Anerlisa Muigai over the moon as boyfriend turns a year older

Just like Lilian Muli, Betty Kyallo, Zari Hassan and many others have not had luck in love so has Anerlisa Muigai. Despite bagging herself Ben Pol a few years back – the two got married and barely 6 months into their marriage, the two parted ways.

Anerlisa Muigai unfortunately then filed her first divorce at 31 years – confirming she was done and over with her marriage. After the separation rumor has it she got involved with Melvin Ibrahim who he is the director of Apex Automotive ke, a company that deals with dealing and importing cars.

Maybe an upgrade from her ex – which may also explain why she has been parading him on her social media pages of late.

Well, once again Anerlisa has decided to put her bae on display but this time around is because she was celebrating his birthday. In a post shared on her gram, Anerlisa marked her bae’s birthday saying;

Happy Birthday @m.e.l.v.i.n_I.b.r.a.h.i.m God Bless you.

Anerlisa celebrates new bae

Anerlisa enjoying new found love

The new post comes a few weeks just before the couple marks their first anniversary on 20th of June 2022; new information given to fans by the Keroche heiress.

Anerlisa Muigai

If we are not wrong, this means Melvin Ibrahmim and Anerlisa got involved way before she came out clean about her relationship with Ben Pol. However in April 2021, Anerlisa confirmed the divorce rumors in a post where she wrote;

I would like to make it clear that I signed whatever needed to be signed and I do not wish to be associated with anyone. My focus right now is my career and peace.

And by June she had already sealed another relationship with Melvin. Well, it’s been a year already and from the look of things – Anerlisa seems to have found her perfect match.

Ben Pol finally comes clean on breakup rumors with Anerlisa Muigai 

2020 might just not have been the year for the Keroche Breweries’ family after losing their youngest daughter, Tecra in May, with Anerlisa’s marriage barely 2 months old, already in shambles.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol must have been one of the most admired Kenyan-Tanzanian couple whose love flame light up in 2019 before the two decided to officiate their marriage traditionally and in 2020, did a low-key star-studded white wedding down in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol wed

What we might best refer to as a love bubble that had seen the two bewitched so deep in love, happily ever after was never a second thought.

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Unfortunately, recent trends from the duo has raised eyebrows in the public after the couple pulled down photos of each other on their Instagram timelines accompanied with cryptic messages that was a tell-tale that there was trouble in paradise!

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

Hawk-eyed fans could not help but notice that Anerlisa’s wedding ring was no longer in its place and there was nothing from the two to gush about each other.

Soon after, Ben Pol who had taken some time off his social media re-emerged with a cryptic post clarifying;

I needed some cleansing to do????❤.

Because for him, it is time to stop prioritizing on people who do not consider him a priority in the first place instead opting for self love.

I think it’s time to take care of myself and put myself first!!

Ben Pol treats fans with Napenda Nipate Lau Nafasi
Tanzanian artist, Ben Pol

And for those that had a flurry of questions to ask him regards what was going on in their small world, he apologized stating that this is just not the time.

If you are trying to reach me at this time I’m so sorry, I will contact you.

Ben Pol’s cryptic Instagram post

New photo from Anerlisa and Benpol’s private wedding emerges online!

Anerlisa Muigai is legally married to the love of her life, Ben Pol! The couple are said to have held  a private wedding that saw only close friends and family attend back in Tanzania.

The two are however not just withholding details from the wedding; but also photos from the private ceremony. This is probably because they hope to keep their personal life on the low but thanks to Anerlisa; we now have a new photo of her looking dolled up on her wedding day.

As seen on the photo, it appears that Anerlisa chose to go with a nude look that left her looking like the most beautiful bride in the world! She not only had a simple look but we are guessing it cost more than anyone could imagine since can afford it; and being her wedding day, Mrs Ben Pol had no option but to stand out.

Anerlisa Weds Benpol

How they met

Although the two rarely share any information about their relationship; Ben Pol once opened up revealing how he met Anerlisa and how they  ended up being close.

According to Ben Pol he met his wife while at a conference in Nairobi back in 2018. From then he started talking to Anerlisa and at some point got to exchange contacts. However at that time Ben Pol further did not know who the business executive was; but she on the other hand, recognized him.

“Mimi na Anerlisa tulikutana mwaka 2018 mwanzoni! Nilikuwa Kenya kikazi tukakutana kwenye Press Conference iliyoandaliwa na rafiki yake! Wakati huo sikuwa namfahamu wala kujia anafanya nini lakini yeye alikuwa ananijua! Tukaongea na tukabadilishana namba na mengine yakafuata. Mwanzo sikuwa na nia ya kimahusiano kwake, nilikuwa navutiwa na vibe lake kwenye stories,”

3 years down the line and the couple is now living as man and wife; and from the look of things, these two undeniably complete each other! Check out the new photo below;

Bride, Anerlisa Muigai

“I would still choose you over and over again!” Anerlisa Muigai pours out her hearts to her fiancé

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is undeniably a lucky man to have won the heart of Anerlisa Muigai who seems to be head over heels over her man.

So far it has been confirmed that the two will be walking down the aisle pretty soon and their fans can’t wait to see this. 

It is also clear to see how comfortable and proud Anerlisa Muigai is to have Ben Pol in her life as she often parades his photos on her Instagram page – something we rarely saw in her past short relationships. 

Anerlisa in love!

In her latest post shared on her Instagram story; the lovely Anerlisa Muigai pours out her heart to her fiancé leaving many envying their perfect love.

She went on to write saying;

God has blessed me with many things but nothing compares to having somebody who makes you fall in love over and over again, somebody who makes you sane, human and most of all God fearing. I would still choose you over and over again my love.


Well let’s see how their wedding will go down.

Keroche Breweries heiress, Anerlisa Muigai set to mother twins

Nero CEO, Anerlisa Muigai recently got betrothed to her Tanzanian lover, Ben Pol, and is set to mother twins in couple months to come.

This has been revealed by the beauty on social media, who captions a video where Ben Pol is playing the piano and reads:

I pray the twins will look like you????

Anerlisa crowns the video with love hearts just side by side with Ben Pol´s music video.

The Tanzanian artist is seen dedicating such a romantic and futuristic song to his affluent heiress, Anerlisa.

We first start with the keyboard´s notes that are articulately played along then, part of his song which goes:

Hivi….au kapanga Mungu..

Wale walokwacha nyuma watajilaumu..

The bongo artist pities Anerlisa´s exes who might have left behind a pack of gold which he cherishes to the very end.

However, Ben Pol shares that many wish to see them part ways, dipping in all sorts of bitter comments and criticisms:

Penzi wanatia sumu..

Tutengane soon…

The Keroche Breweries CEO then questions if she ought to feature in the song´s video or not in a YES/NO Q&A.

The song by Ben Pol is set to be released soon.


Just weeks ago, news of Anerlisa being heavily pregnant was shared by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Mr Kabu while they were on a night out with the couple.

However, Ben Pol and Anerlisa failed to affirm nor deny the news with Anerlisa even questioning what is going on around her with the ¨Congratulations¨ DMs.

Fans however felt that the two actually ought to have been the ones breaking the news to us and not an outsider.

Anerlisa Muigai´s Fiancee, Ben Pol out to prove the naysayers wrong?

Kenya´s wealthiest heiress, Anerlisa Muigai had her Easter season spoilt after her fiancee, Ben Pol gifted her a Ksh 100,000+ smart phone.

On her Instagram stories, the Nero CEO spilt the beans to the world in a series of photos and videos.

Tanzania´s Ben Pol sent over a Samsung Galaxy S10+ to his beauty just as a random gift.

She captioned:

Anerlisa might have desired to bash off the haters but well, decided to keep her cool and appreciate what´s at hand and the REAL man in her life.

She seems super excited and can´t wait to have it in her own hands, even though, her scope of wealth could have bought the entire family their own but well, it´s a gift.

The least she could do was take it in and appreciate the kind yet surprising gesture.


Anerlisa Muigai´s relationship announcement with Ben Pol might have displayed the wrong picture and sent the wrong message to the public.

This is after the public´s view of the duo, was that the lady was super rich but Tanzania´s Ben Pol was just in the whole saga to spend her profits.

Additionally, Ben Pol´s ex-girlfriend exposed him stating he is just out to bag in as much cash as he can afford, forewarning Anerlisa:

I am not even hurt because I see Ben Pol as a Ben 10.

I laugh at him because he is enjoying the good life, he is taken to Dubai on holiday because he does not have money.

You know he is just around her to carry her purse.

This situation remained a gamble for quite a while but seems Ben Pol is out to prove the naysayers wrong.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol declared themselves a couple early in the year, which has seen the two reap tremendous profits right from romantic gestures to surprising gifts.

The two made it formal before their parents hinting that the future is set for the two.