Dennis Okari to finally address Betty Kyalo’s allegations that he’s a dead beat dad 

Media personality Dennis Okari is planning to responded to allegations that he is a deadbeat dad.

The allegations that have filled online, were started by his former wife Betty Kyalo who has shared several times that Okari has neglected his baby girl.

Speaking in an interview with Word is, the TV news anchor said that time has not yet come for that but soon, he’s planning to prove everyone wrong on what they have been reading about him.

“I will not discuss family now, but at some point I will speak because so many things have been written about me, but people who say those things don’t know me well.” he said. 


Okari and ex-wife Betty have not been co-parenting since July last year. The drama started when Okari called out Betty for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media, saying that she doesn’t deserve all that kind of attention and publicity.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting. She deserves to grow up quietly and no one, including myself as her father, should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he said.


Betty Kyalo speaks after getting wind of Dennis Okari’s secret wedding in Ukambani 

Former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo has finally opened up regarding ex-hubby, Dennis Okari, who is said to have exchanged vows in October in a secret wedding at Ukambani with an unknown lady.

On social media fans asked Betty Kyalo whether she had the news that her baby daddy has a new flame and already married her. Word of the wedding was first shared by Nairobian.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on october 27,” said the paper. 


Betty, responding to the rumours, shared a post saying that she actually went to university and got a degree even though people think she’s just a socialite how landed in media.

Fans dragged Okari into her post.

“Kwa wale huona kazi yangu ni-kuSlay hapa Instagram ???nimeenda shule wadau. #TBT.” she posted. 

A fan then asked

Betty responded:  Because we live together you know. cheza chini brathe.

Betty then added: “kila mtu apambane na hali yake. wewe pia. au sio?


Ukambani tena? Dennis Okari held a secret traditional wedding in Ukambani recently with new bae 

A juicy report has been flying around that NTV news anchor Dennis Okari held a wedding recently that was well kept out of the media.

The news anchor, who had an ugly split with Betty Kyalo several years ago just months after exchanging vows, has gone to Ukambani yet again for another wife.

Red and White theme

According to the Nairobian, Okari and his undisclosed new bae were there recently and had a traditional wedding but not much about the event has been said.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.” said the Nairobian. 

Just like Raila Odinga, Betty Kyallo’s ex husband prays at Jerusalem’s wailing wall

A few months ago NASA leader was photographed praying in Israel. This is after he toured the historic western wall in Jerusalem. Seems that journalist Dennis Okari also paid a visit to the wailing wall.

Raila Odinga praying

The NTV journalist who also happenes to be Betty Kyallo’s ex husband revealed this though his Instagram page. He went on to caption the photo saying:

Just presented my petition before God. #wailingwall #israel #israeltour#holyland

Many believe that the wall is a pulpit of the Temple of Sololmon and was built over 5,000 years ago. The wall is located in the old city of Jerusalem and is the western support wall of the Temple Mount.

In the new photo shared by Dennis Okari, he is seen wearing a Kippah. A kippah is a mandatory brimless cap worn by Jewish men not only during prayers but throughout.

Dennis Okari’s divorce

After splitting with his ex wife the journalist seems to have changed his lifestyle. He has become more spiritual and this can be seen in his posts shared on social media.

Check out his photo:

Dennis Okari praying
Dennis Okari praying