Esma Platnumz responds to claims of interfering with Diamond Platnumz´ relationships

It is said: you know your true friends in the face of adversity and a person´s true character is revealed when they have to pick sides.

Diamond´s ex-girlfriends and baby mamas have not had an easy time dealing with the singer´s family. One that has time and again been accused of using sorcery and ever controlling the 30-year old´s relationships.

It has been reported that at first, they seem nice to you. But as time goes by, they start highlighting your flaws and giving all sorts of reasons why you are not the ideal woman for the Bongo Flava star.

The Wasafi family

Reports that his eldest sister, Esma Khan has now come out to address. Calling out Tanzanian critics for pinning the blame on her regards Diamond´s failed relationships.

She categorically stated that she is already overwhelmed with her own troubled relationships to even think of pocking her nose in someone else´s.

Kwanza watu watambue kuwa mimi sihangaiki na uhusiano wa mtu kwa sababu ndoa yangu mwenyewe inawaka moto. Halafu wanafikiri wakiniita Yuda (Judas) nitabadilika kuwa Petro (Peter). Haiwezekani.

Tanzanian businesswoman, Esma Platnumz

Esma´s relationship to her baby daddy, Petit Man has been faced with multiple on-and-offs. Having broken up at least thrice, got back together, before finally partying ways.

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According to the businesswoman, she is probably better off living on her own with her two children because men have proven difficult for her.

Esma Platnumz with baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

Tanasha & Diamond

Let´s talk of meddling in Tanasha´s love life with Naseeb. A quick flashback will remind you just how much praise Esma showered on the Kenyan girl while she was dating her brother.

Only to later, come out and label her ´unfit´ for the King of Bongo Flava, which is a clear show of hypocrisy.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

To this Esma responded:

Kama nilimsifia (Tanasha), ujue alikuwa akifanya jambo jema. Lakini kama alivurunda ndiyo maana nikasema hivyo.

“Block ya Tanasha hainistui!” Esma Platnumz

Esma Platnumz has finally spoken after her silence about her brothers break up with Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna!

The former East African couple allegedly broke up following a few issues here and there involving mama Dangote.

Tanasha Donna with the Dangote´s

According to Tanasha who recently opened up about life with her mother in law; she made it clear that this was not an easy journey since things got rough 6 months into the relationship.

Speaking to True Low magazine about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, Ms Tanasha made sure not to speak ill of her former in-laws; however it appears that they really careless about Tanasha and her interview.

Esma Platnumz calls out Tanasha Donna after unfollowing her and taking off

Esma responds

Anyway, after learning that Tanasha blocked most of Diamond Platnumz relatives; Esma for the first time came out to address this issue.

According to the lady, she cares less about what Tanasha Donna does with her Instagram account; and if indeed she was blocked then there is nothing much she can do.

Speaking about this issue, Esma went on to open up saying;

Block ya Tanasha mimi hainistui kabisa, kama ameamua kutublock Sawa nimaamuzi yake