“I have purposed in my heart to celebrate God’s wonderful deeds” Chipukeezy’s girlfriend makes new changes with her life

Kibanja who is popularly known as Chipukeezy’s girlfriend seems to have changed her life for the better.

The lady announced this through her Instagram page where she narrated about her mission to live her life differently.

Well if you had been following up with her in the past then I bet it’s easy to understand the kind of life she is willing to leave behind. As she turned a year older, Kibanja went on to write;


Instagram literally unblocked me five seconds ago , so here goes my birthday post ????

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds….. He’s been working on me too and He’s re-directing me to being better. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort and when you bring that effort every single day……. That’s where transformation happens… That’s how change occurs. I’m loving the new me and the woman,sister, daughter and friend that I am. I have purposed in my heart to celebrate God’s wonderful deeds in my life as I turn a year older…….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ❤️ #notagingjustupgrading ✨

Kibanja and Chipukeezy’s relationship

Just like most relationships Chipukeezy and Kibanja have had their ups and down throughout their 1 year relationship.

However, the two seem to have made choices that will affect their union in a positive way both in public and in private.

Chipukeezy and girlfriend getting back together after breaking up for weeks?

A few days ago we announced that Chipukeezy and his sassy girlfriend unfollowed each other on social media; something that left many wondering whether their relationship was facing issues.

Chipukeezy and Kibanja

Well, this wouldn’t be a surprise nor the first relationship to have issues. The two went on to fuel break up rumors after the lady failed to attend Chipukeezy latest comedy show that went down this past weekend.

Instead, Kibanja was seen checking in at popular clubs as usual – to take shots and drinks with her friends; while Chipukeezy continues to paper chase judging from their Instagram page.

Following each other

Now that everyone became aware that the two might have been facing issues…the two have finally decided to follow each other on Instagram….hoping that this will tone down the rumors on social media.

Chipukeezy following Kibanja

Although they try to keep their private matters remain on the low; those close to the couple often end up leaking new information about the two.

Kibanja follows Chipukeezy

Chipukeezy has been ‘missing’ for 9 days and Eric Omondi is worried 

Comedian Chipukeezy has been away from social media for more than a week and fellow comedian and friend Eric Omondi is now worried.

On social media, the last time the comedian posted was last week and nine days have now passed since then. According to Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy has been missing after he took a trip down to Zanzibar.

Switched off

Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy

Omondi also said he can’t even reach him on the phone.

“Hey guys I am looking for this guy, I am officially worried…The last time I spoke to him was 9 days ago, he was in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Since then his phone has been off, I have unsuccessfully tried reaching him on all platforms. If you know of his whereabouts or if you have been in contact with him, Please let me know ????????…Tunaeza kua tuna joke na mtu amekula Depression na Stress????????????.” Eric posted. 

Kenyans think it’s just another stunt from the two and Chipukeezy will reappear soon.


Kibanja and close friend fight over Chipukeezy?

Lately Chipukeezy and his girlfriend seem to be maintaining a low profiled life as they no longer post lovey doves posts on Instagram like they used to before.

Not quite sure why – but they could both be caught up with work or prefer to lay low now that their relationship is getting more serious.

Anyway, just recently a post was shared on Kilimani mums where Kibanja and her friend, Mwanaidyshishi were ‘exposed’ for fighting at Java restaurant over Chipukeezy. The post read saying;


Kibanja’s friend responds

With the rumor making rounds on social media, the friend accused of fighting with Kibanja came out denying the stories saying they were all lies.

She went on to post saying;

Enough with the screenshots and unnecessary calls Meanwhile @Kibanja_nimeboeka si twende pale Java tu fight please

Kibanja has however continued to maintain her silence.

Khaligraph Jones: Stop using Stivo Simple for quick publicity. Make sure he’s benefiting from all these media interviews 

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has asked comedian Chipukeezy to monitor how media are interacting with the now-viral artist Stivo Simple.

The artist appeared on his show and become a trending topic. He has been called for dozens of interviews since then and Khaligraph is worried that people just want to use his trendiness to improve their show ratings.

“Naona Sai Kila mtu anataka Kuleta Uyu Kijana Interview kwa Show zao sababu Atawaongezea Ratings, alafu Badala ya kuongelea Mihadarati mnaanza kumuuliza kama Yeye ndio the most handsome man when he clearly stated he is not a comedian but an artist,” said Khaligraph Jones. 



Simple has already landed a few jobs including one with Nacada. Chipukeezy has helped him get his footing after his viral interview on the Chipukeezy show.

“@chipukeezy make sure All his Expenses are being catered for by anyone who wants to host him on their TV/ Radio/Blog shows, hawa watu wanapenda kuitana interview wanakutumia alafu wanawacha msanii mdogo Aende Nyumbani Njaa bila ata fare ikome Tafadhali, support them, The Og shall be Respected #mrinternational,” said Jones.


Too soon? Chipukeezy gets girlfriend’s name tattooed on his hand after a few months of dating

If you thought Chipukeezy’s relationship with Kibanja was nothing but a fling; then you thought wrong.

The comedian cum member of the Nacada board (National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse) has gone ahead to prove that he indeed loves his woman way much than people expected.

In a new photo shared fellow comedian Eddie Butita, we understand that Chipukeezy has his lady’s name tattooed on his underarm.

Well, we are not quite sure whether the lady also a tattoo of  Chipukeezy’s name; but all we know is that so far we haven’t spotted it among  the tattoos she has.

Eddie Butita’s advice to Chipukeezy

Thanks to the post shared by Butita but later pulled down, seems that he also felt that the move was quite soon.

He went on to caption the photo saying;

Ok @Chipukeezy umeandika nini kwa mkono? Ata kama ni mapenzi, sasa ukiachwa #kidesign utafanya nini? Hizi ni gani wasee inakubalika kuweka tattoo ya jina ya mrembo kweli?

Chipukeezy with Eddie Butita

Seems that Chipukeezy couldn’t handle the heat from the comments left by Butita’s fans forcing him to pull down the photo.

Chipukeezy unearths memorable TBT photos of himself as he turns a year older

The 11th of May popular comedian, Chipukeezy turned a year older and his TBT photos are a living proof of God´s unending graces upon his life.

He cites that life for him might not have been a walk in the park, but he remains thankful to God for never letting go of his hand.


And since comedy is what the Tala Matungulu born guy knows best, he decides to share his gift with Kenyans on his D-day.

On social media, the youthful talent shares:


Additionally, Chipukeezy´s rib, Kibanja reveals that he has been the best, ever giving her sweet dreams and the guy behind her happiness.

Kibanja concludes citing that this is just one as she looks forward to a whole lot more and a happily ever after with her bestie.


She romantically captions:


However, the day´s icing tagged along gifts from Chipukeezy´s significant other though the main item might have gone missing:

Well, Happy belated birthday to the media personality!

It´s official! Chipukeezy and his howty, Kibanja are now one

Chipukeezy and his short-term light-skinned girlfriend, Kibanja are now one after giving us a sneak peak of their wedding rings.

Chipukeezy has been dating his hot girlfriend, Kibanja for couple of months now and has made it official.

The two flaunted their engagement through a video on social media just days ago.

Chipukeezy however denied that the story ought not to have been live but are now instead flaunting their wedding rings.

The duo was not well received in the public eye, many having bashed at his new bae, Kibanja who they didn´t think was up to it.

However, looks like they gave their backs to the naysayers.

The NACADA director is closer to his 30´s unlike Kibanja, who is just enjoying her early 20´s.

The Comedian and Ebru TV show host however promises to unveil little details of his better half come the 11th of May.

Chipukeezy´s short-term girlfriend, Kibanja, now one

Chipukeezy was previously engaged with Empress Kerry for close to 4 years before calling it quits.

Looks like a ´thing´ among today´s popular circle, Chipukeezy did not let her lady walk down the isle.