Betty Kyalo: Okari didn’t marry my bridesmaid. I don’t know that woman

News anchor Betty Kyalo has refuted claims that her ex-husband Dennis Okari’s new catch is one of her close friends.

Betty got married to Okari in October 2, 2015. The two however broke up just six months after their wedding.

Okari now has another wife Naomi Joy and Kenyans were quick to claim that the flower girl in his first wedding turned out to be his wife in the second wedding.

Kyalo, speaking to Jalang’o, completely denied this saying that she doesn’t know the lady who Kenyans claim is her friend.

“No no no I don’t know her (Naomi Joy) kabisa. The lady who was my best-maid back in the day was Rosy Ohon the gospel artiste, this is not the same girl,” said Betty Kyallo.


Okari married his sweetheart Naomi Joy in a low key wedding held on 15th January 2019 but Kenyans had to find away to drag her into the drama. Betty also confessed that she wasn’t jealous Okari has moved on.

Betty Kyalo after “Nitakupiga Miti” video: I can’t date Khaligraph Jones 

Last week, K24’s Betty Kyalo, with the help of Khaligraph Jones, angered Kenyans after starring in one of his dirty freestyles dubbed “Nitakupiga miti”.

The song, which is about how Khaligraph can impress Betty Kyalo with his bedroom skills, angered Kenyans who argued that it was too dirty and gross for social media.

All kinds of accusations then started pouring in some even speculating the two might be sharing a bed already. Apparently, they can never. Kyalo, on social media responded to the claims saying that she can never date OG because the two are much a like.

‘Are you two allowed to date? We are waiting.” a fan asked Betty after the clip that went viral.

”Naaaaaah, we too gangsta.” she replied.

Kenyans protested against the video forcing them to delete it on their social media pages. The damage had already been done but Kyalo seemed not to mind much.

On social media later on, she shared a post hinting that she’s not afraid to make mistakes.

”So imperfect but so real. Comfortable in my skin and I would still choose being me over and over again. I’m sorry if you want me to be anything else; you try it. ☺️☺️☺️ I’m good, I’m Nice weekend.” she wrote.

What Betty Kyalo had to say after fans pressured her to speak about Jackie Maribe’s drama  

Citizen TV employee Jackie Maribe has been swimming in a lot of drama ever since she, and boyfriend Joseph Irungu, were accused of murdering Monica Kimani.

The on-going court case is being followed closely by the whole country as citizens await the ruling which will be done next year.

Fellow news anchor Betty Kyalo was asked by a fan to speak about the case recently while on an Instagram live video and she totally refused. The fan wanted to know her take but Betty said she can’t address the case.

“What can you say about Jacque Maribe?” the fan asked. 

“Oh goodness! I cannot get into that topic right now.” she replied. 

Soft news

Instead, Betty addressed softer issues such as why she doesn’t love avocados and hates cooking eggs because of their smell.

“I don’t like the smell of the eggs she said. “Funny enough I don’t like avocado either. Unless I’m eating the avocado with sugar.”

Betty Kyalo speaks after getting wind of Dennis Okari’s secret wedding in Ukambani 

Former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo has finally opened up regarding ex-hubby, Dennis Okari, who is said to have exchanged vows in October in a secret wedding at Ukambani with an unknown lady.

On social media fans asked Betty Kyalo whether she had the news that her baby daddy has a new flame and already married her. Word of the wedding was first shared by Nairobian.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on october 27,” said the paper. 


Betty, responding to the rumours, shared a post saying that she actually went to university and got a degree even though people think she’s just a socialite how landed in media.

Fans dragged Okari into her post.

“Kwa wale huona kazi yangu ni-kuSlay hapa Instagram ???nimeenda shule wadau. #TBT.” she posted. 

A fan then asked

Betty responded:  Because we live together you know. cheza chini brathe.

Betty then added: “kila mtu apambane na hali yake. wewe pia. au sio?


Betty Kyalo reveals the man who helped her build Flair by Betty

K24 news anchor, yes K24, Betty Kyalo impressed many after launching her salon Flair by Betty early this year after her relationship with Susan Kaittany went to the dogs.

The two had started Posh Palace but were forced to part ways after they became enemies.

Betty recently took to social media to thank Allan Mjomba, the man she contracted to beautify her salon.

According to Betty, Mjomba did the salon’s look on the walls, the floor, plumbing and also the ceiling.

“Appreciating my talented contractor and surface artist @fundi_mjomba he’s the guy who made @flairbybetty the beautiful salon it is. From the bespoke Textured walls, to the flooring, plumbing, Italian textured ceiling. He’s good,” said the news anchor.


The news anchor also reportedly poached her former staff at Posh Palace, including stylists and beauticians.

Flair By Betty is housed inside the Sh1.3 billion architectural marvel -FCB Mihrab – which is designed like a mihrab that symbolizes an entry towards purity and goodness, adds a lot to its appeal and an awesome customer experience.

Here is Betty and Mjomba.

Betty Kyalo’s mum to Betty: Funga masikio and focus on greatness

Betty Kyalo’s mum has come to her defense after the news anchor was exposed by Standard Media, her former employers, of how she was dumped by Governor Joho.

The Nairobian ran a deep story of how Betty Kyalo fell for Joho who spoiled her with money but things quickly took a nosedive once the two broke up.


Her mother, Julia Ngii, has now come to her defense saying that Betty should ignore the noise and focus on her career.

“Strong is the woman from my womb. Shine, shine mum. Funga masikio and focus on greatness,” said Julia.

Her mum is not the first person from her family to defend her.

Betty’s sister, Mercy, has also defended her asking her to ignore what people are saying.

“Nothing shakes us. Moving on,” said Mercy Kyalo on Instagram. 


Okari and Joho dragged by Kenyans into Kyalo’s suggestive ‘I can make you feel better’ post 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo recently sent out a rather suggestive post but Kenyans in the end just had to bring back history and ruin the moment.

Donning a red dress top, sensually sipping tea while giving fans a snippet of the insides of her thick caramel thighs in an Instagram photo captioned: I ain’t a doctor but I can make you feel better. ?, Kyalo’s photo was meant to be just another light suggestive poke.

Joho and Okari

Kyalo’s post

Her fans however, ended up remembering her exes who enjoyed what she was advertising.

Please describe any medication to DennisOkari,” Phillip Denno tweeted.

Trevor Kasyoka replied, “Where is your Husband???????????????”.

“Please do, but don’t forget I too come from county 001,” another user, Stephen Morang’a said.

nimmoh_macharia You are a true definition of beauty and brains. You’re also an inspiration that one shouldn’t let a situation in life define who they’ll be. Instead focus,work smart &hard but above all with prayer nothing is impossible. Keep the fire blazing.??

Huyu jamaa anahitaji matibabu

You are 001 in a million ??

Betty Kyalo shares why she’s not ‘afraid of’ Vera Sidika’s new beauty parlor

It seems the conversation has now changed from who drives the best cars, has a sexy body and travels a lot to who owns the best spa and beauty parlour.

First there was Posh Palace, then came Flair By Betty and finally Vera Sidika stole all the attention after opening her high end spa, Vera Sidika Parlour.

Many were quick to suggest that the new beauty spot will kill Betty’s new business but Kyalo recently came out to share that the market is big enough to accommodate both of them since they handle their clients differently.


Those words sound familiar because they are the same words owner of Posh Palace, Susan Kaittanyi used when Betty ditched her and started Flair.

“Thank you so much, but I guess people might prefer this or the other salon and it is okay. Us here at Flair by Betty we are happy. We are treating our client’s right and that’s what matters. We are glad that we are busy and that’s what matters.” Betty said on Instagram Live after a fan said that Flair was better that Vera Sidika.


Next Phase! Betty Kyalo to ditch media and join politics in a few years

News anchor Betty Kyalo has caught many off guard after recently announcing that she’s thinking of joining Kenya’s newest cash crop — Politics.

In an interview with with Sasa, Kyalo shared that she’s watching how other young politicians such as Babu Owino and Jaguar fare before she fully makes her mind. But it’s something she has been really thinking of lately.

“It is something that has crossed my mind a number of times and the thing is we have quite a number of young leaders now who are in Parliament,” she said. 

Taking notes


She went on to add that she’s interested in offering leadership to the youth but is closely watching to see how Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi will maneuver before she can step in and maybe give women better leadership.

“I just want to see whether they will deliver on the promises they made to young people. I am really looking at the young politicians, the likes of Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi and I hope that they can deliver to some extent. If they can, then I will know there is hope for other people like me who would want to represent young people or Kenyan women in another platform. It’s not alien to me but I’m waiting to see.” 

No, it’s not Bonoko’s Kibanda food! Betty Kyalo finally reveals what left her hospitalized

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was recently in hospital leaving fans with questions regarding her health. Previously, many had believed that the popular news anchor was hospitalized after eating cheap food from a Kibanda in Ngara after she was taking for a lunch date by Ghetto Radio presenter Bonoko.

Bonoko’s food was fine

Kyalo has come out to explain why she was hospitalized and put on drips, saying that fatigue and tonsils were the main reason. She also received some injections that she rather not talk about.

Betty after being released



“Hey my people… i’m great… feeling much better. Fatigue and some bad tonsils got me down today but i’m now better chilling at home. Pia kudungwa shindano some places si mchezo.? A big thank you to AAR Karen staff who took care of me like a baby. Nawapenda my people,” posted Kyalo after being released from the hospital.