nowhere around when Ben Pol decided to convert to Islam. It was like he had made up his mind and she was an afterthought.

Why Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s intrigues captivate us

And similarly, he was nowhere around Anerlisa Muigai when she resumed her life in Nairobi, miles away from their hearth and home in Dar es Salaam.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa has taken to sending herself romantic gifts and acting like they are from a lover

And now she is busy sending herself flowers and love notes that are “anonymous” yet there is someone at hand to videotape the entire incident that was impromptu at her business meeting? Only a fool would believe that.

Alaar! Ben Pol reveals why he can never get back with ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai (Video)

But the most telling thing is the fact that ever since Ben Pol rejected her and said he did not want to remain married to her (by initiating the divorce), she has been spewing alot of diatribe against her former beau.

Anerlisa Muigai, Ben Pol
Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

It is clear that given her nonsense relationship background, one could bet the house that she had no business being in a marriage before she had undergone therapy. Add to this the fact that Anerlisa has engaged in a prolonged one-sided war of words and you understand that this entire fallout was simply path of the course for her.

Anerlisa Muigai giving obvious hints on why she dumped ex-husband, Ben Pol (Screenshots)

She is hoping to hurt and humiliate a man who refused to talk about her after their divorce and only did so recently to clear the air after months of being painted like a leech and half a man. I find it hilarious that Anerlisa knew her man was from a poor background but it is only now that this has become an issue she wants to broadcast.

And then she has taken to referring to him as “not a man” which shows me a lack of clear thinking on her part -she was sleeping with a man she knew was “not a man” and even agreed to marry him yet she is now trying to shame him?

All of Anerlisa Muigai’s words tell more about her than they ever could about her former husband and the biggest thing they tell us is that she is not over the failure of her marriage and given the way both parties have conducted themselves post-divorce, she was the clear problem in the union.

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Why Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s intrigues captivate us

Anerlisa Muigai is a Bitter Betty after the termination of her marriage to Ben Pol. Ben Pol seems to be the more stoic one here but for some reason, Kenyan women seem to want to vilify him for the end of their marriage.

Alaar! Ben Pol reveals why he can never get back with ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai (Video)

And truth be told, he makes an easy target as he doesn’t seem too keen on defending himself -until now. He recently opened up about his marriage in an interview with Tanzanian media and what he said added new layers to the already layered love story of how a boy from the slums of Tanzania managed to woo and marry a girl from one of the wealthiest Kenyan families.

Anerlisa Muigai Ben Pol

The Anerlisa Muigai story is actually quite captivating because of just how much of a Disney love story it seemed like it would be but it eventually fell apart at the seams -and did so drastically.

Anerlisa Muigai giving obvious hints on why she dumped ex husband, Ben Pol (Screenshots)

In his lady love, Ben Pol had found a woman who was emotionally damaged. Anerlisa has been involved in many relationships that failed spectacularly. From dating Ian Mugoya back when he was the hottest commodity on Kenyan TV to being conned by her “friend” Ben Kang’ang’i and even allegedly getting herself a “liquor license” with Natasha Jewel Johnson.

Anerlisa Muigai has displayed a knack for picking useless men and partners and somehow when the story is told, it is always her partners’ fault that the relationship ended.

Ben Pol is no saint but he seems to have really wanted the marriage to work but he was dealing with someone who should have undergone some serious therapy before she got married and as a result, the love story was shortlived.

The age-old question of whether two people from two diversely different backgrounds, one essentially a princess and the other essentially a pauper, the Alladin story, can work in real life has been answered. And that is why we are all so captivated.

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Nyashinski needs to teach Kenyan celebs how to be a celebrity family man

Nyashinski is one of the few celebrities who can teach his male counterparts healthy and wholesome ways of how to maintain their status and still be a functional husband and father because he understands a key factor: the difference between secrecy and privacy.

Nyashinski’s Wife Zia Opens Up On Why They Keep Family Off Social Media

You see, like every other Kenyan celeb out there, his DMs is choke-full of members of the opposite gender shooting their shot at him trying to either enjoy a stolen moment or perhaps even steal the position of wife from Zia Bett.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

But he has his head on straight and he understands priorities and for him, his wife and family is a chief priority. So he keeps his business private thus protecting it from all the demons. We see and know that he is a married man and father but beyond that, ask yourself, what do you really know?

Nyashinski Celebrates Birthday With Message Of Hope To Netizens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

And it is because he respects his family enough to keep their business private that Nyashinski has given his family a fighting chance. First, should he decide to get involved with some random snatch, the bearers of said snatch know not to try to implode his life because there is a hard boundary there. Any woman who decides to help him scratch his itch knows that he cannot be distracted from focusing on being a great husband and father.

Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

And as a result, they would all know to toe the line. They would understand that unlike with Mr Seed or Jamal Roho Safi, any disrespect these women send at his wife would not be tolerated.

Nyashinski’s hot wife opens up about struggle with weight loss months after giving birth (Photos)

And should he decide to be the solitary outlier of Kenyan celebrities who does not have any hanky-panky outside of his wedlock, then he wouldn’t have lost anything because his brand is firmly rooted in you not knowing a damn thing anyway.

Zia Bett
Mrs Nyashinski, Zia Bett

As a result, he has peace, his wife, Zia Bett has peace and more importantly, their family knows peace because even when they stumble and have to deal with an issue, they have all the privacy they need to navigate choppy waters. I hope Anerlisa Muigai is taking notes here.

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Anerlisa Muigai says she is going to be more selfish revealing why her marriage failed

Anerlisa Muigai seems to have come to a point of clarity that has allowed her to see that it is time for her to be more selfish with her resources chief of which are her time and money because she feels she gives too much to her partners.

“I want to become a selfish woman” Anerlisa Muigai another failed relationship

Try and read that without laughing. Because her behaviour online is a reflection of herself and trust me when I say that she is nothing if not frugal with how she uses her resources because one of her most valuable assets is her IG page and she barely used for her partner’s benefit.

Allow me to jog your memory to a time a few years back when Anerlisa Muigai’s Instagram account was declared to be one of the most valuable accounts in Kenya and East Africa as a post from her was evaluated to be worth three hundred and fifty-two thousand back in 2019.

With all her broken relationships and marriage, Anerlisa Muigai needs therapy

Yet whenever Ben Pol had a new project, she would not really help promote her husband’s work by posting it and when she did, it was done on her stories which meant it would expire in 24 hours. And whenever they had a falling out, she would delete her husband’s pictures off social media.

Ben Pol
Ben Pol filed for the divorce

That makes you wonder what she means by her being more and more selfish. She was already selfish to begin with and this was a huge issue with her relationship with Ben Pol. An aspect of this was the fact that she always ran to IG to hint at her frustrations instead of giving their marriage a chance to survive by addressing their issues privately between them.

Beautiful but unlucky? Meet the handsome men Anerlisa Muigai has dated in the past (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigi seems to only see value in the amount of money spent. That is why she has gone first to hint that selfishness is in the amount of money someone has or spends with or on you. That is also probably why Ben Pol posted something hinting at this.

Ben Pol post
Ben Pol mocking Anerlisa Muigai?

You cannot enter a marriage with the individualistic notion of you getting ahead and doing the best for yourself by getting the most out of your marriage. Because marriage is hard work on both parties and any fickle understanding of what to expect leads to these abysmally short joke marriages.

Anerlisa Muigai constantly running to IG is a huge reason her marriage failed

Anerlisa Muigai did not seem to go for marital counselling and Ben Pol did not provide adequate leadership. Why else is she more focused on the amount of money invested in her marriage and not the fact that something intrinsic in her is broken enough for her to be unable to pair bond for more than two years?

Anerlisa Muigai thinks it makes sense to keep doing the same thing over and over again

And the only thing she can think of to take from her failed marriage is that she should be more selfish with her money and time? At the start of the marriage, the one thing you mustn’t be selfish with is your time. And the fact that none of her friends is willing to call her out on this bullshit notion makes me wonder whether all her friends are just scared of losing the cushy life being in her intimate circle affords them. Absolute rubbish.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

And again, I think I must reiterate that she needs therapy because if this is the only thing she can think to talk about as a lesson from her failed marriage, you can be sure she will keep repeating the same mistakes in all her subsequent relationships.

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With all her broken relationships and marriage, Anerlisa Muigai needs therapy

Anerlisa Muigai is now dealing with yet another relationship, this time her marriage, coming to an end. If practice makes perfect then not a soul can actually explain what has been going on in the Keroche heiress’ life because she has had a lot of it.

Beautiful but unlucky? Meet the handsome men Anerlisa Muigai has dated in the past (Photos)

She was married to Ben Pol who had enough of her and he filed for divorce. And this is the story of her life in the sense that she has always not had a problem getting into relationships; not even back when she was an obese woman.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has been linked to celebrities like Ian Mugoya and other rich kids like her one time guy called Don. She has also been linked to a female by the name of Natasha Johnson.

“I signed whatever was needed to be signed” Anerlisa Muigai confirms divorce from ex-hubby, Ben Pol (Photo)

And yet, at the end of the day, she cannot seem to handle a long term relationship. And I say this with all confidence because we are back here again discussing the end of yet another relationship in which she was one of the pillars meant to make it work.

Anerlsia Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai cannot seem to sustain a relationship

And at this point, we need to advise Anerlisa Muigai to seek therapy. She needs to actually go and find out why it is that she wants to be a bride and not a wife. But she has so much more to figure out than that.

Anerlisa Muigai constantly running to IG is a huge reason her marriage failed

She needs to heal before she chases yet another relationship. Because at the rate at which things are going, it is beginning to look like she is incapable of being on her own. Like she needs someone’s company for her to feel complete.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai with an ex-boyfriend of hers called Don

And with each new relationship she gets into, she gathers more damage and trauma. And because she is the common denominator in her past relationships, she is the reason none of them have worked out.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

And who knows? Maybe therapy would help her not only see that she plays a significant role in all this but what actually compels her to ruin her relationships. Perhaps it’s down to her choice in men or perhaps the secrets lie in her past but whatever they may be, only a therapist will help her if she ever hopes for a stable relationship.

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Ben Pol vs Ommy Dimpoz: The type of friends every man should avoid

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai are a divorced couple and we know this as word from Tanzania revealed that he has filed for divorce from his immensely loaded wife and wouldn’t you know it, word going round reveals that she has already moved on.

Per person sharing? Anerlisa Muigai allegedly involved with Governor Hassan Joho’s close friend after breaking up with Ben Pol

Yes, Anerlisa Muigai is rumoured to be involved with Joho’s friend, Ommy Dimpoz and from her ex-husband’s reaction, you can tell he is hot and bothered at what he is hearing as he said as much. For argument’s sake, we will move forward with the assumption that this allegation has some merit behind it given it came directly from Bwana Pol.

Ben Pol, Ommy Dimpoz

The issue now is that to most people, they assume that he is upset at Anerlisa for moving on and seeing someone shortly after they split but I am here to argue that Ben Pol is actually upset at the man whom he thought was his friend only for him to betray him.

Anerlisa Muigai hinting why husband Ben Pol filed for a divorce?

And therein lies the real issue here: the insidious nature of men who dirty mac. Incase you don’t know what that means, allow me to tell you a story that will help you better understand where Ben Pol is coming from:

Ben Pol, Anerlisa Muigai
Men chase after Anerlisa after rumored failed marriage with Ben Pol

Boy meets girl and they start dating. Everything goes well and they end up in a relationship. Naturally, she is introduced to his side of life which includes his friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Eventually, these guys get married but things do not work out and they end up divorced. From that point going forth, this girl starts dating her ex-husband’s acquaintance.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

First of all, that would indicate that this man is not his friend. Ommy Dimpoz probably had his eyes on his friend’s wife from the jump. And he has shown a disgraceful disregard for the almighty bro-code.

Ommy Dimpoz
Ommy Dimpoz

As a man, you do not ever want to be in a situation in which a guy within your sphere of influence has been praying on the end of your relationship or marriage so that he can now have a go with your partner. Why? Because there are 7 billion human beings on earth and of this number, about half are women. So rather than go after a woman whom you know will cause you and your friend to have a falling out over, why not simply go for the many other available women?

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s relationship shows us what to expect out of modern marriages

At the end of the day, Anerlisa Muigai is immaterial to this entire scenario. She is just a place holder. It could have been any woman. The issue is that Ben Pol also probably knows that the woman he used to love enough to commit his future to is busy making nice with a man who sees her as little more than a jump-off. That is an entirely different level of disrespect.

Ommy Dimpoz
Ommy Dimpoz is rumoured to have gone after Anerlisa Muigai

But because I cannot tell the future, I will hold my tongue and say that time will tell what Ommy Dimpoz intentions are if indeed he is going after Anerlisa Muigai. And I would wager that if he is genuinely after a relationship, then Ben Pol will mellow his opinion on the matter but again, only time will tell.

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Anerlisa Muigai constantly running to IG is a huge reason her marriage failed

Anerlisa Muigai now has a failed marriage to add to her long list of failed relationships, one of which was rumoured to involve a female by the name of Natasha Johnson and whatever the truth is about that dalliance; one thing remains, she is the common denominator in all her relationships.

Anerlisa Muigai hinting why husband Ben Pol filed for a divorce?

So now we have a situation in which her marriage has gone belly up and she can only focus on herself to find the solution to their problem. However, that is not what we are seeing her do. There is no introspection taking on.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai is divorced at 30

What we are seeing, is an example of an issue that plagued her throughout her relationship: constantly running to IG for validation and reassurances when something isn’t going well in her personal life.

Anerlisa Muigai explains why she is still childless

And when Anerlisa Muigai gets the fish her bait was targeting, she starts complaining and bellyaching. You see, her marriage has come to a very public and humiliating end. Rather than taking the time to internalize what has happened, rather than taking the time to heal from what has happened then learn from the mistakes that led her to this point in life, she is busy posting nonsense on her IG account.

Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai during happier days

Make no mistakes about it, I know that Anerlisa Muigai can very well post whatever the hell she wants on but in keeping with that sort of energy, I am free to see her post and realize that there is a separation to not be perceived as weak. So she has to yell out loud to let us know she is not hurting. And we all know that only hit dogs yelp.

“Start working hard for your own money” Anerlisa Muigai message to thirsty broke male followers sliding into her DM

You see, regardless of whether or not he is your cup of tea, Ben Pol is a top tier man: in earning and in social clout. He is a star and he comes from a poor family but the fact that he dragged himself out of Viguguti slums in Dar es Salaam is impressive.

Anerlisa Muigai
NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai is a beautiful woman who cannot sustain a relationship. Why?

The Keroche Industry heiress managed to land him but whenever they had a tiff, she would always run to IG and drop his name from her bio. She would change her info to delete the fact she was married. She would always open the door into her relationship for her social media minions who would doubtless also serve the role of sending small jabs at her husband.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

Imagine that. You’re married to a woman and you have no qualms in letting the world know. Hell, you actually commit to her and want the world to know that you’re sacrificing your sexual strategy for the sake of being monogamous to one partner.
In return, every time you and your partner stumble, she runs to social media, a place she knows she gets a lot of sexual attention (whether unrequited or not is not the issue here) to get validation and hint at there being trouble at home.

Ben Pol
Man like Benpol decided he would rather be alone than married to Anerlisa Muigai

This is a big issue a lot of modern marriages face. The fact that absolute loyalty is demanded from men but their wives aren’t even asked for privacy. They can’t just keep things offline. To top it off, we all get the type of results we set out for. That is why she is getting thirsty men in her DMs.

Anerlisa would do well to be reminded that when a fisherman goes out fishing, he sets bait for the type of fish he wants. The reason why she is getting thirsty and dusty men is down to the type of content she is sharing on her IG. Which type of man would be proud of such behaviour from his partner?

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Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

When you look at female celebs like Anerlisa Muigai, Frida Kajala, This is Ess, Karen Nyamu or Amberay the one thing they have in common is that they are very open about their relationships.

“Wewe ni mama mjinga” Activist tells Kajala after Rayvanny leaks private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

The second thing they have in common is failed relationships that were publicised and cast to all our social media timelines because they are the ones who opened up their relationships for the adoring public to witness and experience.


I would have added Yummy Mummy to that list of female celebs but to be fair, she quickly read the script and decided to leave her relationship off her social media brand content. So in the face of new evidence, I shall adjust my opinions accordingly.

Karen Nyamu leaves tongues wagging after throwing insults at Samidoh for rejecting her

Anyway, these female celebs do not seem to learn from each other’s failures nor do they have any sort of introspection and as a result, we are always so well informed as to what it is that is going on in their relationships. We know when things are great and we know when the relationship has gone belly up without them ever having to confirm anything. This is usually because when there is a problem, they delete their man off their page. When they are sad because of “bae”, they share fake inspirational quotes.

NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai

But as they say,

sicut superius et inferius.

Or you know, as we plebs would say it, “As above, so below”.

That means that when you are into a girl and you notice that just like Kenyan celebs, she is into posting everything on her social media account, that is a huge red flag as to why you shouldn’t date her. And we can really base the entire argument on what we know about Kenyan celebs and their failed marriages.

Why Kenyan women are posting more thirst traps on Instagram

#1. Not one influencer can claim that having their relationship out in the public strengthened it

The reason why this is not a thing, is because now you have to also weigh the opinions of your social media inlaws. We invite the burden of their expectations and also attempt to sell them an illusion. If you have more than a lukewarm IQ, then you know that relationships are not a walk in the park. They have a lot of ups and downs and every day you’re in one is a decision to maintain it.
You however lose the freedom to navigate the issues in your relationship and work out a solution in privacy. So imagine having an issue with your girlfriend who posts everything on social media and then her followers start telling her to move on and find a better guy… Why bother even getting into this position with her to begin with?

The Amberay situation shows modern women don’t even know how to be co-wives

#2. It opens new avenues for insecurities to seep in

If your girlfriend is either an influencer or she is always following what her favourite influencers are doing, then you’re familiar with the headache of having her compare herself and her life to what she sees online. These are also the girls in my class who get upset when bae likes another girl’s photos.


And woe on you if she follows these relationship influencers. She starts packing on the drama and pressure because This Is Ess was given a helicopter ride before she was proposed to. And lets face it, younger women are more impressionable than their older counterparts so you can imagine the headache you’d have to contend with. She wants to go out on a date to the same expensive place her friend was at and posted to her IG stories. So why bother? And that is on the more mild side of things.

Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

#3. It heightens competition anxiety

That was the last thing you want. Every time you post something and get a couple of likes, every time you like another girl’s post or when you ignore hers, she immediately assumes it is because you have a romantic interest in her. Or having to constantly assure your partner that you’re still into her but you still like the risque photo that her friend posted -innocently.

Imagine if she loves thirst trapping men online? Or she has an Only Fans account? Now your sanity is constantly tested when she posts herself and a whole host of horny men shoot their shot. How then can you create a successful relationship? You can’t.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

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Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai look like they are headed towards being a statistic of just how flighty modern day marriages have become or maybe because they haven’t been married for more than a year, the end of their marriage will be an annulment.

Ben Pol allegedly files divorce from Anerlisa Muigai barely a year after their wedding

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai have been the fodder of gossip for quite a while as she did the rubbish that modern women do that is childish: deleting photos of her husband whenever they fight and constantly unfollowing him.

Ben Pol
Anerlisa Muigai was quick to let us know alot of men were thirsting after her when her marriage to Ben Pol was first rumoured to be on the rocks

Often, this is how modern women let us all know that she is upset at her husband rather than deal with everything in-house. And given that Ben Pol is a high-value male with status, wealth and good looks, he was never going to the one to vumilia the nonsense.

Anerlisa Muigai’s reaction after Ben Pol converts to Islam

And now the chicken have come home to roost but the question I want to ask is; who exactly is surprised by the outcome of their marriage? Who can say they were blindsided by the news that Ben Pol filed for divorce? I don’t think this has even caught Anerlisa Muigai by surprise.

Ben Pol, Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa seemed unaware that her husband wanted to convert to Islam

You see, when we take a look at their relationship from the outside looking in, what we see is a woman who had refused to follow her husband’s frame. I get it, she is an heiress to the Keroche Industry business, but when it comes to the household, she showed an unwillingness to fall into his frame. That is why her social media remained unchanged other than a few cosmetic things.

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s relationship shows us what to expect out of modern marriages

Then when he went to Saudi Arabia, Anerlisa Muigai seemed as shocked as we were to learn Ben Pol, her husband, had converted to Islam. And she did nothing to try and meet him halfway by trying to immerse herself into that culture. You see, it makes sense that she, having been raised a Christian, probably wouldn’t want to change her religion but like with all other religions, there is a culture that comes along with the faith. She did not immerse herself into the culture.

Ben Pol, Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol and his wife back when the love was strong

You see, another major hurdle that we do not want to discuss just yet is the fact that Anerlisa Muigai came from Nairobi Kenya. A decadent city coiffed in pretences of being liberal. She, probably, like most girls raised in Nairobi, did not know what marriage entailed. And Ben Pol comes from Dar Es Salaam (or is it Dodoma?) where they have an entirely different mindset towards marriage.

Ben Pol’s mother finally addresses his son’s failed marriage to Anerlisa Muigai, shares new information

Anerlisa Muigai has had a plethora of relationships including one rumoured dalliance with a female who goes by the name of Natasha Johnson and all her relationships ended in animosity. That is a precursor to what she knows about maintaining relationships. Ben Pol might eventually be convinced to take back his wife and they might try their hand at fixing their issues but I wouldn’t advise him to waste his energy.

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Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s relationship shows us what to expect out of modern marriages

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben pol’s marriage is rumoured to be on the rocks and to be honest, it is they who have caused these rumours to start circulating by the actions -or lack thereof.

Ben Pol’s mother finally addresses his son’s failed marriage to Anerlisa Muigai, shares new information

You see, Anerlisa Muyigai and Ben Pol were the type to share every little bit of their relationship on social media. We were treated to the sights and sounds of their courtship. We watched as they moved from innocent romance into a fully-fledged adult relationship complete with an end in mind. And we watched them cross that finish line but here is where the rest of us need to sit up and take note because they were unable to answer the question that faces every newlywed couple; the question of “what next?”

Ben Pol
Ben Pol after his conversion to Islam

From treating us to the photos and videos of their exotic dates to treating us to the advice Anerlisa Muigai would occasionally post on her social media account and Ben Pol looking like an introvert cast into a world he seemed ill at ease with. Ultimately, when the wedding happened, we seemed to have been flung from a romantic tale with its own happily ever after to being treated to the big bad monster of what comes after the wedding ceremony is over and the bride and groom are left to chart the path of their lives (both individual and united).

Anerlisa Muigai talks about her insecurities now that she is married to a Bongo superstar!

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol seemed to fall apart almost immediately. On social media, a couple whose pattern had taught us to expect their photos and videos decided to delete each other’s photos off their individual platforms. A couple that was not shy about flaunting their love now hid that sought of stuff and would get defensive when their respective fans and followers raised questions. Anerlisa particularly became prickly about the topic of what was happening on the homefront.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South

Then we saw Ben Pol make the monumental life decision of converting to Islam and his wife was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t by his side and many thought the step had caught her flatfooted. But at this point, we need to understand for our own benefit that a wedding is never the end goal of courtship. Sure, it is a monumental leap but the end goal should always be to build wealth together (or galvanize and protect already amassed wealth) and to raise children in the most healthy environment known to man -a family.

Anerlisa Muigai’s reaction after Ben Pol converts to Islam

Anerlisa Muigai is someone who is showing us through her situation with Ben Pol that a couple that is dating needs to give more than a passing thought to what life will be like when they finally have the marriage they pursued. You see, Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol both come from immensely wealthy families but they have completely different world views given their different walks through life up until this point. They see a problem from different angles and see opportunities differently because of how their families socialized them and also because of how their environments shaped their thought patterns.

Ben Pol

Young couples need to plan out their lives together before they take their vows to see whether or not they are compatible. Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol are showing this. They are also showing that for a family to work, for two people to come together and build a family, they have to make some tough decisions as well as they possibly can. They have to find middle ground on things such as ambition, world view and sometimes the only way to do so is to come to a compromise.

The social media photos are nice. The loving videos are great. They inspire young couples to keep marching onto their wedding days but there has to be more than just that ceremony that the couple are looking forward to. Ben Pol should have taken charge and leadership in this matter. It should have been him guiding Anerlisa Muigai on charting their “what next”. Perhaps that is happening but I highly doubt it given he seems to be charting his own individual path.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol and Anerlisa during happier days

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Focus on your life! Anerlisa fires at Kenyans asking her where her engagement ring has gone 

Kenyans are up Anerlisa Muigai’s neck trying to find out where her engagement ring has disappeared to.

Muigai shared a video on her Instagram page and some Kenyans quickly pointed out that she’s no longer wearing her engagement ring from fiance Ben Pol.

“Where is your ring @anerlisa,” she was asked:

To which she replied: @ann.kioko The day an engagement ring will be worn on the right hand, then come ask me that question…


Anerlisa went on to blast the fans who were interested in her life saying that was her right hand and not left. But a closer look shows that she was lying and she always wears the ring on her left hand.

“Why are you two so bothered about my ring? Since you all want facts, check my post from 2 days ago where I have a pink outfit and see the difference of the hand. And on my left hand is where I put my watch too ????. Enjoy your weekend dears,” she said.


Suprise as Keroche Heiress Anerlisa is named among richest Instagram influencers in the world 

Keroche breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has been featured in the 2019 Instagram Rich List released on Wednesday making her the only Kenyan and East African on the list.

The list compiles the world’s top social media influencers and how much they get paid to post promotional material on their Instagram. It is compiled by Hopper HQ, an automated Instagram scheduler.

Top on the list is Kylie Jenner who charges a whopping Sh126 million per post. Anerlisa, who ranked number 129 out of 136, makes Sh 340,000 per post.

She has 825,230 followers on her Instagram account.

The top African on the list is Egyptian footballer Mohammed Salah who is paid Sh16.5 million per post followed by Davido who is ranked 38th in the world, actress Funke Akibelle Bello (45), Ayodeji “Wizkid” Balogun (46), singer Tiwa Savage (48) and make up artist Jackie Aina (131).

Here is the full list

Anerlisa denies there’s beef between her and Betty Kyalo after giving her show blue ticks 

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai recently revealed why she hasn’t appeared on Betty Kyalo’s show on K24 TV and some Kenyans quickly connected it with some unexpected drama.  Muigai explained to a fan that she will not appear on Kyalo’s show because she wants to maintain her privacy.

Kyalo, after moving to the station, has been hosting celebrities and showing their homes as she gets candid with them. Several celebs including Njugush, Akothee and Khaligraph Jones have already made an appearance.

Some Kenyans however started claiming that she’s not appearing in the show because she has beef with Kyalo. In a statement on her social media, Anerlisa said that media people are just trying to create something that’s not there looking for drama.

“I am all about women empowerment and it’s really saddening when I see certain stories go round. I made a light comment about why I did not want to show my life on tv and that’s because I prefer my life private now but you media people just want to create conflict between BK and I,” she posted.

No drama

Some claimed that she didn’t want to appear on the show because Kyalo didn’t wish her a happy birthday.

“What does my birthday have to do with my show appearance? Yes, I did say about not been wished happy birthday but really…is that even news? I mean I also don’t remember their birthdays until they post about it… please keep me out of your dramas/created stories and shout out to @bettymuteikyallo for your amazing show, I wish you nothing but the best and to every woman out there trying to make ends meet, I pray daily that we all make it to the top ?. #OnlySpreadingLove


Anerlisa Muigai reveals why she rejected Betty Kyalo’s offer of appearing on her show

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has finally revealed why she hasn’t appeared on Betty Kyalo’s show on K24 TV.

Kyalo, after moving to the station, has been hosting celebrities and showing their homes as she gets candid with them. Several celebs including Njugush, Akothee and Khaligraph Jones have already made an appearance.

For Anerlisa however, she won’t be on the show any time soon because she’s trying to maintain her privacy. A fan asked Anerlisa why she hasn’t appeared on the show yet and she had a simple answer.

“You look amazing I want to see you on up close weekend with Betty.” said the fan. 

Anerlisa to replied: I declined as I prefer a life more private now. 

The rich kid is now dating Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. The two have been publicly displaying their love on social media for close to an year now sine they fell in love.

Watch out

A lot of fans however have been warning Anerlisa to keep a watch on Pol claiming that he’s a gold digger. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she turned down the show.




Anerlisa Muigai to Kenyans: Do I look like I work hard, keep my body fit just to be with a baba

Anerlisa Muigai is not the type of lady you’d see dating a rich old guy. Nope. Maybe Huddah, but not her.

Not because she comes from a filthy rich family, but because she knows her worth and, an old guy doesn’t deserve it. The rich kid, who is dating Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, has confronted her critics on social media who urged her to date older men.

On social media, she captioned a picture of an old, tummy-full man to fire back at Kenyans who want her to dump Ben Pol for an older guy.

“The kind of guy people will be happy to see me with. Do I look like I work hard, keep my body fit just to be with a baba?” she said. 

Young men

Anerlisa hasn’t been so lucky with “young” guys.

Her former boyfriend Stephen, proposed to her sometime in 2017 but they broke up just six months after the engagement. Don then came after him and things turned out even uglier.

Well, lets just hope Ben will take us home in this third round because the two really look in love.

‘People will judge you no matter the age’ Anerlisa Muigai’s deep message before turning 31 years old 

Fresh off a long vacation(baecation) that left many feeling like it was more of a honeymoon than just a get away, rich kid Anerlisa Muigai is back in the country and ready to work.

Anerlisa has spent the better part of December in Dubai alongside her ride-o-die Ben Pol. The two have littered social media with pictures as they enjoyed their vacation and celebrate their flaming love.

Anerlisa might be planning yet another short holiday, or party soon, since her birthday is just around the corner. She will be turning 31 years old and she had a deep message for her followers now that she’s really getting “old”.

“In exactly 3 days ill be turning 31 years which to be honest have to say is a blessing. I remember when was little younger used to think 31 years was very very old. The only regret i had in my 20s is that i cared a lot about what other people said about me. My advice to young people in their early 20s is to concentrate more on you and what makes you better. Don’t focus alot on relationships, social media and getting certain things quickly. Focus on your education and the career you want to take after university. I have grown up with so much pressure to be a certain person that people expect and i realized that was only damaging me.” she said. 

Ignore judgment

Muigai urged her followers to be different this year. She asked them to focus less on entertainment and more on education in case they want a brighter future.

“If you focus on you, your goals and dreams will definitely be achieved. Don’t also pay too much attention to people who think they know your life more than you do and want to plan for you your life. People will judge you no matter the age, that is guaranteed to always be there.

Looking forward to turning 31 years. I have become more wiser and my focus right now is my business and make people around me happy and better. ?. Have A Blessed Sunday. ?️Ⓜ️” she said.