Vinny Flava’s Unfulfilled Dream of Releasing Music under EMB

Vinny Flava, the singer behind the hit song “Habibi,” never realized his dream of releasing music under EMB, a music label owned by Bahati.

In 2019, Vinny sought Bahati severally, and after many attempts, Bahati offered him a contract. The contract did not outline a specific date when Vinny would be launched, and he was never told about any plans to launch him.

Bahati shut down his music label after wrangling with his other signees, which shattered Vinny’s musical ambitions.

To make up for this, Bahati offered Vinny full access to record songs and to open a business of his choice. However, Vinny was frustrated because he could not release songs, and he eventually ditched the studio.

“It was one of my toughest journeys. If ever there was a time I was dead broke, it’s this year beginning in January. Dead broke. It was so bad that if you called me to meet you I did not have 20bob to come,” Vinny said.

Among the songs he recorded was “Habibi,” but he did not tell Bahati about it. He simply uploaded it to his YouTube channel in April this year and forgot about it.

“I had stopped recording, prayed for 3 weeks,” he said.

Vinny’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of signing a contract without understanding the terms and conditions. It is also a reminder that even when things don’t go according to plan, it is important to never give up on your dreams.

Vinny is now determined to pursue his musical career independently. He has released several singles since the release of “Habibi,” and he is working on his debut album.

“I am not giving up on my dream,” he said. “I am going to keep working hard until I achieve my goals.”

Artist Bahati abandoned, Peter Blessing, now a watchman

Peter Blessing was an artist who was first catapulted to the limelight when he signed to EMB and started collaborating with major artists has surfaced once again but this time as a watchman as he has struggled to make ends meet.

Bahati summoned at Milimani Law Courts over his lawsuit against Peter Blessing

He was interviewed by Presenter Ali who found him at his workstation in full watchman regalia and they spoke about his experiences ever since he fell out of favour at EMB records.

Bahati caught on Camera smoking

What’s today the most is the fact that though he’s a gospel artist and some of the singers he had collaborated with a doing phenomenally well, none of them has reached out to him to try and help him despite him putting out feelers for the same. Peter Blessing has for all intents and purposes been discarded.

Bahati mishandled my mother – Peter Blessing opens up

He also opened up about his relationship with Bahati and he spoke of whether or not he has attempted to reach out to Bahati. And from the look of things Peter Blessing is unwilling to do so citing past experiences with the artist.

Defendant, Peter Blessing in court

However, when pressed further by Presenter Ali he did say he would be willing to negotiate something with his former mentor. Before now he continues to push on and tries to release music as often as his schedule and meagre earnings can allow.

Bahati deletes Peter Blessings new song from YouTube barely 24 hours after uploading it

Check out the video of the interview below:


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Peter Blessing drops touching gospel tune ‘Nasubiri’ (Video)

You’ve probably heard of a gospel singer by the name Peter Blessing seeing as he has been making headlines over the last few days after falling out with Kevin Bahati who had signed him to his EMB Records stable.

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Well, this is not about that. Far from it. We just thought that you should know that he has a new track out and we are really feeling it.

The song dubbed Nasubiri, which is a Swahili word that means I’m waiting, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago.

Peter Blessing

Basically, this jam talks about going through difficult situations such as being broke sleeping hungry and joblessness and trusting God that will never desert you when you need Him most.

It puts emphasis on the importance of keeping hope alive, especially for believers, adding that they should work hard and waiting upon the Lord to manifest Himself in their lives.

Apart from the powerful message that Nasubiri carries, I also love how it is arranged. To add to that, I am sure you’ll agree with me that Peter Blessing has a melodious voice. The guy can really sing.

The beat and instrumentation on this jam are also perfect. Although it is kind of cliche since we’ve gotten used to this sound, they works perfectly since they blend well with Peter Blessing’s tempo and style.

The video is dope because you can follow the storyline of this song even when you have muted the volume. If you ask me, that is one of the things that make a great music video.

Watch Nasubiri below and tell us what you think.

Mr Seed’s star is still shining even after ditching Bahati and we’re not surprised

When Moses Tarus Omondi, alias Mr. Seed, announced that he was leaving Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) Records on January 29 this year, many thought it was a suicidal career move.

His future looked bleak because award-winning Bahati, who owns the record label, had managed to bring him back from oblivion.

Mr Seed and Bahati

You see, the relationship between Mr. Seed and Bahati is very interesting so much so that someone should write a book about it.

Maybe you are aware of this, maybe you aren’t but perhaps you should know that Mr. Seed introduced Bahati to the local music industry.

As fate would have it, Bahati became so big that he had to help Mr. Seed rebuild his music career through EMB Records.

After two years at the stable, Mr. Seed announced that he had decided to go independent so as to to pave way for upcoming artists who needed the platform to grow.

His departure from EMB Records seemed like a rushed decision particularly because there were rumors that he got upset after Bahati kicked out his girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri during an event in Thika.

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Most music fans thought that he was done for good since he had fallen out with Bahati who had played a big role in bringing him back to the music scene.

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri
Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri

Truth is, Mr Seed has been more successful after leaving EMB Records. His star is still shining, some people would say that it’s even brighter. Perhaps it was not a terrible decision after all.

Apart form opening a new record label, Mr Seed has released three new songs since he left EMB Records, including a collabo with the one and only Solomon Mkubwa. That’s no mean feat!

He seems to be doing well unlike most Kenyan artists who disappear from the music scene after leaving their stables.

It’s almost as if he has a new song every month. Just recently, he  had a concert dubbed Made in Huruma which did exceptionally well.

You should definitely watch out for Mr. Seed! Watch his new single Simama and tell us what you think.

Gospel artist, Bahati reveals founding and managing EMB record label has cost him enormous financial handicaps

Just yesterday, EMB record label launched its rebirth at KICC but founder, Bahati emotionally reveals his loss of 6 M plus, while trying to manage his artists.

In an exclusive interview with KISS 100, the EMB records King shared how tough it has been to manage artists, who only bring few returns.

EMB records CEO, Kevin Bahati

Since the beginning of the year, the record label has witnessed artists walk out from the label, for one reason or another.

Mishandling and disrespect were among the accusations filed against the gospel artist´s record label.

Furthermore, his own blood brother dumped him.

Singer, Bahati and brother, Weezdom

However, a rose will never miss the thorns and he opens up on his enormous financial losses when it comes to managing artists:

I lost 6 million when trying to manage my artiste and even execute a project.

A song could cost me Ksh 450-500, ooo but fewer returns and it is okay.

So in the midst of all I spent a lot.

The gospel artist however, appreciates the unlimited support from family and friends who have had his back since his debut, ´Mama´.