Anerlisa Muigai reveals the only trait that can make her weak for a man

I know many are waiting to see whether Anerlisa Muigai will join ex husband in mourning his late dad (ex father in law) but before we see that happen in public; let’s talk about what makes Anerlisa Muigai happy or attracted to a person.

As you already know – she is a woman who keeps her private life off social media…maybe just shared cute photos with bae…but nothing past that. With such limited access, many men continue wondering what it takes to bag the lady and thanks to her latest post – looks like we might have the answer.

Well according to Anerlisa Muigai, all she wants is someone who can protect her. Protect her feelings, her as a person and their relationship.

People who have had a chance of being in your life should be the first to protect you.


Not finding joy in telling others your weakness  and fabricating stories.

And I’m thinking….hapa Frankie Just Gym It hawezi qualify.

Anerlisa Muigai finally finds happiness

Seeing that she used one of her photos with bae, I want to believe the post was either directed at ex boyfriends who kept failing her by telling others about her weakness and issues.

However the new man in her life has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to her because he is a master at protecting her peace of mind; and isn’t out here sharing personal stories about the Muigai’s. To show how happy she went on to conclude her post with;

I am weak for people who protect others ????????????????

After seeing how Frankie Just Gym It exposed his two baby mamas – I bet this is the kind of betrayal Anerlisa Muigai is avoiding.

Anerlisa Muigai over the moon as boyfriend turns a year older

Just like Lilian Muli, Betty Kyallo, Zari Hassan and many others have not had luck in love so has Anerlisa Muigai. Despite bagging herself Ben Pol a few years back – the two got married and barely 6 months into their marriage, the two parted ways.

Anerlisa Muigai unfortunately then filed her first divorce at 31 years – confirming she was done and over with her marriage. After the separation rumor has it she got involved with Melvin Ibrahim who he is the director of Apex Automotive ke, a company that deals with dealing and importing cars.

Maybe an upgrade from her ex – which may also explain why she has been parading him on her social media pages of late.

Well, once again Anerlisa has decided to put her bae on display but this time around is because she was celebrating his birthday. In a post shared on her gram, Anerlisa marked her bae’s birthday saying;

Happy Birthday @m.e.l.v.i.n_I.b.r.a.h.i.m God Bless you.

Anerlisa celebrates new bae

Anerlisa enjoying new found love

The new post comes a few weeks just before the couple marks their first anniversary on 20th of June 2022; new information given to fans by the Keroche heiress.

Anerlisa Muigai

If we are not wrong, this means Melvin Ibrahmim and Anerlisa got involved way before she came out clean about her relationship with Ben Pol. However in April 2021, Anerlisa confirmed the divorce rumors in a post where she wrote;

I would like to make it clear that I signed whatever needed to be signed and I do not wish to be associated with anyone. My focus right now is my career and peace.

And by June she had already sealed another relationship with Melvin. Well, it’s been a year already and from the look of things – Anerlisa seems to have found her perfect match.