Chipukeezy’s ex girlfriend looking like a snack in new bikini photo

Chipukeezy Ex girlfriend Empress Kerry seems to be slaying judging from her recent posts shared on her Instagram page.

Chipukeezy's fiance, Kerry
Chipukeezy’s fiance, Kerry

Her latest post shared on her Instagram stories has taken many by surprise as she flaunted her curves in a black bikini showing the world what her mama gave her.

Kerry went on to caption the photo saying she was ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday in style.

Break up with Chipukeezy

Unlike most celebrity ex couples who like over sharing after a break up; Empress Kerry has maintained her silence and till date no one knows why she split up with Chipukeezy.

Anyway as she enjoys her private life now, her ex on the other hand is now facing some relationship issues that have left many talking.

Chipukeezy celebrates his woman after launching new skin products

Comedian Chipukeezy was recently on social media to notify his followers about some new products from his woman.

Chipukeezy, who has dated with Kibanja for one year now after, decided to promote her Organic Skin care products which she has been pushing for some time now.

Social media

When Chipu first started dating the lady, he promised not to be posting her on social media like he did with his previous lover but it seems love overcame him and now can’t stay our week without talking about her.

Here’s what he had to say:

Dear kibanja first time i posted you on my instagram page i was advertising a salon with you .I remember how you conducted yourself during that photo shoot and i told myself there is something radiant about this girl.Anyway loong story out of your brilliance you have now created your own brand and product @glow_and_essence you have not only created a platform for yourself but also given timely much needed intervention to our generation This glow and essence Balck soap is a masterpiece. It makes skin smooth,softens skin,Absorbs execes oil from skin,Treats Acne,Removes scars improve skin tone,Moisturizes skin..Follow this page @glow_and_essence or call this number 0740575644 and make your oder uglow uki essence ..Am proud of you my Queen ????@kibanja_



This is where Chipukeezy and Kartelo will now be airing their show after leaving Ebru TV

Comedian Chipukeezy and Kartelo have officially moved from Ebru TV and will now be airing the program on Youtube.

On social media, Chipukeezy made the announcement that the show will now be posted on Youtube and will be used as a platform for nurturing talent.

He also added that the recording will be shot in National theater and schools.

”Chipukeezy Show is going back to where it started. The live recordings will be happening every Monday but the show will be aired on my YouTube channel Chipukeezy TV. The live recordings will also happen outside Nairobi as we will visit universities, high schools, counties and even diaspora i.e, Dubai, USA, Qatar,” he added.


The comedian also added that the show will have to take a one month break because he’s currently in Tanzania shooting a movie.

“I am away in Tanzania for one month shooting a movie ..Once i get back to Nairobi live recordings will resume immediately ….God mbele wasee,” he said. 

Chipukeezy confesses: “I used to be a thief”

Comedian Chipukeezy nowadays lives in Lavington but he has come a long way to be there.

The comedian recently confessed that back in his Mlolongo days, he used to be a thief. He was hosting singers Sailors on his show on Ebru TV when he made the small confession after one of their lines in their new song Pekejeng.

“Masliver mimi hutake wamlambez, ukianika na anua wamlambez. Meaning they steal silvers and they take clothes when they are hanged on the lines.” Sang Sailors. 


Chipukeezy after hearing the line, he remembered his hard days before he became a Nakada Boss.

“I have ever said it before but I will say it. Actually no I will not say it. But I have ever been a thief. I used to steal silver chains.” he told the kids. 



Chipukeezy: We can’t legalize Bhangi. I’ve done my research 

Comedian Chipukeezy who doubles up as Nacada director has said that Kenya will not decriminalize marijuana because we are not yet ready.

“Yes, marijuana has a medicinal aspect, but the reason we can’t legalise it is because we don’t have the capacity to do that,” he said, adding, “We’ve already legalised alcohol and we are unable to control it and people are dying every day.”

The comedian said he has been researching on the issue and in the process realized that it has been a recurring problem even before he was born therefore needs a new way of approach.

“I’ve done my research and realised the drug peddling was here even before I was born and it’s going up. I figured the only way to fight drug and alcohol abuse is to educate our people. It should be a lesson, just like we were taught about HIV-Aids in school. Yes, it’s in the curriculum but it’s still shallow,” Chipukeezy added.



He said that educating people on drug is the best way to fight addictions and not necessarily building rehabs.

“Right now I’m pushing to explore it further. Nowadays, we have the Internet, so they will know about it. We should tell kids the effects of these drugs. The solution to all these problems is information. If we inform our people, we can end all these, including corruption. Like when I’m in school, teach me integrity,” he noted.


“I’d want to build many rehabilitation facilities for the people who are already addicted; that I educated people about drugs—a generation where this is not only taught in church but in every gathering. Where a neighbour can advise a son’s neighbour when they see him doing drugs.”


Comedian Chipukeezy gifts upcoming DJ Ksh 100,000 to help focus on his career 

Comedian Chipukeezy has turned into a philanthropist of late.

Days after helping James Mbugua, popularly known for his slang “Mathwiti na Makeki” get an education scholarship, the comedian supported a talented DJ by donating Ksh 100,000 that will be used to but DJing equipment.

DJ Eunique appeared on his show where he explained that he was in need of Turntables in order to actualize his dream of becoming a full time DJ.


Chipukeezy gave half the amount the DJ needed.

“Guys let me introduce to you DJ eunique! He’s a blind DJ who came to my show last night. Wasee uyu ni msee ako passionate about what he does lakini shida ni moja tu, he needs a decks na mimi nataka mnisidie kumsaidia. A decks is 200k mimi nimetoa 100k,” wrote Chipukezeey.

Watch the video below:

Photos: Chipukeeezy shows Betty Kyalo his house, explains why he bought so many things 

In the latest edition of Upclose with Betty Kyalo, the news anchor visited comedian Chipukeezy and got a short tour of his house.

Chipukeezy revealed his working schedule and spoke about his personal life in the interview. He said his mother is very proud of the man he has become. He told Betty that he has bought so many things because he grew up poor and never got a chance to have them.


“I have all these things in my house because I buy myself everything that my mother never bought me. Back in the day, all my mother bought and could afford was food. Growing up, I always prayed to god to give me cash so that I would build a plastered house. The room we slept in as kids was very tiny and I wanted to get out of there.”

Here are the photos:

Images: Chipukeezy and wife now flaunt new lavish home

Chipukeezy and Kibanja became officially one just days ago and they are already moving into their new mystery lavish home.

On social media, the comedian captioned:

New home❤

The two are already underway, moving into a new apartment in an undisclosed location and they sure love the flow of things.

However, all are welcome judging from the couple snaps the two shared of their new hideout.

The two love birds, sure seem to enjoy each other´s company.