“I lied about the abortion!” Diamond Platnumz sister changes tune days after bitter out burst

If Esma knew what’s best for her, then I guess she would stop explaining herself to social media users; who are only out to make her life miserable.

I mean, with all the money she has and the businesses she has going on – why would she even feel the need to explain her marriage to anybody? But hey, it appears that she loves the attention so why not.

Tbt: Esma Platnumz officially ties the knot

Barely a week after confessing to having aborted her 5 month old pregnancy; Esma says that she did this to ‘please’ fans who kept on insisting about the abortion. According to her latest tale, Esma denied ever getting pregnant for her ex husband who she later found out was a dealer.

Esma comes clean

Speaking to Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi, Esma set the record straight by saying she was not ready to risk her daughters lives by moving in with the crook.

To her, Msizwa came into her life pretending to have an interest in her only to learn that all he wanted was to strike a Tsh 200,000,000 with her brother, Diamond Platnumz.

Having found out about this in the early stages of their marriage which lasted for 4 to 5 months; Esma says she then went home and reported everything – and for this reason was asked by family to leave him.

Esma Platnumz

Judging from how she spoke during the interview, it’s clear to see that her PR team did coach her well; but why was she hospitalized just weeks after dumping ex hubby? Well, let’s just say  that not everybody is buying this new tale. Anyway watch the interview below courtesy of Zamaradi TV.

Esma Platnumz on and off boyfriend in mourning after losing his mother

Death is among the most discussed topic in 2020; and unlike any other year we have ever seen, so many have lost loved ones in this year of a pandemic.

Although we are not aware of what happened to Petiteman’s small brother who passed on in October; and now his mother who rested a few days ago, all we know is that Esma’s baby daddy is quite heart broken.

The young father of one early this morning went on to pour out his hurt heart as he mourned both his mummy and small brother saying;

Esma Platnumz with baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

Uanaume sio maumbile ila ukomavu, na kukua sio umri ila yale unayopitia, Nimekuwa sasa; ndani ya muda mfupi nimepitia mitihani mingi mikubwa ambayo sikuwahi kuiona ikija. kuondokewa na mdogo wangu, na zaidi kuondokewa na Mama yangu alienizaa; ambae ndio kiungo muhimu kwenye maisha yangu, sio jambo rahisi, lakini nimelipokea!! Na maisha lazima yaendelee!! Na nimepokea sababu najua MUNGU aliefanya hayo anafahamu zaidi kuhusu mimi, na yote nimemuachia yeye.

Vote of thanks

This being one of the toughest years Petit man has had to face; there are those like Esma and many others who chose to stand with him. He went on to thank them by saying;

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Kikubwa niwashukuru WATU WOTE tulioshirikiana kwa karibu kumpumzisha mama yangu mzazi kwenye makazi yake, nyie ni ndugu zangu, ujio wenu kujitoa kwenu na hata salamu zenu za pole ni faraja kwangu, Nawashukuru sana sana na MUNGU AWABARIKI SANA. MUNGU amechukua kilicho chake na jukumu langu kubwa nililobaki nalo ni kumuombea tu, MUNGU mpokee mama yangu na umlaze pema. Inalillahi Wainailaihi Rajiun???? #MunguBabaNaombaNguvuHayaMakubwaSana

In laws like Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz have however choosen to remain silent on social media; but judging from how close they have been with Petit; were pretty sure they sent their messages of condolesence in private.

Esma Platnumz allegedly walks out on new husband barely 6 months after grand wedding

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Platnumz has finally confirmed to have called off her marriage to one Msizwa. This however comes just a few months after Esma walked down the aisle in a private ceremony that saw only close friends and family attend.

The originally wedding was however done in a hurry forcing both Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz to miss out. Online sources claim that the two did not want Esma to settle down as a 3rd wife; mostly because they were rooting for baby daddy, Petitman.

Well just like suspected, the union is apparently over and Esma Platnumz is back to her usual time life in Madale.

Petiteman’s prediction

A while back speaking to the media after Esma broke his heart; the young man went on to reveal that no man apart from him can handle Esma’s pride.

I mean, her family has all the wealth one can wish for; and her brother is currently a big name, making international moves as seen below on social media.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Anyway, I bet Esma’s submissiveness was only for the dating phase with Msizwa; and now she’s back to being her own boss. But didn’t rumor have it that she got rid of Petitman’s second baby to be with the new man she has now walked out on?