Ex couple Juliani and actress Brenda Wairimu host a lit birthday to celebrate their daughter’s 5th birthday

Rapper Juliani and his baby mama, actress Brenda Wairimu are proud parents of their daughter who turned 5 years on 8th January.

The two went on to shower their baby girl with praises on her birthday remembering the happy memories they have been sharing so far.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

Judgin from Juliani’s post it appears that Brenda Wairimu is the one who came up with the idea of throwing their daughter a surprise birthday party in school. He went on to write saying;

Juliani at his daughter’s birthday

Today my little one, Amor Njeri turned 5yrs. She celebrated this day at his school na ma classmates. Special thanks to @BrendaWairimu for going the extra mile to make it happen. I wish her Godfather would’ve been here to see it.

Brenda Wairimu’s message to her daughter

Amor’s mother on the other hand went on to write;

“Could we BE any happier?!? Happy 5th birthday my Amor Njeri ⛄❄????”

Below are a few photos from the party that went down at Amor’s school.

Juliani hints baby mama, Actress Brenda Wairimu is obsessed with material possessions

This past weekend gospel artist Juliani opened up about his private life while speaking to Betty Kyallo on Up Close.

For the very first time Juliani confirmed that he was no longer in a relationship with his baby mama Brenda Wairimu for almost two years now.

This however comes a few months after Brenda Wairimu revealed that she was no longer seeing Juliani; however she was not in a hurry to start dating anybody else.

“I was in a serious relationship for eight years, if not more. I’m slowly learning how to date again. That does not mean I am desperate to get someone. Besides, I am not sure when I will be ready for something serious,”

Juliani opens up

Anyway during Juliani’s interview with Betty Kyallo, the singer praised his baby mama for being the perfect mother to their daughter despite their ups and downs. He opened up saying;

Juliani with Brenda Wairimu and their daughter

“We haven’t been together for almost two years, with Brenda. She is a great mother, she is a good human being and she has been helpful, helping me raise my child, understanding. So as a person namwombea mema. Naomba God afungue njia yake in all the things she is planning to do. I still spend time with my daughter. I spent like four days with her just the other day kwa hao. I try my level best to be there, but I spend as much time with her. At least the mother is helpful in that she is always trying to make me spend more time with her, even when najidai niko busy.”

What however caught most people’s attention is the fact that Juliani hunted that his ex was too concerned with material possessions pushing their relationship to break. He concluded saying;

“So me this time nikiwa in a relationship it won’t be “give me, give me, give me” it will be all about what can I give to make it thrive. Ukiwa kwa hii environment yangu hata kama the next day hautanilike but utasema, my experience with this guy I became a better person. Nikifika hiyo level nitashukuru mungu sana,”

Juliani opens up about his break up with his baby mama, actress Brenda Wairimu

They say relationships are hard but I think marriages are harder and very few couples actually make it to this phase.

Anyway, Brenda Wairimu and rapper Juliani have apparently been apart for 2 years now as revealed by the Hela hit maker while speaking up close with Betty Kyallo.

Juliani with Brenda Wairimu

According to Juliani, things between him and his baby mama did not turn out as planned and was forced to call off the relationship. However this created the perfect platform for Co parenting for him and Brenda Wairimu.

“We have not been together for nearly two years. She is a great mother [to our daughter]. She is a good human being. She has done a great job in raising our child.”

For the very first time Juliani went on to describe the type of woman he would want to settle down with saying;

Juliani with Betty Kyallo

“I am not planning to get into a relationship anytime soon. I do not need to be loved romantically now. In my next relationship, I would focus on positively impacting my partner such that even if we do not end up together, she would have acquired positive attributes from me.”

Brenda Wairimu as a mum

Although their relationship did not last as expected, Juliani says that Brenda Wairimu has definitely been doing a great job of raising their daughter, Amor Owino. He went on to say;

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

“Brenda is a very understanding person…I wish her well. I pray to God to grant her success in everything she plans to do.”

About Co parenting Juliani went on to add;

I spend time with my daughter often. Like recently, I spent four days with her. Brenda Wairimu is open to co-parenting, and she has really been supportive on that front. She always advises I spend more time with the girl.” 

Brenda Wairimu launches cloth line(photo)

Actress Brenda Wairimu has launched her new cloth line.

Dubbed ‘Brendish’, the actress has joined several other Kenyans with home made cloth lines.

On social media, the actress explained that it has been a long journey since she started making her own clothes which in the end have become a line.

“I started making my own clothes! Stuff that fits my style and I would wear, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, I even made stuff for my guy friends too! And when I wore them, I got some real good reviews, I had two crop sweaters literally bought off my back. I should have given them for free, but the world invented this thing called school fees ????????‍♀️.” she posted. 


Her products include sweaters, hoodies, and dresses and she also mentioned that she has made several other designs so far.

“So we made more, and I am extremely excited to share the prototypes and few of the designs with you as we slowly but surely get this going!!! I’m thinking of calling this particular design ASHley ????????????. I would love to have you guys with a piece of me in your daily lives. So for now, follow @brandbrendishand all details on pieces, pricing.” she said.  


Cute actress Brenda Wairimu learning to date again after Juliani shattered her heart and left her with a daughter 

It’s been almost two years now after Juliani and actress Brenda Wairimu parted ways. The two, who have a daughter together, parted ways silently without much drama but Kenyans eventually realized after noticing they stopped posting pictures together.

Brenda has now revealed that she has never really moved on, but she’s making progress.

“Being single is well…different. I was in a serious relationship for 8 years, if not more. I am slowly learning to date again but not sure when I will be ready for something serious. I have not been on a date lately (laughs),” she said in interview with Pulser.


Wairimu also shared that being a single parent sometimes worries her but she has everything under control.

“I know the most stories told about motherhood are on the beauty of it. But in all honesty, I am anxious now more than I have ever been. I worry a lot about her (Amor), if I am raising her well, if she is safe, how to do better for her, how to be more selfless. Every day is a learning process,” she said. 


Brenda Wairimu lights up social media while trying to figure out which ‘Kikuyu’ car to buy

The year 2018 was one good year for actress Brenda Wairimu in terms of her career opening up and landing major acting roles.

The actress also won several awards including best lead actress in the film category for her role in the film Subira at Kalasha Awards.

With such a lovely year, perhaps it was time for the mother of one to upgrade her ride. Brenda took to social media to make a rather funny announcement that she’s thinking of acquiring a brand new Toyota Harrier which costs about Ksh 3.3 million.

The actress confessed that she has been using a Probox she inherited from her late mum who passed away in 2015. She nicknamed the car Spider but shared that it has been proving rather undependable a reason why she needs a new one.

“You guys know I’ve been driving my late mum’s Probox for the longest. My bomb car, and I call her spider…coz it’s raised, akaekewa ma broad…But now lol… should I go full entrepreneur Kikuyu aunt in her 30’s with this…” she said. 

She then went ahead to make fun of the two cars while trying to solicit advice on which she should buy.

Here are the screenshots:


Thirst trap! Juliani’ fiancé steps out in a lingerie living no room for imagination

Actress Brenda Wairimu seems be the topic on social media. Well, this comes after the young mum of one shared some new never before seen photos of herself in a lingerie.

This came as a surprise mostly because for years now Brenda Wairimu has preferred keeping her image ‘clean.’ However seems that all this changed for some reason judging from her late posts shared on 9th October evening!

The actress who is engaged to gospel singer Juiani stepped out in a tiny lingerie leaving most of her goods out in the open. In one post the actress went on to reveal that her late mum bought her the sexy lingerie about 6 years ago but never got the chance to wear it.


Fans react

Judging from most comments, seems that most people (men) were ready to take a bullet for the young lady. By just looking at this new side of Brenda Wairimu well you can understand why most good girls are said to have nasty sides hidden beneath their good characters.

Check out the photos below.

Brenda Wairumu hints that baby daddy Juliani dumped her?

Kenyans have been wondering what happened to gospel singer Juliani and his sexy baby mama Brenda Wairimu. The two have been staying away from each other, at least online, leaving Kenyans with questions whether they are still dating.

Not together anymore?

In a recent social media post, Wairimu hinted that they might be not together saying:

“Blink away tears and walk forward, even if the first step hurts…because we grow fearless, by walking into our fears,” she said.

This comes after Juliani, in an interview, said that Brenda is not humble and even dedicated a song to her in his new album.

“I have a song that will reveal to you guys whether we are still dating or not but as far as what I have learned is human beings have ego. Binadamu hujidai sana, until you get them in hospital sick or dead. It is high time we humble ourselves especially in relationships and avoid including ego,” said Juliani. 

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu’s daughter finally joins preschool, check out her adorable photo

A couple of celebrities in the Kenyan entertainment industry are experiencing the joy and tears of seeing their babies join school. About a week ago we witnessed Size 8 and DJ MO’s daughter join school but the couple was not ready to part ways with their baby even for the few hours.

Another couple, Juliani and his fiancé Brenda Wairimu have now enrolled their 3 year old daughter to an unknown preschool. According to Brenda, this has been one of the hardest experiences she has had to deal with.

Brenda Wairimu too attached to her baby

After sharing a photo of her all grown daughter the popular actress went on to write saying;


First day of school…lemme go cry I’ll be right back.

In yet another post the lady went on to say;

This however proves how much the lady loves her baby but it’s just the beginning of parenting!

Never before seen photo of Juliani with his daughter

Gospel singer Juliani has lately been keeping a low profile. He has taken time to release new projects however looking at his social media pages – the fella seems to be up to something.

Away from his musical career, lately the singer has been letting his fans know how much he loves his fiancé, Brenda Wairimu. Just the other day he wrote her a moving poem pouring out his heart in powerful bars that left fans admiring his skills of writing.

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The two are said to have dated for some years now. However, sometime back things between the two seemed impossible but word has it that they are set to wed soon.

Their daughter

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu were blessed with a baby girl about 3 years ago. The couple has however made sure to keep her off their social media pages at all costs. Brenda Wairimu once revealed that she was not ready to put her daughter in the hands of merciless social media critics.

Juliani with his baby girl

Singer Juliani writes a moving poem for his fiancé, Brenda Wairimu –you should take notes!

Gospel singer Juliani rarely shows his fans his soft side but when it come down to his daughter and fiancé, Brenda Wairimu the fella becomes somebody to totally different.

A few weeks ago he got on his knees and proposed to his baby mama Brenda Wairimu who also happens to be the mother of his child. Their union however left many shocked as the two were earlier said to have split following some issues.

Juliani with his fiance, Brenda Wairimu

However, their relationship seems to have overcome all the trials as the two are set t walk down the aisle very soon. Anyway, Juliani continues to show how much he appreciates his woman through his social media pages where he recently posted a poem dedicated to Brenda Wairimu. He wrote saying

Brenda Wairimu with Juliani

Ka outfit za hart the band, ina colors.
bad days. Unafaa kua miss india, venye we ni bomb bae!
Hutaki kuniona ndeee ka wall safi siku za campaign.

Si promise life ya champagne Sauti yako inani weza nikikusikia from the other end ya kabambe.

Netflix and chill Una prefer candle lit, kupunguza bill that’s why nakuita mami wa power.
Selfie wakiwa dubai, kwa raha zao, mi najua tu one middle east
Hii ni spiritual nani, si tu release ya G, kuteremsha zip.

Solar system inapata rhythm
break barrier za isms.
Bora tufike, kwa rim ama kwa limb

Walisema ulichukua rib, chukua ile, chukua hii, chukua all, chukua finger chukua ring, chukua jina, chukua one knee.
Anakaa wewe ama anakaa mimi?
Mtoto ni Perfection ya mapenzi
Mara nyingi Nimesikia jina yangu wakitaja “and the winner is”
Lakini haikaribii yeye kuniita daddy
Na Smile ya milk teeth.
Sisemi mi ni Angel lakini niko far from the devil, hatakaa nilimea pembe.
Hata jogoo hawezi wika kwa mkono ya jamaa wa mlembe.
Tunasahau the past but uchungu inarudi nikigwaruza same place uli hurt.
Kadhaa nimefanya mistakes, pia wewe one way, the same.
Hope love ni strong enough sio weakness ya barafu kwa naked flame.
Boys wana fall for dimples
Real men wana look forward to wrinkles.

Nipe forever, pia ni love leo ni kama ni siku ya mwisho ya forever.
Hizo ni stripes za womanhood, usitumie filter kuficha cellulite, na respect their hustle, tho The only thing wanaeza offer ni IG likes.
Dance ya mwiko ni furaha ya tumbo.
Lets take it further umenifanya a father

Kenye me i got, ina mean a lot, ulikwama kama gari engine inaknock, days zikiwa dark kama skin ya Nanok.
Heart ya D na taste ya kempinski
Naamka morning ka Lewinsky, na bill
Si mind ku-spend
Hutaki nikupe one knee kama boss ya pence, kama hakuna mate ya wazazi, ku-bless.
Yellow sun, tukihold hands tukidissapear kwa horizon, nime come all way, from nikiwa base tuki idle, na boys tuko like “ona hizo” urembo tuki measure na Chakupendeza macho.
bad manners za kabich karat, kabich karat.
Mbele nyuma nina 2 Bob; ule ambassador na ule wa mpesa Kwa line,
una heart of gold, that’s why nakuita mine.