Chipukeezy finally reappears after making Eric Omondi worried 

Comedian Chipukeezy has reappeared a day after Eric Omondi was on social media worried about his whereabouts.

Eric went on Instagram and claimed he could not get a hold of Chipukeezy via phone for a couple of days.

“Hey guys I am looking for this guy, I am officially worried…The last time I spoke to him was 9 days ago, he was in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Since then his phone has been off, I have unsuccessfully tried reaching him on all platforms. If you know of his whereabouts or if you have been in contact with him, Please let me know ????????…Tunaeza kua tuna joke na mtu amekula Depression na Stress????????????.”


The comedian returned home after almost three weeks in Tanzania and was quick to thank Eric for checking up on him.

yesterday I landed back home safely, @ericomondi thanks for the concern but I had decided to take a short break off social media for my mental wellness , either way my team on ground has been working and chipukeezy show will be airing on 7th October as planned and the said interview for content Creators camera operators etc will happen on 25th of this month
Watu wangu wa Tanzania shukran Sana kwa kunihost , can’t wait to see you again you’ve literally been home away from home to me.”

Chipukeezy Forced to Cancel New Show Before it Even Starts After Ditching Ebru TV 

Comedian Chupukeezy recently parted ways with Ebru TV after a huge disagreement following their show. The comedian moved his show to Youtube and promised fans he’ll be starting soon.

It seems the show has already met its first hurdle as Chipukeezy was forced to cancel its first shooting because of the lack of a producer.


Taking to social media, the comedian asked people to share their CV for him to pick a new producer who can be doing the show.

In a long statement on Instagram, the comedian explained why he needed a new producer and said the show will start airing again in October.

Here’s the full statement.

“Following the absence of Director 001 in the country, Chipukeezy show will not go on air tomorrow Director 001 is in Tanzania for some official duty but Just as he promised to take care and create more opportunities for the Youth, The Director has decided to GO BIG!  Chipukeezy Productions is therefore looking for any YOUNG skilled personnel; from Content Creators/Developers, Artists, Poets, Musicians, Managers, Directors, Producers, Script writers, Camera Operators, Sound and Lighting technicians.

The Show will resume as from 7th October. Send in your CV applications to the email [email protected] to get shortlisted for an interview that will be held on 25th September Pamoja, Vijana Tusonge Mbele. A Show For The Youth, By The Youth!”


Chipukeezy: We can’t legalize Bhangi. I’ve done my research 

Comedian Chipukeezy who doubles up as Nacada director has said that Kenya will not decriminalize marijuana because we are not yet ready.

“Yes, marijuana has a medicinal aspect, but the reason we can’t legalise it is because we don’t have the capacity to do that,” he said, adding, “We’ve already legalised alcohol and we are unable to control it and people are dying every day.”

The comedian said he has been researching on the issue and in the process realized that it has been a recurring problem even before he was born therefore needs a new way of approach.

“I’ve done my research and realised the drug peddling was here even before I was born and it’s going up. I figured the only way to fight drug and alcohol abuse is to educate our people. It should be a lesson, just like we were taught about HIV-Aids in school. Yes, it’s in the curriculum but it’s still shallow,” Chipukeezy added.



He said that educating people on drug is the best way to fight addictions and not necessarily building rehabs.

“Right now I’m pushing to explore it further. Nowadays, we have the Internet, so they will know about it. We should tell kids the effects of these drugs. The solution to all these problems is information. If we inform our people, we can end all these, including corruption. Like when I’m in school, teach me integrity,” he noted.


“I’d want to build many rehabilitation facilities for the people who are already addicted; that I educated people about drugs—a generation where this is not only taught in church but in every gathering. Where a neighbour can advise a son’s neighbour when they see him doing drugs.”


Chipukeezy’s ex-girlfriend finally speaks after parting ways with the comedian who now has another hottie 

Comedian Chipukeezy recently unleashed his new bae just days after word emerged that he’s no longer with Vivian Mandera popularly known as Empress Kerry.

Mandera set tongues wagging after she deleted all pictures of her engagement on her Instagram page. Chipukeezy later confirmed the two are not an item saying that they agreed to part ways after misunderstanding. He then unleashed his new bae who goes by the name Kibanja setting social media on fire.


“To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba. We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people,” said Chipukeezy.

Just life

Empress Kerry has also addressed the issue confirming that they parted ways. Without saying much, Empress said that the two broke up because “life happened”.

Chipukeezy finally responds to Otile and Vera Sidika throwing shade at him

Vera Sidika and her ex-lover Otile Brown took to social media a while back to blast comedian Chipukeezy for publicly dissing them on his TV show and then blowing up their phones begging them to appear on his show.

Vera and Otile were drunk in love and agreed to leave the comedian starving, swearing never to appear.

“Clout chasing is not bad, mock me and my music but don’t diss my woman for likes, that’s disrespectful This sh*t ain’t even funny. Don’t expect us to be cool after you do sh* like this” said Otile Brown. 

Vera also slammed the comedian saying he had crossed the line.

Last time

It seems Chipukeezy doesn’t care much about their subliminal shots but has offered never to speak about them in their show.

“I hope this is the last time we will be talking about you on air bro. It’s not personal, ni hali ya maisha, ni kipindi tu tunapanga,” Chipukeezy explained on his show recently.


Woman behind Deputy governor’s recent embarrassment also wanted a piece of comedian Chipukeezy 

As more details of Liz Njuguna, the lady who was busted with Kirinyaga’s Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri in a viral leaked video emerge, Kenyans have been seriously digging her past on social media while those who know her in person have come out to share more info that might help police.

Liz Njuguna has been accused of extorting men with her “husband”. The two asked for a whopping Ksh 5 million from Ndambiri.

Well it seems like comedian Chipukeezy should be counting his blessings. This is after Kenyans stumbled on a Facebook post from Njuguna posted almost four years ago in which she only mentioned him in.

Chipukeezy laughs at it all

It’s not clear why she did but Kenyans were quick to concluded that she wanted a piece of him. Chipukeezy took to Instagram to share it  after learning of the post.

“Kumbe LIZ Njuguna Was looking for me on March 23rd 2014 at 8 :15 Pm ??????Mungu wanguuu ..Mwambie Liz namtafuta Sasa.” said Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy’s fiancée Vivian demonstrates why her man doesn’t need to go to a strip club (Video)

Chipukeezy’s fiancee Vivian has demonstrated that she can be a little naughty; she was seen shaking her behind real hard in a viral video.

The funny comedian proposed to his beautiful sweetheart sometimes in early January 2016. The two lovebirds are set to walk down the aisle any time soon.

Vivian, who had been a conservative in the eyes of many, demonstrated to her fans what Chipukeezy will be enjoying once they exchanged vows.

The lass was seen twerking hard to Harmonize and Rich Mavoko’s ‘Show Me’ hit song. Vivian was dressed in a short silver dress as went by her business twerking harder than top socialites.

Watch the video below: