Lavalava gives you a reason to fall in love in new jam “Tekenya”(Audio)

Barely 4 weeks after his song Balaa featuring Dully Sykes, Lava lava has released yet another single;Tekenya.

The song sounds partly like Bembea by Aslay ft Ali Kiba and a little like Tetema.

It’s said that when people live together, they look alike and think alike. This may just be true since both Lavalava and Diamond Platinumz are both signed under the WCB record label.

The tune is however soothing and suitable for different audiences as well as a club hit. It shows the massive potential of being an anthem just like the song Tetema.

Mr. Love bite as he is fondly referred to by his fans has released several single hits as well as collabos with artists in East Africa in the recent past. The ‘Go Gaga’ hitmaker has risen in the industry and has shown incredible growth in the last two years. The kind of talent and skill in this song Tekenya is evidence enough of his growth.

Tekenye by Lavalava


The song is mainly is about Love-struck Lava lava. He talks of how this lady makes him feel ticklish and the thoughts he has upon setting his eyes on her. Clearly the whole song revolves around this ticklish feeling. I know we all know that feeling, where when being in love is just but exciting.

“Moyo mpasuko radi

Mapigo mbio bila ya idadi”

How fast the heart races when you see your crush. A feeling most people can relate to.


Amenishika kwenye paja, namtajataja


Amenigusa kwenye kwapa

Yani mara huku mara hapa

He goes ahead and describes what happens at her touch.

Well, it gets interesting when he says, “Nitamaliza mikwanja, siku nitakakamata.” Let’s hope he doesn’t go bankrupt because of love.

Well, love does crazy things to us, just as stated in this song.

This great hit will be even better if it has its personalized unique choreography.

Rating 9/10.

Rayvanny finally drops the contested hit “Chuchuma” days after Willy Paul dropped his

Weeks after Wily Paul dropped his much contested single ‘Chuchuma’, Rayvanny of Wasafi Records is also out on the scene with the same title song.

Well, when you thought you had had it with the drama that Willy Paul put with claims of Rayvanny  stealing his song, the two songs are now out.

Compare and contrast? Similarities?

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Chuchuma is a feel good song that celebrates women and dance.  From the look of it  this song was just to quell the thievery allegations. In his part Willy Paul claims that Rayvanny had stolen this song just after they had the  ‘Mhhhh’ song collaboration.

Consequently, this was after Rayvanny released a short clip of the now out song “Chuchuma”. Who is telling the truth that? That we don’t know but we will keep our ears and eyes out and of course we will let you know. In the meantime we can do  some dancing to both.

Further on, Rayvanny in the song clearly enjoys his work. In the video you see a host girls dancing to the words of the song. Basically, the choreography team did their work well.


As methodical and proverbial as they he can get, Rayvanny obviously embraced the metaphorical approach of creation.

Especially when he starts off with, “Chuchumaa kama vile unafua Mama unapika basi nije kupakua Chuchumaa kwenye choo cha mabua Ila chunga mchanga usiingie kitumbua”

In that he is asking the girls to Chuchuma- more like Twerk.In the long end he is asking them to show the world what their waist can do. Be it cooking, dancing and other co-curricular activities in the house. No??Right, you  got it. Here is the point its all naughty , juicy and most of all dance able too.

“Kimbau mbau, tukunyema Pilau lau, nipe supu tena Mashau shau kana sinema Yaani kanakula ndizi bila kumenya”. This doesn’t even need any further translation!


The song’s video was shot and directed by Director Kenny From Zoom Production. The other production clearly done under Wasafi records. As we still ponder on the ownership of the “original  version” we thank both Willy Paul and Rayvanny for both Chuchuma’s.

For now I will give this an 8/10 rating. Watch and tell us what you think.


Diamond Platinumz says “Kanyaga” Ma-ex in new Jam

Just before we could absorb the juice of  his previous song that we are still jamming to , Diamond Platinumz is back in the scene with a bigger jam dubbed Kanyaga.

Well, with a trail of controversy on his name almost everyday ,this new song seems to be sending a message. A message of change and growth and new beginnings.

However from the lyrics you’d sense some anger and frustrations in his voice. I mean who won’t get tired of being talked of by almost all sorts of people?


Being the master of the game, Diamond Platinumz is proving that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Kanyaga loosely translates to Step literally.

Kanyaga is a reflection of your everyday society. A society that thrives on gossip, malice and exes that are out to tarnish you with any chance they get.

“Ati kanyaga ka ana pigo za unafiki,Kanyaga kama mmbeya asiye rafiki
Kanyaga kama fisi ana roho ya usnichi,Hakulishi, hakuvishi kwani vipi?”
 The song goes on you realize he also admonishes men that go borrowing drinks in clubs instead of buying their own.
Wazee wa shombo kudandia, kanyaga,Klabu kuomba omba bia, kanyaga
Further talks of slay queens that struggle to impress and when greeted with a simple hi, they go talking all sorts of nonsense.
…….Slay queens vitisho vya bandia,Ukivipa hai ati madai vinavimbia”…….
Wueeh!! Clearly baba Tiffah is pissed off!!


The chorus on its side carries the bigger weight of the song.Diamond calls out on fake people saying Kanyaga, the nay sayers Kanyaga, the fake in-laws and best part is when he says,

……Mpaka ma ex, Kanyaga!Mikosi, Kanyaga!Woooya Kanyaga!…… Hayaaaaa!! Nani amechokoza huyu mtu?

I sense another controversy in the the next few days. Meanwhile we will dance to this song as some people in our lives really  deserve “kukuanyagwa”


The music video was shot by Director Kenny under Zoom Production in Dar es Salaam. I must say they do a good job when it comes to music videos.

Anyway as we ponder on the deeper motivation to the making of this song, we shall keep dancing.

For rating I give  it   8/10.Below is the video watch and tell us what you think.

Hope Kid says ‘Control Me” in new Jam

This year has been a rough start for dance hall Gospel Artist Hopekid. However, in every downfall there is always room to stand up dust yourself and do what you do best.Did we miss him? Well, Hopekid is back on the music scene with a new jam dubbed “Control Me.”

Control Me

Is he still seeking Vindication? Sadly that is something we wont know but  Control Me is a jam worth checking out.

The song basically  is about man asking God to control our lives in all we do and say. Clearly! In our daily lives we encounter so much and control on how we react is paramount.

People judge as per what they see and feel is right.From the lyrics seeking reassurance and control from God is a clear message.

Considering what he went through control me is a song that determines his influence as before.

He always has a unique way of introducing his song and that gives him an A+. Somehow he has managed to keep his style of music just like fellow gospel artist Guardian Angel. Making them the only reigning dance hall Gospel artists in Kenya.


Something  exiting always happens at the chorus of most songs.In Control me, Hopekid has made the Contol me line very repetitive giving it the vibe for Dance.

……..Daddy Daddy you control me,in everything I do You control me, control me…..Daddy Daddy Control Me…..

Typical huh!

Flip Side

However , despite it being a dancehall song I believe he wold have done better in terms of dance choreography.

The scene where there are dancers in the video is rather too crowded and the dancers too seemed not to understand what the song was all about.

I think that was where he failed.

I mean apart from me just jamming to the song I should understand the concept being driven home using the visuals.


The song was Produced , mixed and mastered by Yo Alex  of Drama House.It was  written by Hopekid and  Bern music.

The visuals were done by Bwoy P under Trued pictures. I must say the picture quality for this song is beautiful.

Kenyans should embrace their own such as Hopekid Music.

For rating purposes we give Hopekid a 7/10.Tell us what you think.

More than talent, Rayvanny wa “Kutetema”


Rayvanny is the stage name but his real name is Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa. He was born on 22nd Of August 1993.

He was raised in Mbeya Tanzania where he attended school until his high school days when he showed interest in music.

According to him, his parents had initially wanted him to study and be a doctor, but the passion for music did overrun that of medicine. Typical of  many African parents.


His ,music prowess   was discovered during the Free style Competition in 2011 at Mbeya. He emerged the winner in that  competition and he was taken to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Rayvanny joined Tip Top Connection, where he gained more experience and met a lot of artists.

After that, the Bongo star started his music career by singing as back ground by supporting big artists in Tanzania like Madee Ali and the then Yamoto Band.

After a while Rayvanny was signed under  WCB Wasafi Records  Diamond Platinumz thanks to the connection between Tip Top Connection between the two entities.

His first mega hit in 2016 being ‘Kwetu” that depicted  a girl’s desire to visit her man’s  people but he was hesitant because  he was from the slums. It showed the kind of environment he grew up in.


Rayvanny has a  beautiful wife called Fahyma, with whom they have a son together.His name Jaydan Vanny. The couple have been keen to keep out of controversy.I believe is the reason they look so good together.

Rayvanny on his part has publicly declared his love to his wife and child who he closely guards. Sasa hizi ndio goals mmmh!


The ‘Kwetu’ song was an instant hit that brought about the release of other big hits like, Natafuta Kiki, Zezeta, Chuma Ulete, Pochi Nene, Unaibiwa,mbeleko, Siri, Mwanza and Tetema that he featured  his boss Diamond Platinumz  among others.

He has been nominated for several awards: an MTV Africa Music Award in the category of Breakthrough Act 2016, AEUSA for Best New Talent, Uganda Entertainment Award for Best African Act, African Muzik Magazine Awards 2017 for Best Newcomer and the BET Awards for the International Viewers’ Choice which he won.

Keen to listen to his audience Rayvanny is not leaving the scene anytime soon.