Here’s Why A Traditional Cleansing Ceremony Was Held At Late Chira’s Burial Site

A special ceremony was held on Friday, April 26th, at the home of the late TikTok star Brian Chira in Kiambu County, Kenya. The ceremony, led by village elders, aimed to restore balance and cleanse the community after a large and unconventional funeral.

Thousands of mourners attended Chira’s burial, and according to the elders, some customs were not followed.

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Concerns were raised about mourners’ attire, consumption of alcohol and smoking near religious figures, and disrespectful behavior towards elders and traditions.

“Their actions went against the way we were raised,” stated a villager. “We are worried about the future and how these young people will raise their own families.”

The ceremony began with prayers for forgiveness for any transgressions during the funeral. Dressed in traditional attire, the elders performed rituals to cleanse the village of any negative energy that may have lingered due to the large gathering.

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Brian Chira: A Rising Star Cut Short

Brian Chira, known for his entertaining and unique TikTok videos, had amassed a significant following before his tragic death in a hit-and-run accident on March 16th, 2024. An outpouring of support led to over Sh5 million being raised to help his family. Thousands attended his funeral on March 26th, creating a situation that some felt challenged traditional practices.

When his aunt passed away, Brian Chira experienced depression, as revealed by TikToker’s grandfather

Brian Chira’s grandfather, George Ngigi Wamae, has revealed that the late TikToker struggled with depression following the death of his aunt, who had been a significant source of support for him.

Chira had faced early loss in life, losing his mother at the age of 8. Subsequently, he was under the care of his aunt, whose passing left him feeling stranded.

Speaking to Presenter Ali in an interview, Wamae shared insights into Chira’s character, highlighting his disciplined nature as a child.

“He was very disciplined as a young child, the kind you could send on an errand, and he would promptly go. He was very disciplined. It was when he went to campus that he began to change, but by then, he was already an adult. His problems started when his aunt died because she was his biggest support,” Wamae explained.

The loss of his aunt had a profound impact on Chira, triggering a period of depression.

“After his mother’s death, nothing changed. He continued with his education. However, it was after his aunt’s passing that depression started to affect him. Despite facing challenges, his grandmother made every effort to ensure his education. He grew up in the church, and I am surprised by the things people are saying. He was soft-spoken and respectful. We never knew him to be disruptive; he was well-educated,” Wamae added.

Addressing rumors about Chira’s sexuality, Wamae dismissed them, stating that such claims were unfounded.

“I have never heard anything about that. It was only hearsay from people, but it was not true. He aspired to be a leader and to establish his own broadcasting center,” he concluded.

Chira’s grandfather advised those who released films from morgues to act morally

George Ngigi Wamae, Brian Chira’s grandfather, has delivered a message to the person responsible for leaking Brian Chira’s body being prepared in the morgue.

The circulating video, widely shared on social media platforms such as Telegram, sparked outrage and disbelief among viewers.

During an interview with Presenter Ali, Wamae also addressed critics of Chira’s burial, dismissing claims of disorganization.

“We were immensely satisfied with the burial arrangements. This was not just any burial; it was a public event that drew significant attention, all because of Chira. We were pleasantly surprised to see the large turnout and the outpouring of affection for him,” Wamae expressed.

Regarding the leaked morgue video, Wamae emphasized the importance of ethical behavior and respecting privacy.

“It’s crucial to uphold ethical standards, especially when it comes to matters of privacy. Once something goes viral, the damage is done. We need to adapt to this new era and be mindful of the consequences,” he stated.

Brian Chira, a popular TikToker, tragically passed away on Saturday, March 16, 2024, in a hit-and-run accident.

The talented content creator was involved in a road accident in the Karuri area of Kiambu County, according to police reports, succumbing to injuries inflicted by a speeding vehicle.

Prince Mwiti, Chira’s best friend, says he made Sh4.8 million on TikTok

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has made it clear that he won’t be bidding farewell to TikTok anytime soon, despite facing setbacks. This determination comes after the controversial 28-year-old lost his account, boasting over 240k followers.

Undeterred by the setback, Mwiti promptly created a new account and addressed his alleged detractors on TikTok Live, who were purportedly celebrating his account’s suspension.

In a fiery online tirade, Prince Mwiti proudly flaunted his earnings from the platform, stating, “Congratulations. The money that I have made from that account is a lot of money. It was a very beautiful account.”

He proceeded to display screenshots from his PayPal account, revealing that he had amassed millions of Kenyan shillings, even from his previous account, which was hacked.

According to the PayPal records, Prince Mwiti had accumulated $36,921.93, equivalent to Sh.4.8 million.

In his concluding remarks, Mwiti addressed those wishing him ill and those celebrating his account’s suspension, asserting his resilience and unstoppable nature.

“I’m sorted, thank you very much. Let us start afresh. Here is the money; it’s in my PayPal. You all thought I lost it; I’m very unstoppable,” declared the TikToker, urging people to support his new account.

Netizens reacted fervently to his post, expressing their disbelief and sharing what they would do with such a substantial sum of money. However, the reason behind Mwiti’s account ban remains unclear, although it’s not the first time he has faced such a setback, with previous suspensions attributed to conflicts with other content creators.

Baba Talisha gave Mombasa a vacation in exchange for helping Brian Chira’s family.

Expeditions Maasai Safaris has honored content creator Baba Talisha with a generous holiday package for his exceptional efforts in organizing the funeral of the late TikToker, Brian Chira.

Pancras Karema, the CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris, revealed the company’s decision to award Baba Talisha and his daughter with a three-day holiday to Mombasa.

“We are thrilled to announce the recognition of Baba Talisha and his daughter with a fully paid holiday voucher as a token of appreciation for his steadfast and commendable support to the Chira family during their difficult time,” Karema stated.

Baba Talisha played a vital role in assisting Chira’s family after his tragic demise, rallying both acquaintances and strangers to ensure a dignified farewell for the departed.

His dedicated efforts culminated in a funeral that reflected the solemnity and respect befitting the occasion.

Leading a coalition of content creators, Baba Talisha spearheaded fundraising initiatives that amassed over Sh10 million towards Brian Chira’s funeral expenses. A portion of the funds will also contribute to the construction of a new home for Chira’s grandmother, Esther.

Karema underscored Baba Talisha’s unwavering dedication to philanthropy, which has garnered widespread admiration and support from fans and well-wishers, prompting Expeditions Maasai Safaris to honor him with a well-deserved reward.

“This gesture aligns with Expeditions Maasai Safaris’ commitment to acknowledge and celebrate individuals who make significant positive impacts on society. We are delighted to offer Baba Talisha an all-expenses-paid holiday for two as a token of appreciation for his remarkable kindness and commitment,” Karema added.

TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest on his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County, amidst a gathering of prominent figures from the content creator community known as the ‘Chira Clan.’

Kenyans have also credited Baba Talisha’s kindness for bringing radiance to Brian Chira’s grandmother, Esther.

The family of Brian Chira discusses the controversy surrounding his funeral and sexuality

Two of the late Brian Chira’s uncles have stepped forward to defend his character, describing him as a charming and academically gifted individual.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the younger uncles shed light on Brian’s life and refuted speculations about his sexual orientation.

“As his uncles, we knew Brian as a devout church attendee. There were rumors circulating about his sexual orientation, even within our community. Some mentioned him painting his nails, but that was part of a beauty course he pursued for livelihood,” they clarified.

Regarding the disorderliness at his funeral, the uncles expressed disappointment at the inability to provide him with a dignified send-off.

“We encountered several challenges growing up, and we were disheartened by some of Brian’s actions. His behavior was not what we desired, and it was unacceptable. Even today, there’s been a lack of decorum. His funeral lacked dignity; TikTokers dominated, which wasn’t our intention. We had requested certain individuals to refrain from the graveside, but they disregarded our wishes,” they lamented.

They portrayed Brian as sociable and benevolent but noted his inclination to conceal his struggles.

“Though he appeared stressed, he never openly disclosed it. He shared his hardships online, indicating his suffering. He preferred phone communication over face-to-face interaction,” they elaborated.

One uncle mentioned not witnessing Brian’s casket after viewing his body at Kenyatta University mortuary.

“Brian used to visit us frequently when home from school, but after disclosing his HIV status, he distanced himself from many relatives and avoided gatherings. We mostly saw him on TikTok. This marked a notable departure from the Brian we knew,” they disclosed, preferring anonymity.

Chira was laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26, at his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County.

At just 23 years old, Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in Karuri, Kiambu County. According to a friend who accompanied him to a local club, Chira had been drinking. When it was time to depart, he found himself without money or his phone, which was in possession of another friend he had been socializing with.

Salasya pays tribute to Brian Chira and shares the lessons he took away from the late TikToker

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has expressed his deep admiration for the late TikToker Brian Chira.

Salasya was among the dignitaries present at Brian Chira’s burial held in Githunguri on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. In his address to the mourners, Salasya expressed profound sadness over the loss of the vibrant TikToker, describing him as a significant source of inspiration for the younger generation.

“Chira has been a tremendous inspiration to the youth, and as I look around, there’s not a single politician present. The influence my brother had on the younger generation is unbelievable. I can’t believe my eyes seeing the turnout of the youth here today,” Salasya remarked.

Salasya revealed that he was a keen follower of Chira and admired his command of the English language. He admitted to postponing a trip to Mombasa in order to attend the burial, emphasizing how much he valued Chira’s ability to express himself eloquently.

“I postponed my trip to Mombasa because I wanted to be here. Brian was truly inspirational. His proficiency in English and his expressive mannerisms were remarkable. I’ve learned a lot from him, and that’s why I felt compelled to attend today,” Salasya stated.

Additionally, Salasya contributed Ksh40,000 towards financial assistance for Chira’s grandmother and pledged to collaborate with the area MP, Gathoni Wamuchomba, to provide further support.

“I pray for his soul to rest in peace, and I want to assure his grandmother that as an MP, I will work together with Wamuchomba to see how we can offer more assistance. I’m leaving a contribution of forty thousand which I hope will be of help,” Salasya affirmed.

TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest in Ingitei village, Githunguri, located in Kiambu County, with his body retrieved from Kenyatta University mortuary earlier that day.

How despite being rooted in Germany, Nyako honored Brian Chira

The burial of TikToker Brian Chira is currently underway in Gathanje, Kiambu County.

Following the viewing of his body at KU mortuary earlier today, Chira’s friends proceeded to Githunguri.

His supporters adorned themselves with merchandise featuring his name and favorite catchphrases on t-shirts and hoodies.

German-based TikToker Rose Atieno, also known as Nyako Pilot, made sure to pay her last respects to Brian Chira.

Nyako held a live session to honor Chira by dressing in black attire.

She also lit a candle and released balloons as a tribute to him, with Amos and Josh’s hit song “Baadaye” softly playing in the background.

Expressing her emotions openly during the live session, Nyako, who shared a close bond with Chira, stated, “I’m paying my last respect to Brian Chira, that’s why I am in a suit. Chira wanted a suit, that’s why I put it on.”

Friends and followers joined the live session to mourn together, where Nyako played Otile Brown’s song ‘One Call,’ reportedly Chira’s favorite song.

In Githunguri, Kamba musician Justina Syokau performed a tribute song she composed for the artist titled ‘Safiri Salama Brian Chira.’

Notably, Otile Brown also performed Chira’s favorite song, “One Call.”

Comedian Terence Creative took to his Instagram to share a heartfelt video, shedding tears for the late content creator.

Reflecting on their shared experiences, Terence revealed that, like Brian Chira, he too was raised by his grandmother after becoming an orphan.

“Farewell, Chira. As an orphan raised by my grandmother, your passing deeply resonates with me. Rest in peace, Chira. You were dearly loved,” Terence wrote.

Brian Chira thrived in the spotlight as a content creator, using his platform to candidly share his personal experiences, including battles with depression and alcoholism.

According to a police report, Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in in the Karuri area on March 16.

It’s reported that his body was collected from the scene on Saturday and taken to the City Mortuary at around 3 am.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya is present at the burial ceremony.

During his address, Salasya announced his contribution of Ksh 40,000 towards Chira’s family.

Fans of Brian Chira commend the mortician for her superb work

Fans of the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira have lauded the remarkable work of Ann Njoki Mwangangi, a mortician from Nyahururu, for her exceptional craftsmanship.

In a TikTok video shared on Tuesday, TikToker Queen Fridah hailed Mwangangi for her exceptional skill in preparing Chira’s body, dubbing her the perfect choice for the task.

“I, like many others, was concerned about how Chira would look during the viewing due to his head injury from the accident. However, seeing Chira’s body, I was pleasantly surprised. Ann Mwangangi has done an outstanding job. She truly deserves recognition,” Queen Fridah expressed.

Chira was to be laid to rest in a graduation gown, per the request of his grandmother, as revealed by his close friend and fellow content creator, Baba Talisha. The viewing occurred at Kenyatta Funeral Home, following Kikuyu tradition rather than at the grandmother’s residence.

Fans continued to shower praise on Mwangangi for her meticulous work.

“Bless you and accept our heartfelt gratitude,” said Rinahefumbi.

“She approaches her work with a pure heart. May God bless her abundantly,” added Queenmorah.

“God bless you, Ann. Some people were apprehensive about viewing, but Ann is truly gifted,” remarked Heilah Andai.

“God bless you. You’re a superwoman, a true blessing,” echoed Claudia.

“May God bless the work of your hands,” added Asha.

Mwangangi is known for her compassionate approach to sharing her experiences as a mortician on TikTok, despite facing personal challenges.

In a previous interview with Radio Jambo last year, Mwangangi revealed that her decision to become a mortician was influenced by her own tragedy when her mother passed away, leaving her without proper support.

“After my mother’s death, I struggled emotionally for a long time. I decided to study mortician science because I wanted to assist others through their grief journey,” Mwangangi explained.

She emphasized the vital role morticians play in supporting bereaved families, offering counseling and guidance during their time of loss.

Following reports of clout chasing after Chira’s death, Otile Brown responds angrily

Award-winning Kenyan singer Otile Brown has dismissed accusations of trying to gain attention from the tragic passing of TikToker Brian Chira.

“What relevance does my album have to the deceased? If you know me, you know I only spread love. Personally, I didn’t even know him. It was the fans who brought him to my attention during a live session with a Tanzanian blogger, urging me to sing the song,” Otile clarified.

He emphasized that his decision to perform at Chira’s burial was based on discovering that Chira’s favorite song was “One Call.”

“After some investigation, I realized he was a huge fan of my music. If you check the comments on ‘One Call’ on YouTube, you’ll see they’re all about him. It’s not about me; it’s the fans showing their love,” Otile explained.

Known for his reserved nature, Otile reiterated that his gesture of performing was simply a display of appreciation.

“Those who know me understand that I don’t typically show support publicly, but in this case, I was just expressing gratitude,” he stated.

Furthermore, Otile pointed out that regardless of his attendance at the burial, “One Call” continued to gain popularity.

“The song is still thriving, with around 200k views per day. So, whether I had shown up or not, the song’s success remains intact. It’s amusing that people would think otherwise. What exactly are they expecting?” Otile questioned.

On March 26, 2024, Otile Brown performed “One Call” at Chira’s burial ceremony.

When Brian Chira was buried, the peaceful community was disturbed by inebriated Tiktokers

On Tuesday, March 26, TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest at his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County. The burial ceremony drew a crowd of prominent figures from the content creator community, known as the ‘Chira Clan,’ leaving the villagers astonished.

They had never witnessed such a large and rowdy gathering of young people before. The Chira friends and fans showed little regard for the elders in the village, disrupting the usual solemnity of the burial proceedings.

Typically, Chira, 23, would have been buried by his immediate family, schoolmates, and some neighbors. However, this was not the case, as even religious leaders were not given a chance to lead the service at the gravesite.

Mourners attending tiktoker Brian Chira’s burial ceremony at the family home in Gathanje, Githunguri in Kiambu County on March 26,2024.EVANS HABIL

Disorder ensued as hundreds of TikTokers gathered around the gravesite, some of them intoxicated and behaving disorderly. The villagers and even family members stood back, allowing them to bury their friend without fully comprehending what was happening.

Instead of simply covering the grave with soil, they scattered the soil and began planting flowers. They danced, recorded videos, and took selfies around Chira’s resting place. Following the burial, TikTokers conducted rituals at Chira’s gravesite, including watering the flowers with alcohol.

A Fan to tiktoker Brian Chira attending his burial ceremony at the family home in Gathanje, Githunguri in Kiambu County on March 26,2024.EVANS HABIL

One villager expressed sadness at the use of strong language by the TikTokers, such as “Hatuna maisha” (We have no lives). The villagers felt disrespected and were concerned about the negative impact of such behavior on their community’s reputation.

They hoped to never witness such behavior again and planned to hold a cleansing ceremony to remove any lingering negative spirits. The villagers were particularly upset by the disrespect shown to their traditions and the lack of reverence for the deceased.

When asked if they blamed the upbringing of the TikTokers, one villager noted that many of them were raised well but had picked up inappropriate behavior as they ventured into the world. They felt that the mixing of church and worldly behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident, and the TikTok community raised funds to support his grandmother, Esther Njeri. Despite the financial support, the villagers were dismayed by the disrespectful behavior displayed during Chira’s burial, feeling that it did not honor his memory appropriately.

“He asked me to love him unconditionally, and I did, despite all of his flaws,” Grandmother of Brian Chira

TikTok sensation Brian Chira was laid to rest on March 26 at his grandmother’s ancestral home in Githunguri, Kiambu County, marking the end of a vibrant life cut short by tragedy at the age of 23 in a hit-and-run accident on March 16. His passing leaves behind a legacy of creativity and compassion that touched many lives.

In a moving tribute, Chira’s grandmother, Esther Njeri, affectionately shared cherished memories of the young man who left an indelible mark on those around him.

Njeri, lovingly referred to as Chira’s grandmother, reflected on the deep bond they shared since his childhood, highlighting the significant void his absence has left in their lives.

“Brian has left an immense void in our hearts. My prayer is that God will raise another strong and vibrant soul among my grandchildren. Chira always asked me to love him just as he was, and I loved him unconditionally,” she expressed.

Having lost his mother at the tender age of eight, Chira found solace in the loving care of his grandmother, who he considered his best friend. Njeri lauded his selflessness and devotion to their family’s well-being, noting his sacrifices, such as leaving university to support his cousins.

Despite grappling with his own challenges, Njeri shared how Chira remained dedicated to his family, making significant sacrifices to ensure their welfare. She concluded her tribute with a heartfelt prayer for her grandson’s eternal peace.

“Brian tirelessly worked to provide for his cousins. My dear grandson, I cherished you from the moment you entered my life until your last breath. Your absence will be deeply felt,” Njeri conveyed, mourning the loss of a beloved family member.

Chira’s involvement in church activities, particularly in Sunday School and the Boys and Girls Brigade, along with his unwavering commitment to the Christian Union throughout his school years, highlighted his profound faith and dedication to serving others.

In response to claims that she did not forgive Brian Chira before to his passing, Azziad responds

Content creator Azziad Nasenya has finally addressed lingering questions from fans regarding her past feud with Brian Chira, breaking her silence during a recent Live session on TikTok.

When her followers pressed her on whether she had forgiven Chira following their public dispute in 2023, Azziad chose not to directly address the matter. Instead, she cryptically remarked that only Chira knew whether she had forgiven him, leaving the issue in divine hands.

“Mwenyewe anajua (It is only Chira who knows). Khai! I am seeing things and I am like, may God forgive their souls,” Azziad shared during the Live session.

Despite persistent inquiries from fans, Azziad firmly stated that she would not discuss the circumstances surrounding Chira’s passing.

Asserting her stance, she said, “Imagine I can’t speak about that. You guys know me too well. I am not the kind of person who will take a phone and say things. You will never get me, you will never catch me doing that.”

The history between Azziad and Chira dates back to July 2023 when Chira was arrested for allegedly making defamatory accusations against Azziad, leading to legal action pursued by Azziad’s legal team.

Chira’s actions were deemed defamatory as they included leaking Azziad’s personal phone number, resulting in a barrage of abusive calls and messages directed towards her.

Azziad’s lawyer pointed out the distress caused by the dissemination of her private information and vowed to pursue legal recourse under the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act.

Following the feud, Chira expressed remorse for his actions, stating, “I do regret everything. I would have done better. If the other party is willing to sit down and have a chat, I am ready.”

However, Chira’s subsequent actions while in police custody further fueled controversy, as he was heard appealing for assistance and implying regret for his actions.

According to a police report, Chira died as a result of an accident in the Karuri area on March 16. He will be laid to rest on March 26, 2024.

In just 48 hours, supporters have donated almost Sh5 million for Chira

Chira’s legacy is being honored with smiles as well-wishers from around the world have successfully raised over Sh5 million for his burial expenses.

Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident on March 16th, 2024, succumbing to the impact of the collision.

Baba Talisha shared a heartwarming screenshot revealing that the contributions for Chira’s burial have surpassed Sh5 million within just 48 hours.

In a heartening gesture, some netizens suggested that the funds raised should be directed towards building a decent house for Chira’s grandmother. This proposal emerged after TikToker King Roso generously offered to cover Chira’s funeral costs of Sh850,000.

Roso further proposed that all additional funds raised through the ongoing fundraiser should be dedicated to constructing a better home for Chira’s grandmother.

Meanwhile, another compassionate TikToker stepped forward to support Chira’s cousin, who was left stranded after his untimely passing. Before his demise, Chira was reportedly sponsoring his cousin’s education.

“Congratulations, you’ve found a sponsor who will support your education, and he is in the US,” MC Chris warmly announced, bringing smiles to Chira’s cousin as he received the uplifting news.

Chira’s grandmother expressed her desire for her grandson to be laid to rest in a graduation gown, honoring his exceptional academic achievements. Despite being a bright student, Chira had not yet graduated from Kabarak University, where he was pursuing his studies.

His secondary education at Nkubu High School was marked by academic excellence, with his former classmates fondly recalling him as a standout scholar.

Chira’s final resting place will be in Githunguri, with his burial scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.

“He will be buried in his graduation gown as per his grandmother’s wishes. He was an outstanding student, achieving an A-,” Baba Talisha solemnly announced, commemorating Chira’s academic prowess and his enduring impact on those who knew him.

Otile Offers To Perform At Brian Chira’s Funeral Ceremony

Renowned musician Otile Brown has offered to perform at Brian Chira’s burial ceremony, which is set to happen on Tuesday 26th this month.

The singer, who sympathized with Chira’s death, urged people who would attend to learn the lyrics of her song dubbed ‘One Call’, which he featured Ruby from Tanzania. This was in order for them to sing along during the ceremony.

Apparently, One Call was Brian Chira’s favorite song and following his death fans have been flocking to Otile’s YouTube page and other streaming platforms to listen to the song.

“What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king,” Otile wrote.

He continued to accept the plea by netizens to perform for him.

”“Would love to perform the song at the burial and help make it memorable for him to if that is possible. If possible, to the people attending please learn the lyrics so we sing and celebrate him,” Otile Brown shared.

Otile continued to thank Chira & fans for supporting his song ‘One Call’

“Rest easy young King. This life thing can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand till we meet again,” he penned.

“Thank you for the love you showed our #onecall,” he added about the song. It currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Chira will be laid to rest at Githunguri, where his grandmother resides.


Otile Brown will play during the funeral service for Brian Chira

Singer Otile Brown has expressed his readiness to perform at the upcoming burial ceremony of the late Brian Chira, scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

In a recent update shared by Mpasho, Otile acknowledged the impact of Chira’s passing on his song “One Call,” which features Ruby from Tanzania. The track has gained increased popularity since Chira’s death, with fans flocking to Otile’s YouTube page and other streaming platforms to listen to it.

Expressing his sentiments, Otile stated, “What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king.”

He further expressed his desire to perform the song at Chira’s burial to make the occasion memorable. Otile encouraged attendees to learn the lyrics so they could sing and celebrate Chira’s life together.

Recently, Otile paid tribute to Chira upon learning that the TikToker loved his song “One Call.” Reflecting on the loss, Otile wrote, “Rest easy young King. This life thing can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand till we meet again,” expressing gratitude for the love shown towards “One Call.”

Chira’s burial is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Githunguri, where he will be laid to rest in a graduation gown as per his grandmother’s request.

The younger cousin of Brian Chira finds a sponsor to pay for his schooling.

Despite the somber atmosphere surrounding Brian Chira’s family, there’s been a glimmer of hope as his cousin has received uplifting news – he’s secured a sponsor to support his education.

MC Chris, a TikTok user who has been sharing updates on Chira’s situation, revealed this heartwarming development during a live session on TikTok.

“Great news, you’ve found a sponsor. Someone in the US will take care of your education expenses,” he announced, embracing the young boy warmly.

Chira’s cousin couldn’t hide his joy, smiling shyly as he held onto his jacket.

“Keep working hard until you make it to the US,” MC Chris encouraged the boy, who couldn’t contain his happiness after hearing the news.

Following Chira’s passing, his cousin was left in a difficult situation as Chira was reportedly responsible for paying his school fees.

There’s been controversy surrounding Chira’s family and the arrangements for his burial.

Reportedly, Chira’s grandfather has distanced himself from the funeral preparations, leaving his grandmother to handle everything.

During a live session hosted by Baba Talisha, MC Chris, one of the individuals involved in organizing Chira’s burial, revealed that Chira had sought forgiveness from his grandfather before his passing, but was rejected.

“Chira bears his grandfather’s name. His uncles and elders from the village were sent to speak with him. Two weeks ago, he went to seek forgiveness from his grandfather, but was denied,” MC Chris shared.

According to MC Chris, Chira’s grandmother attempted to intercede on his behalf, but without success.

“Chira was supposed to be laid to rest where his mother rests, but his grandfather has distanced himself from the arrangements. They’ve expressed they want no involvement in Chira’s burial,” MC Chris explained.

Brian Chira’s funeral is scheduled for March 26 in Githunguri, Kiambu County, where his grandmother once resided, as per an update provided by Baba Talisha regarding the burial arrangements.

Days after his autopsy, Brian Chira’s burial place and date were made public

The burial ceremony for TikToker Brian Chira is scheduled for next week, on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024. This announcement was made by Baba Talisha, who has been providing regular updates online since Chira’s passing.

Chira’s remains will be transported from the Kenyatta University (KU) mortuary to Githunguri for burial on the specified date. He will be laid to rest in the same location where his grandmother was born.

There will be no public viewing of the body after it leaves the mortuary. Those wishing to pay their respects must do so early, between 6 am and around 8 am, at the morgue.

Prior to the burial, there will be a Candle-lighting session at a venue to be announced later, followed by an opportunity for Kenyans to view his body.

The location and pin for Chira’s burial site will be shared for those wishing to attend the ceremony.

Upon autopsy, Brian Chira’s body was relocated.

On Monday, March 18, 2024, the remains of TikTok personality Brian Chira were moved from the City Mortuary to the Kenyatta University Funeral Home.

After undergoing a post-mortem examination, Chira’s body was transported to the KU mortuary for preservation in readiness for burial.

Family members, friends, and supporters gathered at the City Mortuary to bid farewell and pay their last respects to Chira following the post-mortem procedure.

Providing an update on the arrangements, Baba Talisha confirmed the relocation of Brian’s remains from the City Mortuary to the KU Referral Mortuary.

“Chira’s body has been moved to KU due to its proximity to his family residence in Githunguri, Kiambu County. Further details regarding the funeral arrangements will be communicated after consultations with the family.”

The expenses incurred at the mortuary were settled by KRG before the transfer, Baba Talisha added, noting that all bills at the City Mortuary had been cleared by the KRG.

The date for Brian Chira’s funeral will be announced by the family in due course.

Chira tragically lost his life in an accident on Saturday, March 16.

According to police reports, the incident occurred around 3 am on Saturday, March 16, along the Ndenderu-Ruaka road in Kiambu County.

The speeding white truck involved in the collision with the beloved social media influencer did not stop at the scene.

Chira had been escorted home by Zeleck Momanyi, a fan who encountered him outside a local club after he was ejected by security personnel for allegedly causing a disturbance.

TikToker Brian Chira’s passing prompts discussion about the tale of Sanpaku eyes online

The sudden passing of TikTok sensation Brian Chira has sparked widespread discussions across social media platforms, with users sharing various perspectives on the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Chira, renowned for his captivating content and lively persona, tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run incident following his departure from a local club.

While initial reactions to Chira’s untimely death saw an outpouring of condolences and tributes from his dedicated fanbase, a peculiar narrative has surfaced online, linking his demise to an alleged association with a mythical phenomenon known as “sanpaku eyes.”

Sanpaku eyes, characterized by the visibility of the sclera (white part of the eye) above or below the iris when looking straight ahead, have been cited by some online commentators as a harbinger of misfortune or even an omen of impending doom.

According to these beliefs, individuals displaying sanpaku eyes are purportedly predisposed to accidents, ill-fate, or premature death.

The online discourse surrounding Chira’s passing has been marked by conflicting viewpoints. While some users dismiss the notion of sanpaku eyes as mere superstition, others have pointed to alleged observations of Chira’s eye condition preceding his fatal accident.


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A post shared by a user identified as Kwamboka drew attention to Chira’s purported development of sanpaku eyes in the months leading up to his demise, sparking a flurry of responses from fellow social media users.

“Mombasagal” expressed personal concern, admitting to examining their own eyes upon encountering discussions about sanpaku eyes. Meanwhile, “Wambugha” sought to differentiate between sanpaku eyes resulting from external factors such as alcohol consumption or lack of sleep and innate occurrences.

Further contributing to the debate, “Assignment helper” provided a medical perspective, outlining various potential causes of sanpaku eyes, including hormonal imbalances and hypertension.

The discussion also delved into the myths and interpretations surrounding sanpaku eyes, with references to traditional Eastern beliefs associating the condition with health imbalances and the potential for premature demise.

Myths Surrounding Individuals with Sanpaku Eyes:

  1. Health and Well-being: In some traditional Eastern belief systems, sanpaku eyes are viewed as an indicator of imbalance in the body and mind, potentially signaling physical or mental health issues.
  2. Danger or Early Death: There’s a superstition that individuals with sanpaku eyes are prone to accidents, misfortune, or untimely death, a belief popularized in the West by George Ohsawa’s book “You Are All Sanpaku” in the 1960s.
  3. Association with Celebrities and Notable Figures: Some believe that certain notable figures, including celebrities and political leaders, have possessed sanpaku eyes, interpreting this feature as a sign of destiny or character traits.
  4. Spiritual and Psychological Interpretations: Some interpretations suggest that sanpaku eyes are linked to spiritual or psychological traits, with yang sanpaku eyes associated with aggression or instability and yin sanpaku eyes associated with introversion.

It’s important to note that while these beliefs exist, there’s no scientific evidence supporting the idea that sanpaku eyes are linked to health, fate, or personality traits. Sanpaku eyes are simply a variation in eye anatomy and can occur naturally without significant implications.

TikToker Nyako Vows Not To Fundraise For Chira’s Burial, Offers An Alternative

Popular TikToker Nyako has issued a warning to anyone preparing to use her platform to raise money for Brian Chira’s burial.

Nyako, who was among the numerous celebrities who have reacted to Brian Chira’s untimely demise, went on to give an alternative to the fundraising that’s on-going for Chira.

Taking to her Tik-tok, Nyako vowed not to fundraise for Chira using her account.

She instead, offered to give Chira’s grandmother cash money.

“Let me put it out there clearly: I am not going to contribute any money on my platform for any funeral arrangement. I am not. Personally, as Nyako, I will give Brian’s grandmother money in her hands the day I go to Kenya. Anybody who wants to do a fundraiser for Brian, not on my platform,” she said.

Nyako continued to maintain her stance, citing that numerous fans admonished her to do a fundraiser for chira.

“Remove me from your noise. I am not doing any fundraiser and I am not giving money to anybody on TikTok,” she added.

In 2023, Nyako came to Chira’s rescue and offered to help him get a stable home after he found himself in legal trouble with other celebrities. They became good friends but their ups & downs were imminent. Chira’s demise has roped in a massive reaction from netizens.

Why, following Brian Chira’s passing, Kenyans flocked to Otile Brown’s YouTube page

New details about the late Brian Chira have emerged two days after his tragic passing. Chira was involved in a fatal road accident early Saturday, March 16th.

Many Kenyans have been visiting Otile Brown’s YouTube channel, where they are tagging the musician and informing him that Chira reportedly loved the song “One Call,” which is a collaboration with singer Ruby and was released in February 2023. The song revolves around the theme of lovers being able to rely on each other by reaching out in times of need.

In response, Otile Brown has acknowledged his fans’ comments and paid tribute to Chira in a heartfelt message. “Rest easy, young King. This life can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand until we meet again,” he wrote. He also expressed gratitude for the love shown to their song “#onecall,” which currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.

According to the last person who spoke to the content creator, Chira had reportedly begged for help. The witness, speaking to YouTuber Presenter Ali, stated that Chira appeared intoxicated and had been ejected from a popular club after a altercation. The witness offered to take him home, but Chira disembarked from the boda boda along the way and ran across the road. Tragically, he was struck by a lorry around 3 am on Saturday in the Gacharage area on the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County. His body was subsequently taken to the City Mortuary.

The unfulfilled dream that Brian Chira had for his grandmother moved Kenyans.

Brian Chira’s heartfelt desire to reward his grandmother with a two-bedroom house remains unfulfilled, touching the hearts of many Kenyans.

In a recently surfaced video featuring Chira before his untimely passing, the TikTok creator expressed his plans to gift his grandmother, who had raised him since childhood following the loss of his parents.

The resurfaced video has stirred emotions among Kenyans, who were moved by Chira’s unfulfilled promise and have offered to help make it a reality even after his passing.

Raised by his grandmother from a young age after the tragic loss of both his parents, Chira passionately discussed the project in the video, expressing his desire to provide her with a comfortable home.

“Grandma, your boy is going places. I want to build you a nice house so that you, too, can feel comfortable like other women your age,” he joyfully exclaimed.

However, fate had other plans, as Chira tragically lost his life in a road accident. Despite his passing, Nyako, a fellow TikToker, initiated a campaign to fulfill his dream.

“Let’s honor his dream and wish, guys; he was a good man,” Nyako captioned the video.

Moved by the initiative, many Kenyans expressed their willingness to contribute towards fulfilling Chira’s wish, showcasing the power of love and unity on social media.

“May this wish be fulfilled despite his demise. It is possible if we all contribute; the love on social media is amazing. I hope this will be noted,” wrote Mccatecathy.

“I was not his fan, but I’ll donate two bags of cement. Rest in peace, Chira,” shared Sandra Mwanza.

“He loved his grandmother so much,” commented Naomi Njeri.

In solidarity with the cause, CarlMag08 pledged, “For Grandma’s sake, I must chip in. I understand the bond.”


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Brian Chira Expresses His Admiration For Andrew Kibe- ‘I Will Hug Him For 10 Minutes’

Content creator Brian Chira isn’t shy about his admiration for media personality Andrew Kibe. In a recent interview, Chira called Kibe his “role model,” praising his openness, boldness, and content mastery. He confessed wanting to hug Kibe “for 10 minutes” if they ever met!

“Andrew Kibe is my role model all the time. I love Andrew Kibe, I don’t know what to say, when I find him I will hug him for about 10 minutes.”

What particularly inspires Chira? Kibe’s fearlessness and lack of filtering. He views Kibe as someone who says it like it is, unafraid of corporate pressure or societal backlash. This, Chira says, inspired him to launch his own YouTube channel and adopt a similar style of unapologetic honesty.

“That guy is a master of promoting content, he understands what content is and he says the same as it is without hiding it. He is not the person to call the shots, if I am afraid that I will not be accepted by the corporate, or if I am afraid that certain companies will work with you or not.

Chira claims that he’s now looking forward to doing similar content in order to attract viewers.

That’s why I accept him, he never hides, he openly pierces without fear. And that’s what I want to do with my YouTube channel.”

We’re yet to hear how Kibe will respond to Brian Chira’s sentiments.

Brian Chira apologizes for his inebriated outbursts directed at celebrities. “I’m on a sober journey”

Controversial TikToker Brian Chira has taken a hiatus from the online scene amid reports that he is prioritizing his mental health. In a recent update, the content creator revealed his decision to undergo a rebranding process.

“I’ve been doing well. God has been there for me,” he shared with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko on January 25, adding, “I took a social media break that was genuinely needed,” addressing how fame had impacted him.

Chira disclosed that he is currently seeing a therapist while actively working on reducing his alcohol consumption, having been on a sobriety journey for two weeks. “I am a recovering addict. It’s been two weeks now without alcohol, and I really need your online support,” he emphasized.

He acknowledged the misconception that he is consistently drunk online, clarifying, “It’s not that I drink daily,” addressing his online behavior while under the influence.

Chira took the opportunity to apologize to celebrities he had engaged in conflicts with, including Jalang’o, Nyako, Baba Talisha, Mumalwah, Obinna, among others. “I regret because that was uncalled for. In 2024, expect a better version of me,” he pledged, seeking forgiveness.

Expressing his commitment to new content creation, Chira promised fans a transformation across platforms, from podcasts to YouTube videos and TikTok. “I am coming back with a bang; 2024 is my year. I’m about to become the biggest… bring it all on. This neighborhood won’t sleep again,” he assured his audience.

Rebranded as a transformed individual, Chira acknowledged that his past challenges served as a wake-up call. He emphasized his commitment to cleaner content and securing partnerships with brands. “I’ve learned not to step on people’s toes. Rebranding doesn’t mean I’ll stay silent; the hyped Chira you know is here to stay,” he declared.

While refraining from commenting on an ongoing court case, Chira expressed hope for resolving issues with fellow TikToker Aziad Nasenya. Urging content creators to move past feuds, he emphasized the importance of collaboration in the industry.

Nyako warns Brian Chira against mixing alocohol with HIV medication

Tiktoker Pilot Nyako has warned Brian Chira about the dangers of alcoholism, especially considering that Chira takes medication for HIV. Nyako also urged Chira to quit drinking for the sake of his health.

Chira had previously confessed in an interview with Mpasho that he is HIV positive.

Nyako and Chira had previously been at odds, but they have since called a truce. In a 33-minute session on October 3rd, Nyako begged Chira to reconsider his actions. Chira apologized for his past behavior and promised to change.

Nyako’s concern for Chira’s health is understandable. Alcoholism can have a number of negative consequences, including liver damage, heart disease, and cancer. It can also weaken the immune system, making it more difficult for the body to fight off infections.

“There is no way you are mixing drugs and alcohol. I’ve told you severally there is no way you are gonna mix alcohol and medication, it doesn’t go.

You either chose 1. Choose alcohol, wachana na madawa, coz you are killing yourself, so fast. Wachana na madawa, leave them alone. Kunywa pomba, You are not a ten-year-old to be told don’t take alcohol, concentrate on your medication.

I’m also on medication, I drink water, nakufa hapa na maji, not because I like it, no, but my health demands me to stick to water. Drink water. If I take medication and alcohol, my heart is gonna stop pumping, it is simple.”

For people with HIV, alcoholism is especially dangerous. It can interact with HIV medications and reduce their effectiveness. It can also increase the risk of developing AIDS-related illnesses.

Nyako is right to urge Chira to quit drinking. It is in Chira’s best interest to do so for his own health and well-being.