Chipukeezy finally reappears after making Eric Omondi worried 

Comedian Chipukeezy has reappeared a day after Eric Omondi was on social media worried about his whereabouts.

Eric went on Instagram and claimed he could not get a hold of Chipukeezy via phone for a couple of days.

“Hey guys I am looking for this guy, I am officially worried…The last time I spoke to him was 9 days ago, he was in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Since then his phone has been off, I have unsuccessfully tried reaching him on all platforms. If you know of his whereabouts or if you have been in contact with him, Please let me know ????????…Tunaeza kua tuna joke na mtu amekula Depression na Stress????????????.”


The comedian returned home after almost three weeks in Tanzania and was quick to thank Eric for checking up on him.

yesterday I landed back home safely, @ericomondi thanks for the concern but I had decided to take a short break off social media for my mental wellness , either way my team on ground has been working and chipukeezy show will be airing on 7th October as planned and the said interview for content Creators camera operators etc will happen on 25th of this month
Watu wangu wa Tanzania shukran Sana kwa kunihost , can’t wait to see you again you’ve literally been home away from home to me.”

Chipukeezy celebrates his woman after launching new skin products

Comedian Chipukeezy was recently on social media to notify his followers about some new products from his woman.

Chipukeezy, who has dated with Kibanja for one year now after, decided to promote her Organic Skin care products which she has been pushing for some time now.

Social media

When Chipu first started dating the lady, he promised not to be posting her on social media like he did with his previous lover but it seems love overcame him and now can’t stay our week without talking about her.

Here’s what he had to say:

Dear kibanja first time i posted you on my instagram page i was advertising a salon with you .I remember how you conducted yourself during that photo shoot and i told myself there is something radiant about this girl.Anyway loong story out of your brilliance you have now created your own brand and product @glow_and_essence you have not only created a platform for yourself but also given timely much needed intervention to our generation This glow and essence Balck soap is a masterpiece. It makes skin smooth,softens skin,Absorbs execes oil from skin,Treats Acne,Removes scars improve skin tone,Moisturizes skin..Follow this page @glow_and_essence or call this number 0740575644 and make your oder uglow uki essence ..Am proud of you my Queen ????@kibanja_



Chipukeezy: My work was to transport chang’aa to different places in our home town

Comedian Chipukeezy lately has been confessing a lot on some of the crimes he participated in as a young man before becoming a big name in the industry and being appointed at Nacada.

Just the other day, Chipukeezy confessed how he used to steal chains while he was still in high school. Now he claims he sold changaa in his home town for a living.

“After high school, I became a boda-boda rider and my work was also to transport chang’aa to different places in our home town,” he said.

Past life

The comedian added that now as a Nacada boss, he can preach against drug use even in his village because he doesn’t hide his past.

“I can go back to my village with authority and tell people the truth about drugs. That is part of my life that I am not shy about, and I will always want to speak about my past to inspire someone else,” he said. 




Chipukeezy unearths memorable TBT photos of himself as he turns a year older

The 11th of May popular comedian, Chipukeezy turned a year older and his TBT photos are a living proof of God´s unending graces upon his life.

He cites that life for him might not have been a walk in the park, but he remains thankful to God for never letting go of his hand.

And since comedy is what the Tala Matungulu born guy knows best, he decides to share his gift with Kenyans on his D-day.

On social media, the youthful talent shares:

Additionally, Chipukeezy´s rib, Kibanja reveals that he has been the best, ever giving her sweet dreams and the guy behind her happiness.

Kibanja concludes citing that this is just one as she looks forward to a whole lot more and a happily ever after with her bestie.

She romantically captions:

However, the day´s icing tagged along gifts from Chipukeezy´s significant other though the main item might have gone missing:

Well, Happy belated birthday to the media personality!