The East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV Sunday Evening – Incredible !

The East Africa Got Talent show aired at 8pm EAT on Sunday 4th – Citizen TV – was incredible.

For starters, professional mourning, starring 25 year-old Dan from Migori County.

Clad in a bright red shirt and colorful headgear – excellent regalia for a street carnival, this contestant brought down the entire house in stitches. Dan was confident, had an imposing stage presence, and superbly delivered endearing poetry to the deceased in-law. This performer could not be cut down by the judges banging down the bells!

That hilarious interlude aside, The East Africa Got Talent show indeed had first class, star-level contestants.

The performance bailed by Judge Vanessa as “beyond exceptional” came from Leyna K, a cute 7-year-old girl, from Uganda. She rocked an immaculate sprightly white bridal dress. At first, the judges couldn’t believe she could hack her choice of track – One day at a time, by Daniel O’Donnell – which most gifted vocalists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Little Leyna K had it beautifully balanced in high and low vocals – which Judge Makeda wryly confessed “has given me goose bumps…”

She unbelievably had all the judges giving her a standing ovation!

The audience broke into poignant tears when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her. When, not if, she wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money, she wants to buy her brother a watch.

Everyone is awed by acrobats, and more so, when it involves kids. In this show, a group of kids tagged as Safi Theatre Group from Dar es Salaam ingeniously combined music and acrobatic stunts – really unique. Catch them at the semi-finals.

Also quite unforgettable is another group – there’s strength in numbers – of 5 little girls and a lady skilled with drums. It’s a Rwandan group named Uruyange, whose desire their guide hailed as to ‘show the strength of girls’ – and it’s easy to see they’re achieving that goal. Amazing performance.

The back stage was equally lit, with Host Anne Kansiime berating the viewers with endless goofs and comic antics. Her stylist was also on point, dressing her in a lovely off-shoulder African print dress. Kansiime’s girl-next-door mien visibly had the contestants relaxed and confident as they hit the stage, and huge audience.

There is beauty in language diversity, and following Judge Vanessa’s comments in flawless Swahili is captivating.

There is so much more amazing stuff to experience at the next airing of East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV. Don’t miss!

East Africa´s Got Talent show now officially launched in Kenya

East Africa´s own ´Got Talent´ show has now been officially launched in Kenya, on Tuesday giving East Africans a platform to showcase their talent globally.

Kenya´s CS for Sports and Culture, Amina Mohammed

Kenya´s CS for Sports and Culture, Amina Mohammed and other distinguished guests, were in attendance.

East Africa´s Got Talent grand opening TV show is set to be shot in Kenya, Uganda, Tz and Rwanda.

The show is a part of Simon Cowell´s ¨Got Talent¨ franchise that kicked off back in 2006 and is already established in Britain, America and Australia among others.

The show will see performers contend against each other before the unique East African´s contestant, is crowned.

Come May, auditions are set to begin, first in Kenya then later to Uganda, Tz and Rwanda as the performing countries.


East Africa´s Got Talent TV Show is to commence in August 2019, with its 10 episodes, the semifinals and the grand finale being shot live in Kenya.

Kenyan CS, Amina Mohammed with Ugandan comedian, Ann Kansiime

The show is set to run for 10 weeks with contestants going through 3 phases before getting to the finals, all hosted by popular Ugandan comedian, Kansiime.

Over the weekend of 11th and 12th of May 2019, auditions are to set out at Kenya´s KICC.

During the launch of East Africa´s Got Talent show in Nairobi, Tuesday

Based on accumulated votes from the audience, the winner will bag a whooping Ksh 5 Million.

Safaricom, Clouds Media Group and KFCB are among those sponsoring the show.


Talented and gifted performers across all age groups and of different cultures that are yet to be discovered or grow in the industry, will have the opportunity at the globally recognized show.

Judges from previously hosted globally Got Talent Shows

The judges on set are to evaluate which contestants proceed and which ones get bidden farewell throughout the competition.

The backgrounds of contestants will be shared by the show´s hosts to the audience to give us insight into the contestant´s artistic composition.

The ¨Got Talent¨ is a British talent show TV format that has since spawned spin-offs in over 58 countries as of 2014.

Judges during the heated Got Talent shows, previously

¨Got Talent¨ showcases several artistic disciplines in addition to singing and has since been recognized as ¨The world´s most successful reality TV format ever¨, by the Guinness World Records.

Remember only 1 individual gets to walk home with the grand prize.

Only 1!