Yet another top popular anchor set to exit our local screens

Popular NTV Swahili news anchor, Doreen Majala is allegedly gracing her last day at NTV come the 25th of December 2019.

According to an undisclosed source to Opera News, the TV girl handed over her resignation letter roughly a month ago ahead of her exit from the local station.

The low-key personality however noted:

Whether am leaving or not is something I wouldn´t discuss.

The media reports further confirm that Doreen leaves NTV after 1 and a half years of hosting the Sunday prime time news.

Doreen Majala is undeniably one of the top-rated news anchors at the station, whose pockets sure run deep.

Soon after brilliant journalists exited NTV for rival stations, Doreen´s Sunday bulletin rose to fame thus attracting a lot of interest from the station´s top management.

Anyway, despite her popularity, colleagues felt her ranking was a bit too high compared to already well-established brand names.

Away from that though, her next move remains a mystery though according to reports, the beauty might be headed for the International seat in broadcasting.

Known to few, Doreen Majala is a Lawyer by profession and is currently pursuing her second Master´s degree locally.

We wish her well.

Adorable photo of NTV’s Doreen Majala at 10 years

There’s nothing better than finding some amazing unseen photos of one of your favourite celebrities; and this new photo of Doreen Majal from when she was just 10-years-old proves she was a star from day one!

The photo shared on Doreen Majala’s Instagram page proves that the lass got her looks from birth and there is no arguing about this!

Doreen Majala

Doreen as a young innocent girl

The now celebrated Swahili anchor left many admiring her latest photo taken during Christmas when she was just 10 years.

From the comment section, most of her fans claim that she has not changed much and still getting finer as time goes by.

Check out her photo below.

NTVs sensation Doreen Majala’s picture leaves Kenyans drooling

Swahili news anchor Doreen Majala is a name that echoes beauty, class and utter perfection.

The anchor who is a lawyer by profession, is one of the hottest news anchors who keeps men glued every Sunday on NTVJIONI.

Doreen Majala

Twitter fans react


Through her twitter Doreen posted a rare seen picture of a tight fitting coverup dress leaving men to their imagination.

Doreen Majala


Checkout the comments below;

Doreen Majala

NTV anchor reveals 16-year-old girl was the reason why her husband Mwingi Central MP beat her up silly

Doreen Majala was brutally assaulted by her abusive husband Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi at their matrimonial house in Karen.

The incident, which happened on the night of Monday 26th February 2018, forced the TV girl to walk out of her marriage. She revealed that she had endured three years of domestic abuse and has attempted to quit the relationship only for the MP to lure her back.

Doreen filed for divorce from her abusive husband after the incident, she asked for approximately Kes 700 million to cover for the divorce and damages he caused her.

Doreen Majala and Gideon Mulyungi
Doreen Majala and Gideon Mulyungi

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The girl at the center of controversy

On Monday January 28th Gideon Mulyungi was arraigned before a Ngong Court to face assault charges. Doreen Majala gave her account of what happened on the night of 26th February 2018.

The NTV anchor told the court that she was beaten up all because of a 16-year-old girl her husband brought to their matrimonial home to live with them.

She further revealed that the Mwingi Central MP assaulted her after she confronted the girl in their kitchen for dressing badly. Doreen says the girl disrespected her on several occasions.

Gideon Mulyungi in court
Gideon Mulyungi in court

“The assault began after the MP brought in a 16-year-old lady and requested she stays in our house since he was supporting the girl in her education,” said Doreen Majala.

The second hearing of the case will be on April 22 2019.




NTV anchor Doreen Majala confirms she’s living large after split with abusive husband – Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi

NTV Swahili news anchor Doreen Majala has opened up about her wealth after breaking up with abusive ex husband – Mwingi Central MP, Gideon Mulyungi.

The beautiful TV girl is seeking compensation of a whopping Kes 700 million from the MP who physically assaulted her while they were still married.

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Doreen is living large, she confirmed she owns a 4-bedroom mansion in the leafy suburb of Rundu during a questions and answers session with her fans on Instagram.

Majala has a knack for showing off her expensive lifestyle on social media. The NTV hottie owns a Range Rover Vogue among other high end vehicles.

Single lady

Doreen Majala also revealed that she was still single (she didn’t say whether she was searching) after breaking up with the Mwingi Central MP.

She recently bought herself a brand new Land Rover Discovery.


she owns 4-bedroom mansion in Runda

NTV anchor Doreen Majala slays in desert photo shoot (Photos)

Doreen Majala is among the new anchors who joined NTV following the mass exit of journalists who left the Kimathi street-based media house to join other stations.

Majala is the new face of NTV Swahili desk after the likes of Nimrod Taabu, Jamila Mohamed and Rashid Abdalla quit to join Citizen TV.

She joined NTV from Ebru TV, Majala first left Ebru TV and took a seven month hiatus from television before she finally joined Nation Media.

Vacation in Dubai

Doreen Majala is currently spending quality time in Dubai, the eye candy was seen slaying in the desert in photos posted on social media.

Take a look at the photos below:




6 jaw-dropping photos of NTV Sensation Doreen Majala

Doreen Majala has been making waves ever since she joined NTV. The eye candy quit Ebru TV sometimes in November 2017 and took a break from TV altogether.

She left Ebru TV and took a seven month hiatus from television but little did we know she was planning one hell of a comeback.

Majala has now joined NTV’s Swahili news desk to replace Nimrod Taabu who quit the Kimathi street-based media house to join Citizen TV.

Law and TV

Majala a brazen beauty has gone ahead to prove you can have it all currently juggling law and TV. Her career in media started in 2016.

Check out Majala’s latest photos below: